Dallas AGW Who Murdered Man Says He Failed to “Obey Verbal Commands”

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The Dallas, TX armed government worker who murdered a man after breaking into his apartment says the man “failed to obey verbal commands.”

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  1. The government workers get a search warrant for Botham Jean’s apartment:


    Did they get a search warrant for HER apartment?

    Also, imagine for a moment if Botham Jean, while in his own dwelling, would have defended himself and blown away this particular intruder.

    American copping: Never your friend….always your enemy.

  2. No way the door was left cracked open. I read in another article she was trying to get the door open so the guy open the door to see what she wanted then she shot him. How do you not know which apt is yours? She may have had a grudge against him. Noisy neighbor. Not respecting her authority in the building.

    • I agree, Mooeing –

      Regardless, her issuing “commands” exactly illustrates the problem. The attitude of these armed government workers is that they are a Praetorian Guard whose “commands” are to be obeyed without question by the indigs (us). If we “ignore” these commands, it is open season.

      I have a CHP and carry a gun. If I broke into someone’s home and shot the homeowner, I’d be facing murder – not manslaughter – charges. If I said after the fact that the person I murdered in their own goddamn home had “failed to obey commands,” I’d be looked upon as a very sick individual, someone to be put safely behind bars for a long, long time.

      Why is it that an armed government worker is held to a lesser standard?

      Hell, I’m just a regular guy. I am “trained” – as we are constantly reminded armed government workers are.

    • Exactly what I was thinking, Mooeing, young guy in your 20s and someone’s trying to break into your house, you’re probably gonna go open the door to see what’s going on. The write-up they did on the guy, he didn’t sound careless enough to leave his home unlocked, especially with a pig for a neighbor there’s no way he would’ve left his door cracked open. Hopefully the jury sees through her cover-ups.

  3. If her DA buddy cant just drop it, she will likely skate anyway.
    These miserable f**ks think they are masters and everybody has to obey their commands.
    They are making war on us.
    Cops have no authority to give orders, who the hell gave them that idea?
    Every Damn Day its a few more innocent people are murdered, thousands more are framed and set up.
    At least the Ghetto Ni@@ers started fighting back long ago.
    As the abuse spreads, so will the resistance to it. This is just the way humans works.

    • Hi Ernie,


      My last interaction with with AGWs two summers ago sealed the deal for me. I have told this story before, but for the benefit of new people:

      I was out for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway with three friends; all of us are middle-aged white guys, employed, clean-cut – no “records,” nothing. Just to set the stage.

      Well, the Parkway limit is 45 and my friends are riding about 56; I’m actually trailing them because I know how aggressively the AGWs patrol the Parkway. Well, sure enough, on a long straight section, here comes an AGW SUV headed the other way. Now, we are all expert riders on fast sport bikes. We could easily – a quick flick of the wrist – have been a mile down the road and on our way to vanished before the AGW even got turned around. But we figured we’d stop. No big deal; we weren’t going that fast, all of us had our “papers” in order and we assumed (like idiots) that the AGW would respect our respecting him by not taking off knowing we could have – and that once he saw we were middle-aged guys, not drunk, with no warrants or records and polite, etc., he’d tell us to chill and let us go about our ride.


      It was Hut! Hut! Hut! from start to finish.

      We had stopped our bikes, pulled off and were waiting for him to catch up. When he did, he began barking orders at us – sit on your bikes! Face away from me! – Hut! Hut! Hut!

      When I turned around to look at the little ferret, he put his hand on his Glock. Threatened arrest and impounding. Seriously fucked up. This continued the whole way through and the SOB wrote us all expensive tickets and treated us like we were the scum of the earth when in fact he was exactly that.

      I would not stop to piss on this creep’s burning body, to put out the fire. And next time, I’m not stopping, either.

      • eric, now you have my attitude. When I told my mother if I came across the cop she was trying to elicit some sympathy for, I told her “If I was about to piss myself and stopped and found that SOB on fire I’d get back in the pickup and drive a few more miles to piss in peace and be glad I wouldn’t have to deal with him again”. This was about a person we both knew personally.

        My mother looked offended and said something…or almost said something while my dad grabbed another corn chip and loaded up some pico de gallo with a small smile on his face. The discussion turned to something else.

        This murdering bitch should be summarily executed by firing squad or just a load of garbage dumped on her at the dump, costing only the gas to get her there. I looked into those eyes and saw a reptile.

  4. Awman forget eviction and I am dreaming here but I hope she gets the chaaaaair. Who in their right mind after committing such a horrible, horrible act upon an innocent unsuspecting dude would say ANYTHING at this point other than apologizing profusely to the poor bastard’s family? Ignored your verbal commands? You broke into his home! Nobody called you! How do you enter the wrong apartment to begin with, what drugs were you on???

    It doesn’t matter what she thought, does not matter. Killed a guy because she’s a dumb bitch. Even a jury of dumb bitch peers ought to be able to see right through this one.

    • Moose, jury trials of your “peers” are a thing of the past. In virtually every place there’s a courthouse there’s also some ex-cop/sheriff/prosecutor, etc. etc. that is placed on said jury and almost always intimidates the other jurors into giving cops a bye.

      It’s not uncommon for jurors to get a face to face threat from some official or a verbal warning spoken to someone who’ll see that juror before trial. While all that is illegal as hell, it won’t apply to the cops since whoever they tell will be scared to tell what they were told. It’s something that’s been addressed time and again on GritsforBreakfast, one of the best blogs I know of trying to reform the Just Us system in Tx…..and other states as well.


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