Hero Turns Off Camera, Beats Woman to Pulp

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Here’s a video – partial video – of a Louisiana Hero cop conveying the importance of respecting his Authoritah to a woman arrested for DWI:

When the woman asks to be allowed to make a call – and does not obey the Hero’s commands – the Hero turns off the video recording the interaction. When the video miraculously comes back on, the woman is lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood.

It takes a real man to beat the crap out of a woman this way.

Of course, the “man” was not charged with felony assault, as any other man would have been. Because this “man” was a Hero – an armed government worker….


  1. Why do I get the feeling that wasn’t the ONLY woman that pig had recently punched out? The rate of domestic violence among LEOs has been documented to be about THRICE the rate of the general population (I don’t use the term “general population” in jest in this “Police State”), but, of course, with the ominous terms of the unconstitutional but still extant Lautenberg Act of 1996, any DV conviction, past, present, or future (meaning it’s an Ex Post Facto law, something the Constitution explicitly forbids) is the permanent death knell to Second Amendment rights…including ones’ ability to serve as a “peace” officer and/or in the military. Of course, those ‘protected’ by the “Thin Blue Line” won’t allow their “finest” to be knocked out of their cushy pensions and benefits by that wee inconvenience, now, will they?

    If YOU beat up on your wife or g/f (or both, hell, who knows how interesting your life is?) like that, you WILL face serious jail time, and deservedly so. But evidently “Violence against Womyn” is of little concern to these same pontificating statists when perpetrating by a “peace” officer!

  2. Where are the female’s relatives? Is there not a man amongst them that will do what needs to be done? That’s the only chance for any real justice, and until this type of justice is meted out on a regular basis, they will get ever more brazen. I mean this “man” actually turned off the camera to beat this woman up and NOTHING will happen to him. “He” will probably get his job back or at least be hired in another area. Personally, I would make an example of him. He would be hung from a street lamp in the town square for all to see. 100 years ago, you would find no shortage of men willing to make this right. Now, in our rage, we demand policy change. Pathetic.

    • A hundred years ago no jury would convict the man who did what needed doing. Today juries apply the law as the judge tells them to. Today a man stands alone against the machine.

    • I’m not advocating vigilantism, but I do believe in ‘an eye for an eye, … .’
      Those of us who are not cowed need to stand together. Yes, there is risk, but what if the shoe were on the other foot?

    • Did I press the wrong button again?
      I’m not advocating vigilantism, but I do believe in lex talionis, ‘an eye for an eye…’
      Those of us who are not cowed by the system need to stand together. Yes, there is some risk, but what if the shoe were on the other foot.

    • We have been domesticated.
      That’s where the money is, after all.

      I ponder the value of being a “traveling salesman” sort, supplying the necessary lead dosage when needed…
      But I can’t shoot,and don’t have a gun anyway…
      So no “have gun, will travel” in my future… 😛

      • Hi Jean,

        Part of the problem is social-cultural… so many people conditioned to accept the authority of the state as legitimate. I have had many conversations with “law and order” Republican types. They have a doggy devotion to the enforcement arm of the government they claim to be wary of. Very interesting…


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