Armed Government Worker Gets it Wrong – and Gets Innocent Man Dead

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An armed government worker in Texas entered the wrong apartment and shot and killed the rightful occupant, according to a CNN news report (here).

The armed government worker is reportedly a female – and has not been identified. According to news reports, she will be criminally charged with manslaughter.

Her victim is 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean.

While it is fine that the she-hero is being “investigated” and even charged, note the kid-gloves treatment. If a non-hero had barged into someone’s apartment and shot them dead, they’d almost certainly be facing much more serious charges. Probably some degree of murder – which would be appropriate.

Even more so as regards armed government workers. After all, they are “trained” – right? – and should be held to a higher standard than “civilians,” as they style us.

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  1. I imagine her answers went a little something like that one episode of Parks and Rec…

    Their investigation also involves a hell of a lot more spin than what we would be granted. They’ll protect their own and convince their pigfucker followers to forgive them. I’m sure all the piggy sympathizer folks in the community are being very understanding and sending “thoughts and prayers” her way, sweeping his “smoked” remains under the rug.

    • Hope she gets evicted from her apartment and sued for the property damage god only knows the amount of blood she left for the landlord to clean up in addition to their loss of income on his lease, shooting up their fucking tenants and violating their right to quiet enjoyment of the premises.

      • Hi Moose,

        And if the person/homeowner had fired back – defended themselves against the armed government worker and managed to kill the bastard – they’d likely be up on felony murder charges.

        • And thinking about it, she can’t very well play this
          off as an oopsy-daisy moment, when she didn’t even allow a moment’s courtesy to sort out her alleged confusion before killing a guy in his home. Just goes to prove they’re robots, shoot to kill no second thought no healthy level of self-doubt just “I am the authorities I make the law and what I think must be fact”

          • Hi Moose,

            Yes. What’s happened isn’t accidental. Cops used to be trained to resort to their gun as a last resort, when faced with a mortal threat that could not be dealt with by any other means. In other words, when they had no choice. Mind, I am not talking legalities or other such crap. I am talking plain English. They shot the guy because if they didn’t shoot the guy, he would have shot them. Same damn standard that applies to me as a “civilian” CHP holder. If I shoot a guy who is unarmed, who isn’t actually attacking me (and capable of hurting me) and I haven’t tried to retreat or could have retreated then I can expect to be arrested, charged and prosecuted for manslaughter if not murder.

            Cops used to be proud about going their entire careers without ever unholstering their weapon. If they shot an unarmed man – especially an unarmed man who was attempting to get away from them – they were generally despised as murderers and became pariahs.

            But now – these past 20 years or so – cops have been trained as soldiers are trained. To subdue the enemy (us) by any means necessary. To treat the slightest affront to their Authority as a mortal threat which must be dealt with using overwhelming violence. To equate anything less than immediate submission to every barked order as a “threat” to their “safety,” which of course is evil gibberish used to justify extra-judicial summary execution.

            It took me a long time to blanket despise armed government workers. But I came around for exactly that reason; because they are no longer even slightly “peace keepers” but rather an occupying army as morally illegitimate as the Waffen SS in Ukraine back in 1942.


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