Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Call Armed Government Workers

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Here’s a video taken by a man who called armed government workers to report that he’d witnessed another armed government worker almost run over several people, including himself.

The man had not committed a crime nor was he suspected of any. He called the armed government workers to report one.

They come to his house and when the man declines to stop video-recording the interaction – a necessary thing, given the danger and dishonesty presented by armed government workers – the she-government worker gets agitated by this affront to her Authority and suddenly begins to treat the man as though he had committed a crime!

She orders him to “take his hands out of his pockets” – and when he refuses, she assaults the man physically.

Again: The man committed no crime. He was not a “suspect.” All he’d done was invite armed government workers onto his property to discuss a crime he felt had been committed by someone else (another armed government worker).

And this is the result.

Never call an armed government worker – unless you enjoy being assaulted by thugs you’re not allowed to defend yourself against.

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    • Hi Anonymous,

      I choose to call them armed government workers for calculated reasons. It’s accurate, first of all. Second, it’s not pejorative in the same way that “pig” or “asshole” is. While armed government workers are assholes (and pigs) it does not help our cause to use those terms because it arouses sympathy for them in the minds of people who might be receptive to deconditioning if the facts are presented in a way that doesn’t come across as gratuitously insulting. It gets people to thinking when you refer to them this way. Most people have never heard a cop or “law enforcer” referred to this way.

      Hence, armed government workers. It connotes a petty, rule-quoting bureaucrat with a weapon, which is exactly what they are.

      I think, further, that use of this term is particularly helpful with regard to deconditioning “conservatives,” who are often among the most ardent of cop-snugglers. Reason? The basic tenet of “conservatism” is a distrust of and even dislike for government. Well, if one distrusts and dislikes government, how can one trust much less like armed government workers?

      • We should never use “officer”.., or “agent”….or “special agent”.

        The use of “agent” has always wrankled me as it insinuates the person may be self-employed, or a contract hire…might even own their own business. Which is all bunk.

        They are employees of government and get a paycheck, vacation, and health insurance just like the driver of the snow plow or the garbage truck guy.

        Speaking of which, the garbage truck fellow’s job is far more dangerous than the AGW.


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