Armed Government Workers Ransack Truck

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Here’s local news coverage of an incident which took place the other day in Florida. A trucker’s legally parked rig was ransacked by armed government workers, without warrant or even probable cause. Instead a “sweep” was being conducted because a concert was being held – and thus, all vehicles in the vicinity became “suspicious.”

The trucker returned to his tossed rig to find a note scrawled by one of the armed government workers, letting him know it was law enforcement thugs who tossed his vehicle – as opposed to the non-uniformed, unofficial species of thug.

Hut! hut! hut!

Remember: They are not “police officers,” much less peacekeepers. They are armed government workers.

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  1. I just googled this guys business, Hornblasters. Looks pretty cool, I might have to help him out and buy one of those things for my truck. That might get Clover to move the hell out of the left lane! Also might cause him to crash, but that’s ok too.

    • I should correct that, I didn’t really “googuhl” them. I know that they are the enemy, and unlike their original motto, at this point they do nothing but evil. I actually use duck duck go, although I have a sneaking suspicion that they are just google in disguise. Don’t know where else to turn, Bing kinda sucks, and Yahoo is a joke.

      • DDG is not Google owned. It’s open source and has essentially replaced other search engines that kept no records of your identity nor your search. It will show some Google results along with hundreds of other search engines.

        I began using it in 2009 and find stops youproblems. good train

        Hornblasters would seem like a good product till the DPS stops you for having a train horn. They’re not illegal but you must have proof of purchase or they’ll be confiscated assuming they were stolen from some RR. Hell, you can’t sell scrap rails nor anything else RR related without proof of purchase.

        • I started using DDG when I found out that Ixquick was just an anonymized Google search. Google manipulates search entries to deny traffic to sites they disapprove of. Google can KMA.

          DDG gives me good, solid results on the first page. With Google, what I want to find may be on page 1,027 if it’s something that Google doesn’t want anybody to see.

    • I’m thinking you could get horns off a scrapped truck, buy a compressor and use an old tank off the same tractor.

      Trucks with plastic brake lines use fittings you just push the line into requiring no tools.

  2. I will be that truck owner will equip his vehicle with a setup of cameras, uploading to a hidden computer like a Raspberry PI (which can run on cell phone and battery power for DAYS) which in turn uploads to a cell network or WiFi (when within range) so even if found, the video is secured. And a alarm system that alerts him when the truck is being ‘molested’.

    I’m even pleasantly surprised that this officer of the Tampa PD even left a note and gave his name. Shows how brazen these pigs have become! A “Strong” odor of marijuana from outside a locked vehicle, right? Yet no ash, residue, ‘roaches’, nor any paraphernalia? As for the “Drug Dog”, it’s a BS exercise…a double-blinded test by a UC Davis professor (of Veterinary Medicine, I believe) of trained “Drug Dogs” revealed that EIGHTY PERCENT of their hits were “false positives”. When confronted, the cops’ excuse was that the dogs were ‘alerted’ by ‘residue’ on door handles and/or currency. Yeah, right. In virtually all cases of the “Drug Dog” alerting, the handler “cueing” them is VISIBLE and EVIDENT. Google “Clever Hans” for how this phenomenon works. Since dogs form a bond with their police handler, and they are nature’s “ass kisser”, it’s only natural that a “Drug Dog” will “Alert” for the chosen target of its handler, as a reward (doggie biscuit or toy) is proferred.

    At best, this guy will get his truck fixed and attorney fees paid for a non-disclosure agreement, but you can best believe that law enforcement will continue to treat the Fourth Amendment as a mere “scrap of paper”.

    • Douglas, how does it connect to wireless signal? Can your phone act as a tether?

      I’d really like to have streaming cams in my vehicle. A dash cam can easily be destroyed after the fact. Hidden cameras really appeal to me.

  3. I’d call them armed government fuckoffs. They don’t work. One of the reasons they become cops is to be able to fuck off all day and get paid. Other reasons are being allowed to bully people and lord it over those they think are their inferiors.

    • You’re right, Ed.

      I chose “workers” in the hope of drawing a parallel with DMV “workers” and others suchlike. But they are thugs rather than “workers.”

      I think henceforth I will use the appropriate term.

      • Amen. As I’ve mentioned before, I come from a family of cops. I can assure you that they spent far more time running personal errands, hiding, hanging around at home and generally fucking off than they did actual work. Of course, that’s probably a good thing for us! Do a search on the MA state police, they are currently in the midst of a big scandal involving hundreds of cops and millions of dollars, getting paid for shifts that they never showed up for. My guess, this “scandal” is just normal business. I used to work for a large utility company (you can probably figure it out from my EP Autos handle). We had to schedule cops whenever we did a large road or construction job. Many occasions, job would be canceled or rescheduled at the last minute. Cop would show up and ask us to sign his ticket, saying he worked 8 or 10 hours. Of course we did it. Cop has a lot of power to either make your life miserable, or give you a break next time he pulls you over for speeding. Those guys got paid a lot of money that they never earned. And, in MA, cops pensions are based not on base pay, but total earnings. So they get paid the rest of their life for work they never did. What a country!

        • Hi VZ, it does blow my mind that these parasites get a bigger pension than I made working. My experience probably mirrors yours, I worked out of a bucket truck for the local electric utility over most of the greater Boston area and you couldn’t stop to look at a map without some badged thug pulling up behind you to ask where your detail was. Some towns were better than others but most of the time I was far enough off the road to not be blocking traffic so the piggie was mostly parked behind me in his car napping, reading, yapping on his phone, whatever. Of course they never bothered the landscaping trucks that would take up an entire lane, guess they knew those guys didn’t have deep enough pockets.
          I have a decent pension after 42 years on the job but can’t hold a candle to what these turds pull in for half as many years, especially if they get a fraudulent “disability” pension. A lot of the MA staties have quietly retired (with their pensions intact) and I would bet there may be a few prosecutions for show after which most of this slips down the memory hole and nothing much changes. The politicians here are as gutless as they come, genuflect for the costumed “heroes”.

      • I have referred to them for years as The Badged Thug Crowd.

        I should have sent some sort of thanks a couple years ago to a trucker who refused to do anything when stopped for a Level ll inspection by the DOT.

        Of course it cost him time. Of the occifer handling the controls, it begs the question: Does he have a valid CDL and a DOT physical card? If not he’s just broken more than one law… if he could care less since he’s above the law.


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