A Real Hero Educates Armed Government Workers

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This video is top-notch. Because the guy taking it is articulate, informed and stands his lawful ground against armed government workers who radiate contempt for the law.

As the guy explains to the armed government workers, he has a protected First Amendment right to film in public. The armed government workers don’t like this, obviously. But that is immaterial as a matter of the law they swore an oath to uphold.

Note, in particular, the threatening posture and attitude of the tattooed armed government worker – who looks like a gang member (which in fact he is). You can feel his anger.

But they’re all in the wrong – as a matter of law.

Yet none of them are removed from their jobs as enforcers of laws – in spite of the fact that they are clearly ignorant of and contemptuous of the actual law.

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  1. And that female cop with the hard scrubbing brush mounted on the back of her head, nicotinely attached to her mobile.


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