Armed Government Workers and the “Suspicious” Card

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker pressuring a man taking video to produce ID and “detaining” him while he “investigates.”

What’s interesting about this interaction is that the man hasn’t committed any violation of statute (much less a criminal offense) yet the armed government worker “detains” him and demands ID, using the new catch-all of “suspicious” conduct to justify this. And “suspicious” is meaningless because it can mean almost anything. It is a new way for armed government workers to say, “I don’t like your looks.”


This is one of the ways armed government workers get around the former legal requirement that they must have probable cause to suspect a crime (or violation of statute) has been committed in order to justify detaining/arresting a person and compel them to identify themselves.

Absent that, a person ought to be free to go – and left in peace.

The guy taking the video is, of course, being deliberately provocative – in the sense that he knows an armed government worker is likely to “respond” to the sight of someone taking video in public, no matter the legality.

But that’s just the point.

The video-taking is legal and therefore, the armed government worker should respect the law and leave the man be absent some lawful reason to “detain” him and hector him about his ID.

The man taking video – and others like him – are doing a public service by showing the degree to which we now live in a police state, in which armed government workers are free to ignore the law and enforce “laws” which don’t exist.

Just cry “suspicious” and anything goes!

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  1. This is all part and parcel of the post-911 State we have to live with, one that the government was all too happy to have any excuse to unleash upon us. The Nazi’s wielded power though fear, chaos and agression; the same goes for here and now. Those of us who don’t obediently “bleat” when the “master” calls, are going to stand out from the herd, and be systematically culled. Well, so be it. I am descended from a long line of pioneers and frontiersmen, and natives, and they built this nation with their own sweat and blood. The politicians only move in to take over when the dust settles, like any cowardly weakling would do. If institutionalized urban slavery is all that remains, they can have it.

  2. Woe to the businessman who has a cash-based business. Have a good day? Well, be careful. That $10,000 deposit will be reported to the IRS, who might share that information with the FBI, DEA or maybe accidentally leak it out to the media. Think that depositing under $10,000 over a few days will keep them at bay? No, because that might be considered suspicious and trigger a report too.

  3. I’m suspicious of color-wearing gang members following me around, or paying too much attention to me in any way. So, if I follow the example of the Blue Line Gang, I guess I could shoot them because of my suspicion if they don’t instantly comply if I demand they drop their guns. Or, do only they get a pass?


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