Armed Government Workers Picking Locks

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Here’s video of armed government workers in Texas picking a lock to a home – just like unbadged, unsanctioned criminals. The armed government workers claimed they were “investigating” an alleged “domestic disturbance” but had no warrant and the circumstances did not seem “exigent.” There was no sign of violence being done to anyone; the homeowner – startled by the presence of armed government workers sneakily trying to pick the lock to his home – isn’t confrontational. He merely fails to acquiesce to the Authority of the armed government workers, who are there to do violence to him.

The tactic-cool’d and tatoo’d armed government thug proceeds to do the usual Ultra-Violent, kicking in the man’s door, bull-rushing the non-“resisting” man and slamming him to the floor and then in cuffs.

In order to show Who is Boss and humiliate the man, they leave him hog-tide on the floor while they conduct their “investigation.”

The man was never charged with any crime.

How about the armed government workers?

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  1. Phony Domestic Violence allegations are the cops favorite way to circumvent the Fourth Amendment. Best off (for them), no court or jury will likely second-guess them if they’re wrong. Hell, if this poor schmuck had been ARRESTED, and, after posting considerable bail, easily defeated any (phony) charges, what would be his chances of recovering damages for bail, attorney fees, lost earnings, and pain and suffering? Somewhere between snowflake in Hades and fart in the wind, be assured!

    • Morning, Handler…

      Well, there went my good mood. How about the four star general porker?

      You know what? I think if I ever manage to meet an agreeable woman and we decide to have a kid, it will be an “off the grid” kid. No Social Security number. No government anything. I will give the kid freedom. And if the woman isn’t into that, I’m not breeding with her.

      • That porker’s family is a law enforcement dynasty. His cousin was the county sheriff for a number of years and was behind the torture of inmates at the county jail. Of course, he was never held accountable. Look up the murder of Jessie Lee Williams.

        As for women, the majority of them seem to worship the state in some form or fashion. The feminine, “conservative” ones seem to find killers in uniform attractive. Just about every attractive girl I knew in high school is married to one. I bet those high school girls would’ve gotten on their knees for those “heroes”.

        • Morning, Handler!

          Government workers are a kind of caste; they are people different than ourselves. Necessarily so. It takes a bureaucratic, authoritarian and utilitarian (the American disease) mindset.

          Women, in the main, are attracted to “security” and so are attracted to armed government workers, especially since they are among the few allowed “manly” occupations still permitted.

          • I’ve totally written women off and haven’t looked back since. It’s all for nothing.

            My brother is blowing nearly a $100k on his wedding/enslavement celebration. His bride-to-be is a spoiled little cunt with a princess complex, along with being a mentally unstable wino. He’s already complaining that his weekends are gone, and they don’t even live with each other yet! I know he knows better, but he thinks he’ll become wealthier if he marries into that family. What a fool.

            • Hi Handler,

              Yeah. I know this story. And the longer I live as a single guy, the more I realize it may be the way to stay. Maybe it’s just me – or my area – but the dating “scene” is a Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tattoos and nose rings; multiple kids (often with different fathers). Hostile and demanding – or used-up and as appealing as a worn-out Chevette.

              I also had an epiphany; a realization that because of my divorce I will probably never be able to trust a woman again. Which means marriage (leaving aside the other problems with that) is pretty much off the table. Which means a serious relationship is pretty much off the table.

              So, why bother with it?

              I have work to do, anyhow.

              • Rocky Horror Picture show is right and it includes transylvanian transvestites.

                There have to be a lot of thirsty weak men out there because there is no way alpha men are putting up with this crap.

                I’ve never been married and I don’t think I could trust a woman enough to be married. The law just gives them too much power. If I were college age and had approximately nothing maybe, but now with everything I’ve earned and managed to keep on the line? That’s a lot of trust given the power the state gives them.

                • Amen, Brent . . .

                  I have been having this rolling conversation with a good friend (also recently divorced) about women/relationships. I tell him that, given what’s already happened to us, how could either of us ever really trust any woman ever again? And if one isn’t going to fully trust a woman, then the relationship can never be fully committed. So, why bother? Get together, have fun… but keep it… fun. No commitment. On our terms now. We have the advantage in that our value is not merely sexual; our reproductive capacity. But a woman’s value is very much tied in with her sexual appeal and reproductive capacity. They have a “window” – roughly, 18-35 – after which their currency begins to devalue rapidly. In a committed marriage, a man would stick with his wife, the mother of his children. But if a man is divorced, why would he choose an older woman past her sexual prime, no longer capable of having kids – when he has the option to sleep with younger women? This leaves the 40-plus women embittered – and alone.

                  This is what women – as a collective – wanted. Now they have it.

                  • Things are really screwed up these days. What I’ve known to happen just baffles the mind.

                    Including the exceptions to the rule. There are women in their 40s and 50s still playing in the sugarbaby role as I learned from recent events in my neighborhood. She had to move suddenly because the guy paying for everything for her caught her with another guy.

                    The dating much younger women thing is intentionally culturally conditioned into being creepy and maybe that’s why this guy wasn’t seeing someone younger or for all I know their arrangement had been going on for 20 years.

                    There was a study I came across. What age of women men find most attractive. Roughly from teenager to 22 it was the same age as the man. From 22 to death it was 22.

                    And it’s not just appearance, the early 20s women are just more pleasant IME. I am sure they are meaner to guys their own age, they seemed to be when I was that age, but now they are just more pleasant. Or maybe it’s just a relative thing. And even when the 30s-40s women are nice they have kids, debts, and more. Either way why pick a woman close to my age?

                    There’s nothing in it for me. Even if she’s rich enough to give me my own Jay Leno’s garage it’s not like she would.

              • If you can get the ‘milk’ for free, why BUY the cow?

                Plenty of women you can bone, Eric, and as long as you practice ‘safe’ sex (using a condom isn’t 100% foolproof, and it does have an obvious downside), or get yourself ‘snipped’ (invest in a BOTTLED six-packed of a good microbrew, half you drink right out of the fridge, the other half you’ll chill your aching jewels with first!) and take your chances on getting ‘reattached’ later!) you’ll probably get as much as any married man does, if not more. And when you’re done, you give her flowers and cab fare, and go back to work or playing with the toys or hanging out with your bros. Terrible thing for a (once) devout MORMON to have to say, but experience has been a great teacher!


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