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The truth gets out every now and then – not that many are paying attention. And the truth behind Fiat’s slow-motion exit-stage-left from the North American car market is that Americans just aren’t very interested in “efficient” small cars.

If they were very interested, as the government (and media) constantly claims that they are, then available efficient small cars like the 500 three-door hatchback would be selling well.

They’re available; anyone who want one is free to buy one.

Instead, they hardly sell at all. Fiat had counted on 50,000 sales annually – on the assumption that Americans hungered for efficient small cars denied them by the evil entente of Big Oil and the Big Three, which forced them to buy “gas hogs” they really didn’t want.

That, at any rate, was the government’s line. Still is the government’s lie.

The facts speak for themselves. Given the choice, most Americans don’t want the kinds of cars the government insists they’re pining for.

Last year, only 5,370 Fiat 500s were sold nationwide.

Ford sells more F-150 pick ups in a week.

Thus, the news that Fiat will cease trying to sell what few Americans actually want.

The 500 slides off the radar after the end of this model year and probably soon thereafter, Fiat itself since its remaining models – the 500L and 500X – are also small-sized slow-sellers that never sold as well as the 500 hatchback.

Fiat’s overall sales are down almost 40 percent.

But it’s not just Fiat doing the Randy Watson microphone drop.

BMW is having the same tough time selling the same thing Fiat’s been having trouble selling. The German luxury car maker owns Mini – and they’re not selling well, either. Notably, the three-door Mini hatchback – which is a car very similar in layout and specifications to the ill-starred 500 from Fiat. It gets even better gas mileage – but so far this year, BMW has only sold about twice as many Minis per month as Fiat has 500s.

Which isn’t many.

On average, about 650 per month.

You could combine the number of Minis and 500s sold all year so far and Ford would still have sold more F-150s in a week.

Ford sells something like 60,000 F-trucks every month.

If gas mileage sells, why isn’t it selling?

This includes the 50-something MPG Toyota Prius hybrid.

Which can’t be slammed (as Fiat and Mini have been) over iffy quality control. It’s a Toyota.

Nonetheless, only about 1,500 of them per month have found homes so far this year – a rounding error relative to the cars that do sell.

Which don’t get 50 MPG.

For example, the Dodge Charger – literally the last of the proverbial V8 Interceptors. Sales of this ancient car – the last major update was 10 years ago – are up to more than 9,000 a month, which is equivalent to the total number of Mini three-doors BMW sold during all of 2018 – despite the fact that a V8 Charger uses at least twice as much gas a hybrid Prius.

Which would you rather drive?

Most Americans agree.

The problem is the government disagrees. Not because there’s an “energy crisis” but because the government is determined to impose energy austerity.

Hence the fatwa insisting that all new cars average close to 50 MPG by 2025 – in spite of the obvious fact that most people don’t want a car that averages 50 MPG or even 35 MPG because there is plenty of energy, and it’s inexpensive.

Not if it means driving something very small, at least.

Which is what it will require since it takes energy to move weight and the most practical way to decrease energy consumption is to make a vehicle smaller and so, lighter.

Which brings up an interesting side point. Small cars like the 500 and Mini hardtop are preposterously heavy cars for their size: 2,505 lbs. for the 500 and 2,625 lbs. for the Mini. That’s about 800 pounds more than a ’70s-era economy subcompact car weighed – which is why those cars often delivered better mileage than today’s small (but heavy) cars do.

And they’re heavy because the government insists on that, too. By fatwa’ing that even small cars make it through crash-testing regimes that would challenge the sturdiness of a ’72 Sedan deViille.

If the car industry could legally build 1,700 lb. cars, they’d probably get 50 MPG instead of 30-something MPG.

People might even buy them then – because a small car that got 20 MPG more than a current small car might actually compensate for the smallness.

Of course, the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety fatwas aren’t going to be relaxed, either. Which means the car companies will have to figure out a way to get big cars and trucks – the models that sell – to 50 MPG without making them small.

That will be a neat trick. Right up there with “free” college for all.

. . .

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  1. I’m still waiting for Fiat to re-introduce the X1/9. But that will probably not be happening within my lifetime, even if I live to 200. But that car had something the Fiat 500 doesn’t: Style.

    And Toyota might want to give the MR-2 another try, too.

    But I think Pontiac, even though it’s now defunct, will come back with the Fiero before either of those others make it back.

  2. Those Fiat things are the ugliest cars I have ever seen. I wouldn’t mind buying a Charger if I had the extra money. My vehicle gets 29-30 mpg and is as small as I want to go. I figure I am getting 60-70 mpg since I only drive less than half the average. A Prius? Yuck! No style and not worth the money. An F-100 or similar PU would be ok, but then I couldn’t use the parking garage. I have a feeling that government will eventually allow only certain cars to be built and they won’t be fun. Probably self-driving EV’s good for going to the bank or getting a hair cut. Remember, all this malarkey about EV’s and 50MPG is the result of FAKE global warming being forced upon the world. Recently, the journal “Science” published an article about the discovery of nitrogen being produced by bedrock. That means that there is more nitrogen than we ever believed possible. This provides a natural control over terrestrial carbon, thus limiting any affects of man produced global warming. Again, the global warming extremists have driven the world into a climate mania that does not really exist. Anyway, it might not matter to future generations as AOC has come out against child creation and families. She wants populations to die off so that FAKE global warming doesn’t ruin her day. If the Marxist liberals have there way, there won’t be but a handful of cave people surviving in a 100 years. Who will need a car?

  3. I am not so sure it’s because Americans don’t want efficiency or they simply don’t want to buy junk. Almost everyone I know, car person or not, knows Fiat is some of the absolute worst garbage built, followed close by Fiat Chrysler.

    Women love the Mini. My wife is crazy about them. But she is not so crazy to ever buy one.

    Word gets around fast when your car starts to fall apart after 30k….

  4. One thing to remember: All cars could get much better fuel economy with water injection. An F-150 could get forty miles to the gallon. The heat energy of the combustion process is deliberately wasted. This is done so that people will believe that electric cars are the only good option for the future. But not only will the cars be electric, they will also be computer-controlled, so that they will drive you to some destinations, but not others. The government will decide where you are allowed to go; besides to work and home.

  5. There’s also a huge and growing demand for ev’s. We need more and we need more now. There are lines going out to the street full of people waiting to buy ev’s. O wait that the line for the fast charger and the line of people still waiting on their $35k model 3.

  6. Both Fiat and MINI’s problems are self-inflicted — they built poor quality cars. And people knew it.

    In my case, my 2003 Cooper S spent 28 days in the shop during the year I owned it. Because the (mandated, thank you Joan Claybrook) airbag light wouldn’t go out.

    Which is a shame because it was really fun to drive. Their ads of the time said it had “Go-cart handling” and it wasn’t entirely puffery.

    • Hi Chip,

      I think Mini may have had more quality control issues than Fiat. Including some serious ones with their automatic transmissions. I had a problem with a Mini press car. I couldn’t get it to shift out of Park without using the emergency release under the shift bezel; then it would not upshift – first gear only. All the way home (36 miles). Every warning light in the dash on. Got home, disconnected the battery and let it sit overnight.

      The next day, it worked fine and continued to while I had it.

      Glad I didn’t own it, though!

      • I’m starting to think that the term “lease it, don’t buy it” applies to the entire German auto industry. Not just BMW and higher-end Mercedes. Although, Porsche gets decent marks for reliability…

        Is there any chance that Porsche will get you an updated Panamera to test?

      • One more item on MINI — Eric the Car Guy did some repairs on a Cooper. Which involved taking most of the interior out, and removing the engine + transaxle to change the timing chain, fix an oil leak, etc.

        One of his comments (and he’s a former Honda service tech) was how cheaply it was built, compared to a Honda.

  7. OT, but Trump is still insane:

    https://www. wnd. com/2019 /09 /trump-impose-social-credit-score-gun/

    How does one bypass Wordmess filter? One does not know. One does know that I’m just padding this post with random stream-of-consciousness rambling to sneak past Wordmess filter. Has this worked yet?

    Take the spaces out, and you’ll get the link.

    • And he backs 4 of the gun laws meandering through congress,,, the red flag law being the death of the second. He has already suggested using it against fbi Comey. When / If he signs these bills then he doesn’t want a second term.
      San Fran city council (or whatever its called) has announced the NRA a terrorist organization. Californica is hopeless.
      He (Trump) did squeeze 3.8 billion from the Pentagram to build the wall. A positive. Money actually defending America, wow. Course all they have to do is stop all welfare, free schools and fine/lock up Americans hiring them….. no walls needed. Save beaucoup money. But, that would likely freak many Libertarians and the Democrat Bolsheviks as they aren’t too keen on borders and paleface homogeneous nation states.

      • As the only legitimate function of government is the enforcement of contracts and property rights libertarianism is completely compatible with strong borders.

        • Hi Mark,

          This is well-said! Another way to put it: If we’re to have open borders, then we haven’t got a country anymore in which case there’s certainly no justification for government.

        • Hello Mark….

          hmmmm….. Maybe I should have said “the libertarian Party”? I suppose their are some libertarians with differing views but the “Libertarian Party” is fine with open borders and don’t care much for nation states……
          We support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade. Political freedom and escape from tyranny demand that individuals not be unreasonably constrained by government in the crossing of political boundaries. Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders.


          Probably should have included the Republicans as well for they have their personal reasons for this forced dilution… namely cheap labor.

          So would the correct post be:
          “But, that would likely freak many Americans today as they aren’t too keen on borders and paleface homogeneous nation states”.

        • Since we do unfortunately have a government; and the very premise for the existence of that government is the mandate established by the Constitution, which defines the powers and limits of that government- One of the few legitimate of that government is supposed to be the protection of our borders- and thus the protection of the rights and property of the citizens of this land- the one thing the government refuses to do!

          A few interesting facts are revealed by their refusal to defend our bordcers/property/rights:

          They think nothing of enslaving us via taxation and regulation- only to redistribute OUR wealth to those whom they allow and encourage to invade, via the existence of a welfare state- one in which we must identify ourselves with official IDs and biometric data; and be searched and scrutinized for nothing more than the right to move about freely, or just about any other endeavor we choose to engage in….but somehow the invaders are spared this indignity, and can register their sprogs at “public” schools; receive entitlements; get driver’s licenses, and even vote…no scrutiny, nor even questions asked!

          That this government is blatantly racist: They let every brown or black-skinned troglodyte in- legally and illegally- and treat them with kid gloves- and yet, have strict quotas for very white people from such places as Ireland and Scandinavia, etc. -and perish the thought a WHITE person is caught here having illegally entered; over-staying their visa, etc.- they are proimptly arrested and imprisoned and deported. This goes largely unnoticed, as the media doesn’t mention it (So if you don’t observe it personally, you wont know) and since no one dares to mention it if they do know about it, because they will promptly be labeled “racist” and their reports dismissed if they advocate for white people or dare suggest that other races be held to the same standards.

          And…. That despite propaganda/false narratives/disinformation to the contrary, the power and wealth of our overlords can not be sustained without an ever-increasing population (Slave masters need slaves)- and since the birthrate has dropped among prosperous Westerners to below that of even being able to replace those who die, much less add to the population, they must flood all of these Western countries with those make a lot of babies, and who are easily controlled- not having the constraints of traditional Western values/Christianity- and who will be content with a lower standard of living (To populate the filthy cities, which whites are abandoning, and not be too prosperous, so that they continue making babies). The fact that such greatly lowers our quality of life and depletes our wealth, is of no concern to the overlords- as it is all about THEIR power and wealth.

          A Libertarian/Anarchist society would solve these problems- as there would be no welfare state; no restrictions as to who could come or couldn’t come; any who did come would have to support themselves and either rent or buy property- and if they couldn’t do that to their satisfaction in their former locales, there would be little expectation that they could do any better here.

          • “They think nothing of enslaving us via taxation and regulation- only to redistribute OUR wealth to those whom they allow and encourage to invade, via the existence of a welfare state- one in which we must identify ourselves with official IDs and biometric data; and be searched and scrutinized for nothing more than the right to move about freely, or just about any other endeavor we choose to engage in….but somehow the invaders are spared this indignity, and can register their sprogs at “public” schools; receive entitlements; get driver’s licenses, and even vote…no scrutiny, nor even questions asked!”

            This is another thing that really honks me off. Why do you need a photo ID to drive a car, but not to drive the entire country? Pretty easy answer, honestly: the left is absolutely dependent on repeat/felon/dead/foreign voters and outright vote stuffing to accomplish anything. If you get rid of that, then the DNC, as a mainstream political force, is over. Anyone who can’t see that, isn’t paying attention.

      • Ken, we all know that no walls are needed if your ideas were to be implemented, but we should also know that your ideas are too obvious to be implemented as well. Hence the wall, which only makes sense if we want to keep everyone IN this country. Illegal farm workers make their way back across the border every year, but when that wall goes up, they’re not coming back, and it will be a lot easier to keep those already here.

        • Why on earth would any logical idea be too obvious to implement? Our country is broke from wars and giving money and services to anyone that breaks into our nation. They break our laws, and we pay them for it. I hate walls especially those built by governments. When growing up I could go to Mexico or Canada with just a drivers license. Today a passport is required. More money and c o n t r o l for government. Every law corpgov has passed to prevent this or that has always ended up being used against the citizen…. every one! A rancher uses a fence to keep the cattle in,,, not to keep the wolves out. This wall will be used to keep us in. They’ll bus or fly the “immigrants” in just like they’re doing now.

          • It’s too obvious to implement because the government never does what obviously needs to be implemented. Ultimately, the taxpayer is supposed to be on the hook for this debt. We’re broke because our representatives agreed to lend money to corporate Amerika and got the taxpayer to foot the bill. What a deal. I used to work with the “untouchables” from central and south America. They were all hired by a Mexican national who everyone knew had already greased the politician’s hands, and had basically cornered the labor force for the farmers, orchards, etc. from the Mexican border up into Canada. Everyone contracted with him so there was no need to worry about getting popped for hiring illegals. One year, he was late getting pickers to where we were working in northern CA. and we could stand out in the orchards and hear the pears hitting the ground constantly. I’ve been taking trips down to Mexico, Central America, etc. Every time I go down there it’s harder to come back. Not more difficult to get back in, just not something I want to do anymore. I may not come back from my next trip down there.

            • Hi Schnarkle,

              My amigo Fred Reed urges me to flee, too – as I have mentioned before. I probably would, too – were it not for this defect I have. Which is an adamant hatred for control freaks. If I were responsible for a wife and kids, it might be different. But it’s just me and that’s freeing in a way.

              Let the bastards come, if they intend to. I have made my peace.

              • Hey Eric!

                I don’t get it- If you have an adamant hatred of control- as do I- why continue to stay where your life is controlled to the point of absurdity?

                Those, such as you and I, are very fortunate in that we aren’t “invested” here via wife, kids and fambly. We are in the most enviable of positions, in that freedom from this mess can be ours, easily, for the taking. What a tragedy if we do not avail ourselves of the opportunity while it still exists.

                Even if they never come for you….they still affect your actions/behavior and thoughts on a daily basis- as do the dysfunctional remnants of our once great culture around us, which has now devolved to the level of the behavior of insects.

                As long as we continue to live in the midst of this madness- even if we can manage to avoid some of the control and dysfunction, we are really no better off than Anne Frank [Yeah, I know..] living in the attic, because our avoidance of that control and dysfunction ultimately ends up restraining us just as much.

                There’s no reason to live like this when we’re still free to go- unless we want to…and why would we want to? Of what value are the ideals of Libertarianism, if choose to stay where we can not practice them, and pass on the opportunity to go where we could live much freer, and just get on with our lives without our every thought and action being determined by how they will impact us in regard to the myriad authorities and agencies that micro-manage us and all around us?

                  • I can dig the inertia, Eric!

                    First time around, coming from NY, I was younger; I was miserable living in that miserable place; and I wanted out at any cost. I was motivated and enthusiastic to find the better life that I knew existed.

                    Now? Well, for the time being, I have a good life here; I’m happy, and live relatively free. I’m older and more decrepit- and the idea of globe-trotting, and giving up the familiar and pleasant for new and unknown, aren’t exactly what I necessarily want.

                    But I know the life I live and things I love are all going to change and or vanish. I see it happening around me every day…just as I had decades ago in NY when it wasn’t as bad as it is today.

                    People I knew back in NY didn’t want to leave either; they said they wouldn’t be driven away. Just about all of them have been driven away now- only they’re the worse for having waited so long. My millionaire friend just left last year- but his finances and life are a shell of what they once were, ’cause he waited so long (Was holding out for the wife’s retirement- which ended up going bust anyway!).

                    All the ones who have finally left, now wish they would have done so much sooner. They went grudgingly- but after going, realized that life was so much better in their new digs…and that they could have been living like that a decade or two sooner. Same applies to those I know who have left the country already. The only regrets anyone ever has, is that they didn’t do it sooner.

                    I felt like a foreigner in NY- between the liberals and all the other statists and the hoards of non-English-speaking foreigners…. And lately, I am feeling increasingly like a foreigner here- although actual foreigners are rare here…I feel like a foreigner because the people around me are no longer “my fellow Americans”.

                    I go to the grocery store, and people let their kids run wild, screaming and shrieking- and they don’t say a word to them; The cashier is a young “woman” dressed in clothes that I could just as well wear, with tattoos covering both arms.

                    I crave not only the freedom of a place with far less government and infrastructure….but one with a culture which is still functional- where you can still buy REAL food, and wear woman still look and act like women; and people have enough self-respect and respect for their neighbors to act like human beings in public and even dress appropriately.

                    It’s out there. Why waste what’s left of our lives living amongst this ilk? It’s not gonna get better; only worse.

              • Hey eric, I can see how it might look like fleeing, but when you’ve been down there, it’s no longer fleeing, but running towards freedom rather than fleeing oppression. There’s something very reassuring about familiar places. Ben Franklin’s words on security and freedom don’t point out that we all prefer security to freedom. It’s simply a natural adaptation. There’s no work when you’re secure. Freedom is difficult. We all prefer that someone else make our decisions for us. Having a wife and children would anchor you right where you are because chances are they wouldn’t want to leave either. Go visit Fred for a week. Get one of those deals a month ahead of time, so you can get a round trip ticket for a few hundred bucks. Personally, I’d like to see you test driving cars down there so you can show everyone in this insane asylum what they’re missing out on. You could write the whole trip off as a business expense if you get a few cars to test drive down there, no?

  8. I tested one out. It was a really nice car–if it cost $10k. It doesn’t though. These are wildly overpriced considering how old they are and how they compare to the competition. The fuel economy was worst than some larger cars.

  9. In other fashion news, Eric, Nissan announced a new lead for North America and a promise to completely revamp 70% of their lineup. A Nissan dealer GM on linkedin said he was at the announcement and Dealer’s meeting last week and a new rugged Pathfinder is coming with no CVT and true 4wd. Praise the Gods! Hope they pull it off. No Xterra though. Titan getting revamped too. So many people commented that they hated the new soccer mom Pathfinder (wife and I included) and wanted the old rugged one, preferably with a V8 again.

    • Unfortunately it will still be festooned with bip-bop-booping-flashing ‘safety’ distractions, air bags, auto-locks, blind spot alerts, auto braking, TPM, ASS, TC, black box…….

      Until TPTB make them illegal (10 years?) pre-2000 vehicles are the only way to avoid being treated like a drooling moron child unfit to drive in the first place.

  10. Ha! I remember the day that it was announced that Fiat was coming back to ‘Murica….I said “This ain’t gonna last long”. Stupid Fiat never learns.

    Eric, I’m not so sure that [at least a decent-sized segment of] Americans don’t want small efficient cars- I think many do- especially commuters and urban-dwellers; The problem with Fiat and Mini is that they are notoriously unreliable; not durable; and depreciate faster than a white woman who’s been knocked-up by a knee-grow.

    The Mini’s at least, were embraced enthusiastically by American consumers at first….until it started becoming common knowledge that they fall apart like a pair of $10 Walmart shoes, and require never-ending and extremely expensive repairs.

    I mean really, for the price of a stinkin’ 500 with a few options, or significantly less than the price of a Mini, one can get a Corolla that’ll still be going reliably at 300K miles without thousands and thousands of dollars worth of repairs, and get great gas mileage, long after the Fits and Minis are on the scrap pile, why would anyone choose to buy the 500 or Mini, unless they were just uninformed and making emotionally-based decisions? (“Oooo! It’s so cute!”)

    I dunno what happened to BMW- Germans used to make good cars.
    Fiat? Well…us Dagos make nice bicycles, but we can’t build good cars to save our lives! Never could.

    And those dopey li’l 500’s remind me of Renault Le Car! [puke] -all they need is the fabric sunroof, and the image would be complete!

    • Well maybe, Nunz, if you bought a cute car you wouldn’t be such an uncultured rascit swine who couldn’t appreciate fine European engineering. Do you even drive stick, faggot? Race me bro. I’ll cream whatever you got. And you would certainly know the quality level of a pair of $10 Walmart shoes, wouldn’t you? Are you saying you hate China? Kids in the burning Amazon rain forest could use those shoes. You’re just mad you’re not man enough to drive a Renault Le Car.

      Nunzio = No Understanding Numbers Zionist Incapable Omega

      • Mr. Jin!

        Are you suggesting that I willfully exceed the ever-so-carefully scientifically-arrived-at limits of speed so conscientiously posted by our dear leaders for the purpose of ensuring the safety of ourselves and our fellow democracy-loving fellow patriots of the realm?! [N’oh, the treason!]

        Now, you should know that I would never participate in such a thing as a speed contest, which would constitute a blatant disregard for THE LAW; and I would have to question if my refusal to do so casts doubt on my quasi-heterosexual metrosexualism- oh, not that there is anything wrong with it’s more anally-oriented alternative, or any of the other thousands of sexual preferences or genders which one may choose at any time to convince themselves that they are a member of at any given moment.

        Which is not to suggest that seekers of their own brand of reality couldn’t also engage in contests of speed- possibly even ones involving cars; or that they couldn’t hate the Chinese or unshod Amazonian children, or even choose to be Chinese or an Amazonian child- or one who is aroused by such- if they so choose, or decide that they were born that way- which of course would qualify them for special rights- such as the ability to engage in a contest of speed while identifying as a gay Chinese-Amazonian child; and if you interfere with their ability to do so, you are committing a hate-crime, and will receive a penalty equal to or greater than if you engaged in a contest of speed while being straight and white, you monster you!

        • Brandonjin did offer to “cream whatever you got”so be sure all the rules of consent are documented and followed. And wear a condom cuz he seems to like it messy.

        • Greetings comrade Nunzio. You are well on your way to making up for your wrongthink. I feel safer already.

          And apologies, “race” should have been “rape”. I would never willingly partake in such an unsafe, hedonistic, and immoral act.

          • ***”And apologies, “race” should have been “rape””***

            Ah! So instead of speed, you’re interested in length! And instead of a Ford Taurus….a cli-Taurus….. No…wait….that’s not for ‘you people’; maybe a Probe….or a Mazda Meatus.

            I bow before your superior gayness! You’re obviously the product of a union between Paul Lynde and Richard Simmons- while I, sigh- am a mere lesbian trapped in a man’s body- the bastard child of Dr. Smith from Lost In Space.


  11. “Why aren’t the 500 and the mini selling well? It might be the “mickey mouse” design per Scotty Kilmer. Plus the un-reliability.”

    Anonymous nailed it. The Mini is not only ugly, but way too expensive. And it has the second worst reliability of all 2019 cars ( 2 out of 5)

    The Fiat 500’s mediocre reliability rating (4 out of 5, ) makes it seem like a Toyota Corona compared to the Mini. But i think American car buyers have ancestral memories about how undependable Fiats always have been. Their grandparents experienced “hurt me once, shame on you.” Too many of their optimistic parents fell for “hurt me twice, shame on me.” Now, even Millennials are smart enough to avoid going back for a third generation of the same old junk.

    It “may” be true that North American buyers are not very interested in “efficient” small cars. But their rejection of Fiats and Minis Does Not prove it.

    • The problem with small cars is Americans like to be able to haul stuff around, even if we don’t do it often. Upon looking up the mpg of a “smart car” I saw that they only get 40mpg. Well shit, why not just buy a diesel jetta and get the same or better mpg and have more space?

      I think manufacturers will use the 48V mild hybrid concept to meet the 50mpg requirement. In not too fond of that system myself because it is basically a half-ass Voltec powertrain and more of a bandaid solution.

      A true PHEV powertrain is insanely practical and more efficient than a gas or full elecric car. It’s a shame they are getting skipped over for the full electrics so soon.

      • Some of us live 60 miles from town and don’t go shopping three times a day, so we need enough capacity to haul two or three weeks worth of supplies.

  12. Why aren’t the 500 and the mini selling well? It might be the “mickey mouse” design per Scotty Kilmer. Plus the un-reliability.


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