Armed Government Workers Make $41,000 Mistake . . .

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And taxpayers foot the bill.

This is a follow-up video posted by a guy in Colorado who was physically accosted and then stuffed into the back of an armed government worker mobile after questioning the armed government workers’ demands that he provide ID on the basis of being “suspicious” for video recording from a public sidewalk.

This being quite legal – but quite irrelevant to the armed government workers who style themselves law enforcement. The two armed government workers, instead, refer to “concerns” as a substitute for the law. One of the armed government workers – law enforcers – claims that “suspicion” is a misdemeanor. When the man being accosted questions this confection, the armed government workers ratchet things up, cuffing him and placing him in their armed government worker mobile. They then seize the man’s camera… for their safety.

Later, the man was actually awarded $41,000 as compensation for the abuse he suffered – but it’s not the armed government workers who will pay the bill but rather the taxpayers of his community, who had nothing to do with it. The armed government workers were not fired for making up laws and then enforcing them using the threat of lethal violence backed up by might of the government they serve as mercenaries – let alone fired from their “duties.”

They are still out there, “serving.”

This sort of thing happens all the time. Armed government workers caught doing not merely illegal things such as “speeding” and failing to buckle-up for “safety” but things which, if done by an ordinary person, would result in heavy punishment, including likely time in jail.

Imagine just walking up to a person taking video in public, a person not breaking any laws, and – just because you don’t like that he is taking video – physically assaulting him while wearing a gun.

You’d be criminally charged and probably sued civilly by your victim – who would collect his damages from you, not your neighbors who had nothing to do with it.

How is it that we continue to tolerate “law enforcers” who are not only brutal, gratuitously escalating thugs but also incontestably ignorant of the laws? Who enforce laws they make up?

Is it asking too much that law enforcers abide by the law? Why is ignorance of the law no defense for us but a get out of jail card for them?

Maybe someone will explain it to me….

. . .

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  1. You would think people would be questioning elected officials about payouts like this, but they don’t.

    Instead, they are often attacking the victim for suing.

    • Hi Rich,

      Exactly. The attitude of deference toward armed government workers when they are clearly in the wrong, not just morally but also legally leaves me speechless. It amounts to: Armed government workers should be never be held accountable for anything they do – apparently, because these worshippers-of-their-own abusers cling to the imbecile notion that armed government workers are “the thin blue line” and “heroes” who “serve” and “protect” us.

      I know a number of “conservatives” who feel this way.

      The urge to throw up overwhelms me at times.

      • And I will tell you it cost taxpayers far more the $41,000. The legal fees alone are at least three times that, at minimum. The only “winners” are lawyers.

        The incident my dad was a part of, cost taxpayers over $2 million in legal fees alone. And that was back in the 1980’s! And he and the other victims didn’t go for damages like they should have.

        Police departments are huge liabilities to taxpayers. I think part of the reason why they don’t have liability insurance is because there isn’t a insurance company stupid enough to write policies for such a thing.


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