One Joint – Five Armed Government Workers

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Here’s a video of a man being thug scrummed by at least five armed government workers. His “crime”? Apparently, he was found to be in “possession” of a joint. His real crime? Questioning the Authority of armed government workers:

Some of the comments following the video are interesting; one guy writes that “Guess what? Alcohol is legal too. But can you “consume” it in your car, or while walking down the street? Whether you feel the cop is right or wrong, obey what he tells you.”

Italics added.

Yes, just do what the armed government worker tells you. Whatever he tells you. Their Authority is not to be questioned, ever.

Down that road lies a big ditch, with us standing on the edge of it.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

. . .

Remember: They are not “police officers” – much less peacekeepers. They are armed government workers – and they do not work for you.

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