Armed Government Workers Toss Coin

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Here’s a video of armed government workers caught tossing a coin to decide the fate of a woman they’ve captured. It’s an interesting video because it shows the attitude of these armed government workers – who have become the law as well as its enforcers:

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  1. And then you have the retards in the comments insisting on questioning her innocence, crying about speeding and calling the rest of the commenters “liberals”, way to be..

    • Moose, there are so many copsuckers commenting on those youtube threads that they could get together and form their own state. It’s plumb pukey, ain’t it?

      • Hell, I was in jail once and found out going to court the occifer’s testimony was no good and he wouldn’t show up to testify because of it. Of course this was after we’d be mulcted of a few grand. In fact, the jailer said I shouldn’t be in jail in that case. Once released I took off running to which the friends who came for me just followed till I had run it all out. It was a good thing and they knew it. Once I was blowing hard they pulled up beside me, handed me a cold one and laughed. I stopped, put a 7 second pull on it, threw the empty on the ground and had another waiting for me. I got in the car and everyone was laughing including the wife.

        It’s a one size fits all thing going to jail. That time it was a good thing I wasn’t depressed since I had a winter view of a cemetery all night(a window, who’da thunk it?).

        My best friend went to jail for throwing a mug full of beer(just the beer) on his room mate after she’d threatened myself and my wife. He couldn’t keep from laughing as his “crime” preceded his jailing and the entire population treated him like a hero. Everybody was laughing their asses off and slapping him on the back. Assault with beer, it made everybody’s night.

        I guess things have changed since the Millenials I met in the last round in the patch had been to jail, most of them more than once. They knew everything about it. It was rare to find a young-un who hadn’t been in jail. This says more about the sorry ass society we live in than anything they’d done.

        • I used to get locked up right much. These days I seldom even get a ticket. Maybe it’s because I stopped drinking alcohol, but probably not. 😉

          • Last speeding ticket I got I had 50 cases of beer in the back. The DPS kept saying “isn’t there a limit to how much you can haul?”. Me, being me, I replied, “Never heard of it but I have room for at least another 20 cases.” “No, no he says, I mean there’s some maximum amount you can haul”. “So what is it?” I say, 50 cases?”

            So he goes on about it being ounces and I say he must be thinking of distilled spirits. He finally drops it and gives me a ticket for a speed I never reached.

            Next day I go to the JP who was a good friend, told her what he’d done. She said “Just go get a DD course certificate and it’ll be all right.” I did it for the umpteenth time and dropped it by for her to see. I now drive 4-5 mph over if I’m in a hurry and haven’t been looked at since.

      • I call them pigfuckers but yes, totes pukey. I’ve been left speechless reading EP articles the past couple days, tasing and pavement slamming the elderly. They’re just a bunch of fuckin bullies man.

        • Hi Moose,

          It is to be expected. This is after all a job that differs in degree only from the Chekists of early Soviet Russia, who carried out the collectivization policies of Stalin, including the liquidation of the Kulaks (middle class peasants). How is this any different in kind from today’s Hut! Hut! Hutting! “heroes” brutally assaulting people – even frail old people – over what amounts to “failing to submit and obey”?

          I keep telling my “conservatives” apologist friends – who distrust the government but trust armed government workers – that these people will come for their guns when “the law” empowers them to do so; will seize their property – and them – and worse. That they are Chekists, merely biding their time.

        • Moose, I have a couple of business associates who are retired Richmond police, and they can’t believe the shit the new crop of cops pull. 20 years ago, a cop who would assault an elderly person was a rarity. Now they are the norm.


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