Armed Government Workers Taze 87-Year-Old

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And here’s another one…

This one involved an even older and even more obviously harmless victim, an 87-year-old granny. She was out cutting dandelions on a trail when some busybody called the cops to report “a lady with a knife.”

Cut the hut! hut! hutting!

Armed government workers arrived and confronted the “threat” to their “safety” – 87-year-old Martha Al-Bishara, who did not understand their screaming demands because she does not speak English and perhaps also because she is old enough to remember when armed government workers did not scream at or point loaded guns at 87-year-old women out cutting dandelions.

Martha Al-Bishara was arrested for criminal trespass and obstruction of a police officer, according to the report.
The armed government workers claim they were justified in Tazering the 87-year-old granny because she “walked toward them” and would not “drop the knife.”
These are the “heroes” we keep hearing about. Young men who resort to brutal, gratuitous violence whenever they can find an excuse – however shabby and pathetic – regardless of the age and obvious absence of any “threat” to their “safety.”. . .

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    • Good morning, Ross!

      Yes. Indeed. The one upside is that actions such as this one make it plain just how “heroic” these “heroes” actually are. The wheel is turning…

  1. Paranoia and ignorance results in calling cops and violence.

    People don’t understand that dandelions are edible. That’s why they are here. The french brought them over to eat them.

  2. That Negro reporter is hot!
    And just to confirm the occifer’s viewpoint. Every day I see thousands of these elderly women out cutting dandelions and challenging occifers to a knife fight. Getting to the point where us physically stronger people cannot leave our houses without being threatened by weak elderly ladies unable to speak English, out cutting dandelions far from any buildings! [Sarcasm]
    There are some really sick police occifers out there. There are plenty of quarries with lakes that could be staffed with hungry alligators, available for deposit of police occifers. Wouldn’t that make a great sight! Alligators chomping on fat abusive pigs!

    • Agree about the negress…don’t usually get it up for black chicks, but she could give me an “adjustment” with regard to “race relations” anytime! And she’s polished and articulate…probably the next Harris Faulkner at Fox News (but Harris is TAKEN, sigh!)

      If this doesn’t convince people that policing is out of control and a threat to peace in this country, WHAT will? It’s bad enough that there’s dipshit cowardly cops that would ever do that, at least if their asses were fired, pronto, we’d understand that it was a ‘bad apple’ that somehow didn’t get tossed to the squirrels in the orchard. But that “Chief”…what a fucking piece of work! I seriously hope the good folks of his ‘burg rise up and demand his dismissal, especially once their city gets hit with one huge Federal lawsuit under USC 1983. Hear that lipsmacking from Norther GA? That’s the sound of hundreds of attorneys salivating at the prospect of getting this case! I want to see Chatsworth, GA, BANKRUPTED for hiring that gaggle of shitheads they call a POLICE department. What a sick joke.

  3. Seems like every single family in the United States will need to be affected by something like this before anyone even thinks about demanding change.


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