Armed Government Workers Beat 20-Year-Old Girl

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This video just uploaded; it shows New Jersey armed government workers brutally beating a 20-year-old girl. According to news reports, the beating was triggered because of underage drinking.

The girl was “uncooperative” – understandably; why should she be cooperative? A couple of armed geeks hassling her over something which is no more a crime, properly speaking, than chewing gum.

Regardless, it is sickening to witness a grown man handle a 20-year-old girl this way.

Typical combination bully-pussy.


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  1. I saw the webcam officer video on the news yesterday and have another theory. The LEO kept asking for her last name. I wonder if he was looking for a date with her, and got pissed off when she ignored him. Of course, her alleged spitting at the LEO is not on video as that part of the incident was missing.

  2. I was born at about the peak of N.J. desirability, obviously a long time ago. When (’40s & ’50s) and where (suburban bordering on rural, north of Trenton) it was a great place for a kid to grow up. I could catch a bus to downtown and go the movies safely when I was 10. I could put my shotgun across the handle bars of my bike and go hunting when I was 14.

    Even when we left, in our 20s, there was no sales tax, no income tax, and somehow the roads were still maintained. We go to the upper-class town in which we last lived (Pennington) and there are pot holes in streets that obviously haven’t been paved in years. And /average/ annual property taxes in Pennington are $13,000.

    Even the Italians have been run out of Trenton (now that’s scary, right Nunzio?). Two years ago I was told by the owners of the last Italian Tomato Pie joint in Trenton (it has now moved to the suburbs) that if I were to go to the same place where we got off the bus as kids, even in broad daylight, the odds of coming out in one piece were nill, and the odds of coming out feet-first were maybe 10 to 1. But the cops are well paid. And obviously manly and brave. The will come in later, in small groups, to document the site of the brutality.

    I currently denote it as The Soviet State of New Jersey (SSNJ). My wife and I still have sisters (addlepated, obviously) living there. We visit as infrequently as possible, but family ….. and all that. I am in fear for my Liberty any time I am in the state. If I am found with a single .22 cartridge in the trunk of my car, I can do hard time. Even with a good lawyer I might as well, since defending myself would leave me penniless.

    When aboard out boats, we could take our firearms into The Bahamas with no hassle. Doing the same in the state where we were born (and were smart enough to leave as soon as circumstances allowed it) would get us both incarcerated, for a loooooong time.

    I hear the main problem with this gal is that she was sassy, and, of course, kept resisting. But like I said, the cops are manly and brave.

  3. This irks me like all hell.. But on the bright side maybe the shoobies’ll realize how bizarrely violent the shore law enforcement officials are and think twice before vacationing here?

    • Morning, Moose!

      So much has changed – and such a short time. You used to be able to talk to cops. Now it’s all about establishing dominance, immediate submission. Their own term, law enforcement, is most apt. They are enforcers.

      The upside, if you can call it that, is that more and more people despise them. Their legitimacy is waning. They are obeyed out of fear, not respect. And when they lose their power over us, it will get ugly.

      As in post-Communist Romania. They should all watch the trail of the Ceausceaus…

      • You hit the nail on the head, hopefully more ‘civilians’ realize it sooner than later, all the pig fellating is getting old.