Armed Government Worker Beats 76-Year-Old Jaywalker

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Here’s a rough one:

A deaf, 76-year-old woman accused an Alameda County armed government worker of excessive force during an alleged jaywalking incident last year, claiming the armed government worker “violently threw” her to the ground and handcuffed her to an ambulance while she was unconscious.

Attorneys for plaintiff Hui Jie Jin laid out the allegations in a lawsuit filed late last week in Northern District of California. The suit claims Jin suffered a permanent brain injury, along with contusions and abrasions, as a result of what her attorneys called an unlawful arrest.

For jaywalking. 

Defendants named in the suit include armed government worker Phillip Corvello, Alameda County, Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern and the city of Dublin.

Nate Schmidt, the heaf armed government worker, confirmed that the department conducted an “internal investigation” after the incident and found Corvello’s use of force to be “within policy.”

Schmidt declined comment on the allegations in the civil suit but confirmed that Corvello is still employed by the agency.

Jin and Corvello first encountered each other on the morning of July 21, 2017, when Jin was out shopping for groceries. The lawsuit claims that Corvello began yelling at Jin while she was allegedly jaywalking, but because Jin is “profoundly deaf” she couldn’t hear or understand his commands.

As Corvello moved closer to her, the suit alleges, Jin pointed to her ear with one hand and waved her hand back and forth with the other to signal that she was deaf.

“Despite recognizing that Mrs. Jin could not hear or understand him, Corvello made no attempts to effectively communicate with Mrs. Jin at any point before or during her arrest,” the suit states.

More officers arrived on the scene and performed a search of Jin and her grocery bags, according to court documents, and during this time Jin emptied her pockets to hand Corvello her California identification card, disabled senior citizen bus pass, and a handwritten card with the name and phone number of Jin’s daughter for emergencies.

“Mrs. Jin was terrified, but at no point did she resist arrest or attempt to flee, nor could she due to her age and disabilities,” the complaint states. Jin prayed and repeatedly bowed in front of Corvello “in order to beg … for mercy and not to hurt her.”

In response, the suit alleges, Corvello slammed the woman to the ground, placed a foot or knee behind her neck or back and handcuffed her. Jin passed out and was taken to the hospital via ambulance, according to the suit, which alleges violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, negligence, and deprivation of Jin’s civil rights.

Jin was issued a citation for jaywalking and resisting arrest, but no paperwork exists and no charges were filed, the suit states.

Hut! Hut! Hut!

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  1. Hell, I’ll call this one and raise you an 87 year old great grandmother who got tased by the Armed Thug Crowd because she was carrying a knife…….cutting dandelions for a special dish. They claimed they couldn’t back up because they were on a slope and might fall and bam, she’d be on them toot sweet… to speak.

    • Why they couldn’t gently take the knife from the old dear, hold her arm and escort back home to her family escapes the hell out of me. Tasing an elderly woman…that cop, AND his Chief should be run out of town, pronto! At minimum, if they have no female officers, at least call the Georgia State Police (their Highway Patrol) or the Sheriff’s department (that town IS the county seat) and request a female officer or deputy. It’s a wonder the old lady didn’t drop dead from fright, let alone the tasing. I hope that town gets sued into friggin’ bankruptcy!

  2. You GOT to be SHITTING me…a 76 y.o. DEAF little ol’ Vietnamese lady was slammed to the ground by this ASSHOLE with a badge, and THAT is “within departmental POLICY?. This is outrageous!

    Imagine what would happen if some young, burly 30ish male, NOT a cop, where to grab an old, deaf woman, and throw her to the ground! There’d be all manner of moral outrage and if the cops themselves didn’t beat the shit out of the perp on the way to jail, be assured that he’d have to be locked up in solitary…else he’s one dead (Peking) duck! YET…a cop does this, and not only is he not fired, and charged with aggravated battery, his employing agency covers it up, declaring the unjustified and wholly excessive use of force as “within policy”.

    It’ll be my policy to avoid Alameda County, CA altogether, not spend one goddamned dime there until the Sheriff apologizes and then resigns, and this shithead of a deputy is both fired and prosecuted.

    • Amen, Doug –

      I continue to be halted in my tracks by the utter lack of humanity displayed by these creeps. I can’t imagine so much as squeezing the arm of an old person. It’s just bad form. Sick bastards.

      • And in a small town in Northern GA (not far from, as Yosemite Sam would pronounce it, “Chat-ta-NOOGIE!”) an 87 y.o. Lebanese woman who doesn’t speak English is tazed by the local badged goons. What’s really sick is that the Chief of Police in that ‘burg DEFENDS his officers. What was the old broad doing? Harvesting DANDELIONS for a salad! Tazed over…DANDELIONS!!

        If that doesn’t convince the American public that the cops are outta friggin’ control, what will?

  3. You’ll know when I’m resisting arrest by the loud repeated banging sound, or the buzzing, or the hiss of the spray. Until then, I’m not resisting.

  4. “…after the incident and found Corvello’s use of force to be “within policy.”

    Sure, haven’t you ever watched the show Cops? First thing they do is throw everyone on the sidewalk and handcuff/zip-tie/hog-tie them. Standard procedure. If she didn’t want to be beaten, she should have stayed home.

    / sarcasm.


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