Armed Government Worker Kidnaps Daughter and Boyfriend

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Here’s video of an armed government worker in Ohio kidnapping his own daughter and her boyfriend for reasons that had nothing to do with any laws violated but rather his own irritation with his daughter and her boyfriend. The girl is white and her boyfriend isn’t, so that could be the nature of the “violation” in the eyes of the armed government worker.

In any event, he pulls their car over and orders the boyfriend out, then kidnaps him – stating on camera that he will “make it up as we go” (i.e., the charges he will make up) and then drags his daughter into the car, kidnapping her on the same basis.

The armed government worker did lose his job as an armed government worker but no criminal charges have been filed against him. No felony charges for assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, for instance. Nor false imprisonment, abuse of authority, etc.

The armed government worker’s only punishment is that he will have to look for a new trough into which to shove his snout. There is nothing to prevent this “hero” from obtaining employment as an armed government worker in another county or state.

Perhaps, yours.

Remember: They are not “police officers,” much less peacekeepers. They are armed government workers.

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  1. What a Neanderthal. Time for the daughter to get a change of address, name change, and probably file for a paternity test. It’s obvious she got her looks and brains from her mother, lol!

  2. The hero here is John Kovach from Lorain, Ohio. 26 years “on the job”. (These assholes are always using that phrase “on the job”. How come I never hear a plumber or accountant talking about being “on the job”.)

    Over 26 years, can you imagine the number of people that were punked and thugged by this animal?


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