Armed Government Worker Neglects to Protect or Serve

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Here’s a video just leaked which shows a woman being berated and threatened by an angry man while an armed government worker stands by just feet away and does nothing. Not so much as a word to the man, to tell him to back off – even as the woman pleads with the armed government worker for help:

So much for peacekeeping.

And even law enforcement, for that matter.

There is a law against assault – which the man in the video is palpably guilty of. And yet the armed government worker does nothing, perhaps because he sympathizes with the abusive man. Who is abusing the woman because she is wearing a T shirt he doesn’t approve of.

And, of course, there is no law requiring armed government workers to protect us Mere Mundanes, as the late great Will Grigg so aptly put it. And so the armed government worker does nothing.

It is interesting to speculate as to what would have happened if the woman had produced a gun and “brandished” it in order to get the man to back off. Probably at that point, the armed government worker would have shot her dead – for “safety.

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  1. He must have forgotten Puerto Rico is a territory of the US. It’s like wearing a state flag t-shirt. I carry a glock 26 and i wasn’t brandishing the gun. I was just deciding that it’s now time to open carry at the moment of being harassed.

    • Hi Mooeing,

      Yup. But that would likely have incited the “hero” to step in. And the woman would have at the very least been subjected to an obnoxious interrogation/detainment/cuffing – and possibly, worse.

      What that man – the angry old man – needed most was a knuckle sandwich. But then, the giver of it would have been hut! hut! hutted! off to the clink and then sued by the asshole old man for punching him out.


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