Armed Government Worker With Down Syndrome

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Here’s a video of what appears to be an armed government worker afflicted by Down Syndrome. The difference being the typical Down Syndrome sufferer is gentle and friendly, unlike armed government workers – who seem to relish the ability to demean and degrade anyone who challenges their Authority in any way:

Note that the individual filming the Down Syndrome-afflicted armed government worker hasn’t committed an illegal act. He is on public property, taking video. This is legal (for the moment) but tends to provoke an aggressive response from armed government workers – who take it as an affront to their Authority.

Their usual tactic is to bully the person and demand identification, as here. As a matter of legality (let alone decency) the armed government workers are way out of line. It’s not illegal to video record in public, to film anything that can be seen from a public area. Therefore, the armed government worker is committing an illegal act by bullying and threatening the person video recording – assaulting him physically (yes, that’s the right word – and it would be exactly the word applied to any of us who dared to touch the sacred person of an armed government worker) when he declines to “cooperate.”

Why – given video evidence of an illegal act (committed by the armed government worker) isn’t the armed government worker subject to prosecution – as any of us would be, having committed a similar act?

It’s a question that demands an answer.

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    • Hi Nol,

      I’ve been trying Bitchute without much success. The videos upload, but don’t play. I often grind my teeth in hate for technology; I grant that it enables me to communicate in ways previously inconceivable. But at the same time, it is also enervating to have to deal with learning – and then relearning – how to deal with it every few months, as the tech changes and the old tech no longer works.

      I often pine for a cabin in Montana…

    • Hi Aljer,

      They leave me feeling ill.

      Look at those cretins. They literally look like pigs. Imagine them in SA brownshirt regalia. The banality of evil… American-style.


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