Armed Government Worker Commits Assault…

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And gets away with it. Per usual.

This video documents an encounter between some people and an armed government worker – grossly obese, armed to the teeth and wearing body armor for its safety, even  though it’s so fat a bullet would not likely penetrate to any vital organ. The armed government worker becomes infuriated when he realizes his monologue is being recorded. He attempts to snatch the camera out of the man’s hands before stomping off in a huff.

Now, the interesting exercise here is to contemplate what would have happened had the roles been reversed.  What do you suppose would have happened had the citizen roughly grabbed at the armed government worker’s body in exactly the same manner?

This would be deemed assault upon a “law enforcement officer,” at the least – and certainly sufficient provocation for escalation, possibly to lethal violence accompanied by cries about “officer safety.”

It’s tiresome, but bears repeating: Armed government workers are free to assault us at will – regardless of the law – while we must endure lawless abuse at their hands and never dare to “resist.”

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