Another Hero Commits Assault …

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Here’s another disturbing video of Heroes in action. Even more disturbing, though, is what happened afterward.

Video has emerged showing a Greensboro, North Carolina Hero Cop brutalizing a compliant man after receiving a call about a “suspicious person” at his mom’s home.

The Hero – Travis Cole – confronted Dejuan Yourse, who was waiting on the porch for his mom to return home. Body-cam footage recorded from the scene first shows a female Hero approach Yourse.

Yourse is calm and polite, the Hero agitated and aggressive.

“Where’s your key brah?” Cole asks. “Do you actually live here?”

Yourse then tries unsuccessfully to call his mother on speaker phone to corroborate the story. “Its a shame that I can’t even sit on my own mother’s porch without someone calling the police,” Yourse says. “That’s crazy.”

After some conversation, the female officer returns from her patrol car and asks for his ID. He gives it to her and she returns to run his name. Yourse then attempts to walk by Cole in order to take him to a neighbor’s house to verify his story. As a result, Cole pushes him back slightly and says, “nah nah nah, sit down,” and things escalate.

Yourse attempts to call someone on the phone and asks them to come to his mom’s house because “the police are harassing” him.

Cole then grabs the phone and tells Yourse to put his hands behind his back. The Hero is then seen on the body-cam footage punching Yourse in the face and dragging him down onto the porch before he is handcuffed. While on the way to a patrol car, Yourse is taken down again. Cole and the female officer then keep him on the ground while other officers respond.

Watch the raw footage:

Following the incident, an investigation was launched and Cole resigned from the Greensboro police department in August. Because he resigned however, charges against him were dropped – meaning he will be able to work as a Hero officer at another department.

The footage was released on Monday by the Greensboro City Council. Members called the incident an example of “disturbing” excessive force and “wrongful conduct” during a press conference.

The eight member council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution calling for the permanent suspension of Cole’s law enforcement certification. Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan apologized to Yourse and called what occurred “ugly.”

Yourse is expected to pursue civil action in the case.


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    • Hi Rich,

      No – you can’t.

      What is wrong with people? I mean, that so many don’t immediately react with outrage to such attacks by cops? Don’t demand such cops be punished just as severely (at least) as you or I would be if we did the same thing?

      Why do so many people appear to think it’s ok for cops to commit crimes? And not be punished when they do?

      • Because people want it this way.
        They are conditioned to believe this is the way it should be.

        Ever notice that people of our views have certain things in common? The system exposed its true nature to us at a relatively young age. That does not happen to most people. We generally stopped consuming TV news years if not decades ago. We stopped watching sitcoms and other socially programming television as well.

        • Hi Brent,

          Spot on.

          I remember being something of an outcast as a kid because I was bookish and preferred reading by myself or going off into the woods to explore. I never “got into” organized teams sports and that is a huge social stigma in this country. Most males – especially young ones – absolutely worship sports, whether they play or not. I find even today that I have little in common with most men because most men want to talk about “the game” or some other such thing that I care as much about as the doings of the Kardashians.

          • eric, you’re not the only one. We haven’t had tv in 6 years. I cry myself to sleep at night. I was exposed to my monthly tv at the doc’s Wed. Lucky me, Dr. Phil came on and I had no ear phones with me. I did read some stuff on Kindle though and that is as good as it gets for me. Just give me a book, let me alone and you’ll forget I’m there.

            • ” Just give me a book, let me alone and you’ll forget I’m there.”
              My wife says it’s the other way around – I forget she’s there.

          • “as much about as the doings of the Kardashians” True dat.
            But there was a funny post on my wife’s FB a couple of days ago – a tree with 2 big burls, side by side, captioned ‘Karadashian family tree’

      • eric, there is a very good article on today but I can’t post it….it’s WP thing. I can send it to you if you’d like to read it and want to post it. Not only is the article good but one comment fairly wells sums up the entire problem.

  1. Wow, what blue privilege. Cole criminally assaults the man, and just gets to ‘resign’ and seek employment elsewhere?

    These piece of shit cops need to be PERSONALLY liable for their actions — you know, like everyone else without the blue privilege.

    Oh, and Jackson can rot in hell as well. She was witness to all of this and yet to stand on the ‘fraternity’ side of the ‘thin blue line’ instead of ‘justice’.

  2. Hopefully Yourse is able to prevail against this “Thug” (if the shoe fits…) and the “Thug” is not permitted to be a phero anywhere else.

    It would be more fitting if phero Travis Cole is held personally responsible for actions he committed against Yourse.


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