How Did it Come to This?

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Here’s a video of an increasingly typical lawless interaction with Law Enforcement:

The armed government workers (which is what cops are, not “heroes”) accost a man who appears to be legally video recording on a public sidewalk.

The law enforcers aggressively confront the man, demanding ID. The man asks whether he has committed any crime or is suspected of having committed a crime.hut-hut-hut

The law enforcers robotically chant that they are “conducting an investigation” – which isn’t the same thing as having probable cause to suspect a crime (something specifically illegal) is at issue. Which is legally necessary in order to legally detain a person merely out in public and compel them to produce ID.

But the law is of no concern to law enforcement.

They have the power to enforce their own law.

And we are powerless to legally defend ourselves against this outrageous abuse.

If the man had simply attempted to walk away, these badged and costumed thugs would have bum-rushed him, tackled (and probably Tazered) him… all the while screeching “stop resisting!” to justify their assault.

What the hell happened to America?

The country in which cops had to obey the law? In which they could not “detain” you (or force you to produce ID and submit to their interrogations and searches) absent individualized probable cause that you had committed (or were about to commit) an illegal act?chimp

And, if not, they had to leave you be?

And if they didn’t leave you be, you at least had a legally actionable case against the bastards?

Again, what happened?

We are told “they” (Islamic terrists) “hate us for our freedoms.” But no burka-wearing, ululating Musselman (as they were once known) has taken away an iota of my freedom.

Or, yours.

Rather, it is mostly bullet-headed white Christian Americans who have done that. On orders from other white Christian men.

Don’t blame the black “muslim” who currently holds the office, either.

He merely inherited the police state created by the worst terrist of them all.

You know, the one from Texas. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! Clovers hate us!

Goo-guhl blackballed us!

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  1. I don’t see it getting better anytime soon. Instead of a police vs. civilian issue that it is, it’s been made entirely a racial thing between cops vs. black guys.

    And since most people are quite weary of the racist thing being thrown around nonsense, its just becomes another “the black guy had it coming” deal.

    It’s this always deflect from the real issue that I am tired of. The whole stinking debate between the trumpster and killary was that, deflect deflect.


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