Handling “Heroes”

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Here’s a heart-warming video taken by a young man who deftly handled a probable cause-free, East German-style “checkpoint”:

These checkpoints are like an abscess on the body. If not drained, they suppurate – and the body itself becomes diseased.

If more Americans would stand up for their rights as free men, as this young man did, we might actually have more freedom in this country again.

Some people think it’s ok to stop people at random and require them to prove they are not guilty of some crime. Such people forget that in a free country, it is not the¬†obligation of a free man to prove he hasn’t done something to warrant attention by cops. It is the obligation of cops to establish guilt or at least probable cause before they may legally interfere with any free man.

But we are no longer free men and women.

The people who do not object to cops “checking” drivers at random, without any particular reason for suspicion, because “someone” might be a “dangerous drunk,”¬†might want to consider that if it’s “reasonable” to do that, why not also have cops “check” our homes, since “someone” might be abusing children or doing some other illegal/dangerous thing?

We are already forced to endure physical frisks – the same as arrested prisoners – in order to board an airplane. The government insolently asserts its authority to take our property at whim, without even formally charging us with a crime. Much less actually convicting us of one.

Americans have been taught to accept impositions that would have been regarded as outrages by prior generations.

America used to be different.

It used to be a place where you were free to go about your life in peace, without being hassled for “papers” or forced to prove yourself innocent in order to be let alone by government goons.

It used to be the case that they had to leave you alone unless you had given them some tangible reason to suspect you personally had actually committed a crime.

Imagine it.

All gone now, because most Americans are cattle who venerate “safety” and “security” rather than freedom.

Also, note that the young man knew the law – while the law enforcer either didn’t or pretended not to. That is, lied to the young man. The “hero” used his authority to try to bully him into compliance.

But he didn’t fold.

The “hero” eventually did.

It made my heart glad.



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  1. Eric,

    Nice video. The man in car was calm and able to speak calmly to the LEOs. (The video recording does not hurt.)

    Fortunately for him, the LEOs were willing to listen to him and let him go on his way.

    This could have been ugly if the LEO insisted (regardless of what the law states) on getting his way.

    I am glad the man was able to travel without further delay or harm.


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