The Mindset of Heroes

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This video was taken by a couple of guys filming outside a federal courthouse in Houston, TX:

It’s interesting chiefly because it reveals (again) the arrogance of these armed government workers (cops, “agents,” etc.) who see themselves as a kind of Praetorian Guard, above the law and entitled to bully and abuse people even when their victims have not broken any law.

The fat older Hero with the goatee physically assaults one of the men – who was within his rights to walk on public property and to video buildings and so on. Another Hero threatens to stomp one of the men’s head into the ground.hero worship

They are furious because the men have affronted their authority.

Note, not violated the law.

They were abused for not immediately deferring to the personal wishes of armed government goons.

This is by no means an uncommon occurrence.

Armed government workers routinely (and forcibly) detain people without having legal grounds (probable cause to suspect a crime has been committed or is about to be committed) and – contrary to law – demand identification such as driver’s licenses when people are under no legal obligation to provide ID or even speak with the Hero.

When they do not provide ID or answer the Hero’s questions, the Hero invariable becomes huffy – and often aggressively violent, as in the video above.

The Sandra Bland Incident is another (much worse) example.

She was pulled over for a trivial traffic violation and – when ordered by the Hero who pulled her over to stop smoking a cigarette in her own private automobile – was violently pulled out of her car and brutally assaulted by a “man” twice her size. Bland later died in custody under very dubious circumstances.

If you doubt we live in a police state, ask yourself why Heroes such as these are not arrested for clear (on video, incontrovertible evidence) abuse of their authority and charged with crimes, as we surely would be if we were to commit exactly the same act.

What would happen, for example, if you or I threatened to “stomp” the head of a Hero? Pushed a Hero? Demanded that a Hero out out his cigarette and then used force against him when he declined to obey?

Why is is acceptable for Heroes to do the same to us?

Why is there no accountability, no repercussions?

Note that in the first video (Houston federal courthouse) other Heroes – cops on bicycles – show up and do not arrest the federal Heroes who abused the two men, including a physical assault. If either of the two men in the video had so much as touched any of the Heroes on scene, we all know what would have happened next. They would have been violently thrown to the pavement and arrested for committing an assault upon a Hero.

It’s said that a frog being slowly boiled will notice the danger until it’s too late and he is already cooked. But people are not frogs – and they are beginning to notice the water’s getting warm. Note, for example, the citizen who steps in to lend his moral support to the two men being hassled by the Heroes.

This made the Heroes edgy.


This is exactly what needs to happen.

When Heroes attack, it is time for the rest of us to stand up. To stand by our fellow citizens and human beings when they are abused. Film the Heroes. It infuriates them – precisely because they know, in their porcine brains, how damaging it is to their carefully confected aura as “Heroes,” to show them in living color, for everyone to see, as what they actually are.

They’re not even law enforcers – their own favorite term.

Because they routinely ignore the law – and make up their own law on the spot.

If they at least knew – and obeyed – the law, one could respect that.

But they are just thugs.

Angry men (and women) who crave deference to their personal authority and who abuse the authority they possess. Take away the outfit and the badge and what you are left with is a real-life version of Biff – the bully from Back to the Future.

As approach the Fourth of July – the annual celebration of our “freedoms” – it is perhaps time to reflect on the freedoms we have lost. Including, most of all, the freedom to be left in peace when we ourselves are peaceful and have broken no law nor caused anyone any harm.

We will not be truly free again until we are free to walk the streets unmolested, without being accosted by belligerent, ID-demanding government goons. Free to get in our cars and drive without fear of being stopped for no particular reason and forced to endure a roadside Q&A and inspection of ourselves and our property.

Wavings flags and imagining ourselves to be free does not mean we are free.

We’ll be free again when the government leaves us in peace.

Until that happens, I won’t be lighting off any fireworks, much less pretending I live in a “free” country. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. We’re vulnerable to the hero cult, be cause a large number of our forebears refused to face reality and live in the possible, but instead bought into a bunch of fantasies sold by conmen.

    Then as the number of skilled producers dwindled, things got worse and worse because there were fewer and fewer doers of what needed done. And more and more “dreamers” had to find ways to sponge off fewer and fewer makers and creators.

    Reagan was part of the Hollywood fantasy thing. Of the idea that watching a well made movie of some topic, gave us understanding and the same status as those who actually did the real things. And then we made heroes of the beautiful and well spoken, and lost sight of the necessity of the capable and get her done’rs that really were the heroes in reality.

    We think we can work smart and not hard. That we can all be white color people. Meanwhile there’s millions of people who can type on keyboards for every single guy that can make this website work. And somehow the conmen and the gamesmen find ways to rip off those few and far between in demand people.

    It’s well and good to see the lies. And unnecessary violence and coercion. But this being hip doesn’t get it done. There then needs to be a whole mess of people that provide us shelter. And get us our food. And do the other countless things we’ve all become addicted to.

    Because the matrix isn’t something you can really unplug from. It’s more of a life support system. And none of us can live without it, or some kind of replacement.

    Being prepppers and living in a redoubt is at least a token step in the right direction. But you have to keep going that way, and distance yourself from all the thugs and authoritarians and really make yourself a working society that doesn’t rely on force and lies and idiotic hero worship.

    And in the beginning it will almost certainly be far poorer and less than we currently have, and the early ones are going to have to be the first penguins into the ice that maybe get eaten by the seals. But if enough of us try long enough. And with enough skill and effort.

    We absolutely can get there. And when that happens it won’t matter who is president or senator. Or who the ruling gang of the nearest ghetto is. Or what corporations are the most powerful, or who is the ruling social institution.

    We’ll be a separate species that’s adapted to reality just like every other one did.

    Truth is being skilled tradesman by day would probably make more sense economically and strategically. Most of the internet is a giant vanity publishing system, it’s difficult to impossible to make money by throwing words and speeches and videos into the abyss.

    You probably have to create value somewhere else, and be on the internet as more of a hobby, is probably the more reality based course of action.

    Roanoke, skilled jobs, craigslist

    Craig is a single guy that coded one of the biggest internet sites in the world. I don’t think even he ever made that much money out of it. And its still more a labor of love, than one of profit.

    I think the internet and Silicon Valley started with Atari and the home game consoles. And I am a huge enthusiast of the whole enterprise. Despite the surveillance garbage that’s been imposed on it almost from the beginning.

    Those game engineers are my heroes. Crazy guys that showed up for “work” and partied early in the morning and then banged out some code. And held more parties when their games were finished. I tried for years to create new things with code, but it is very hard, and eventually, I had to give up and take what opportunities exist.

    I am still hopeful enough people here will keep stepping up and this will keep going.
    Anything is better than surrendering to the mindset that you were born into slavery in a given jurisdiction, and you’ll never be anything more. That can’t be right. There has to be a stronger mindset that will get enough of us past this current predicament. I just know it.

  2. Dear Eric,

    Another example of the same mentality.

    The nature of “law enforcement” is such that it attracts people whose psychological preoccupation is not to “protect and serve”, but rather sadists whose obsession is to “abuse and control” anyone who fails to respect their “authoritay”.


    Chesterton, IN — In January of 2012, Dana Reiner’s water broke, so her husband James began excitedly driving to the hospital. The couple was almost there when a police cruiser got behind them with his lights on to pull them over.

    Instead of pulling over, however, James Reiner called 9-1-1 to alert dispatch to the fact that his wife was about to give birth. He turned on his flashing lights and continued to drive.

    Realizing that the cop was apparently ignoring the communication with dispatch, James pulled over to attempt to reason with the officer. But this officer was in no mood to reason.

    As Reiner attempted to explain to Hebron officers Anthony Dandurand and Travis Thomas that his wife was about to give birth to a baby and that he was on the phone with dispatch, they had nothing of it.

    “I will shoot you, you piece of s—! Get on the ground!” yells Dandurand as he points his gun at the distressed couple.

    Reiner, in an exercise of futility, continues to plead with the officers to communicate that his wife is in labor. But this effort is to no avail. As Dandurand rushes up to the panicked father to be, he smashes the submissive man’s head into the pavement.
    On the other side of the car is officer Thomas, who is holding Dana Reiner at gunpoint as she screams that her water has broken, and she needs to get to the hospital.


    • Hi Bevin,

      I remember that one. Such an assault would have been national news and regarded with horror by most people as recently as 30 years ago. That’s who much America has changed… for the worse.

      If I had to pin it down, I’d say it all began to slide downhill when Reagan came along and midwifed the birth of the Cop/Soldier Cult.

      • Dear Eric,

        It’s mind-boggling how rapidly America has morphed into Amerika.

        Thirty, forty years ago, New Left accusations that America was “fascist” were not entirely fair. In fact, back in college during the late 60s I was outraged by them.

        Today, sad to say, such claims are gross understatements.

        Amerika today is more dystopian than the scenarios depicted in Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World”.

  3. Interesting that in the first video the Fed that shoved the camera man into the street also used quite a bit of profanity. Per the Texas Penal code, Title 9 Chapter 42, he is guilty of violating section 1-1 and 1-4. (1) uses abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place, and the language by its very utterance tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace; (4) abuses or threatens a person in a public place in an obviously offensive manner;

    Section 10 may also be invoked…I think the video would support conviction, you decide.
    (10) exposes his anus…in a public place and is reckless about whether another may be present who will be offended or alarmed by his act;

  4. Man arrested for stealing his own car. What? You may ask………

    John Schrader was arrested after he took his own car out of the impound lot. Since it’s a 1997 Cavalier, I imagine the ransom for it, is far more then the car is probably worth. Now he faces theft and criminal trespass charges. I am guessing he won’t ever get that car back. It was impounded because he had fake plates and no insurance.

    But in a ray of hope, most of the comment on facebook were negative towards the police. Comments like policing for profit etc.

  5. So eric, I guess you haven’t been out and bought your thousand dollars of fireworks……so they could fine you and jail you for using them even though it’s legal.

    20-30 years ago we’d always have a big 4th party simply because it was a long week-end, everybody needed to cool off and get wasted and have some fun and fireworks were available since you can’t simply purchase them any time of the year in Tx. The fireworks were fun just cause they’re fun and we liked to watch the kids all have a good time and actually turned the fireworks over to them. That was hilarious all in itself and something clover would drop a brick of shit just considering. We once made a pilgrimage to a cemetery near a small town where we live to shoot a bit over a friend we’d buried the day before. We notified the sheriff’s dept. since fireworks were illegal to shoot that year because of a burn ban, a common thing here abouts although the town was solid fireworks. It was late and people were using the big stuff, cannonade type stuff. We were half a mile from town and did our thing at the cemetery. I topped it off with a 4 direction salute with my Garand loaded with tracers. Everyone thought the big cannon fireworks were loud but when I got through you could have heard the proverbial pin drop. We laughed at the silence and two sheriff’s cars followed us to town with the backs of two pickups full of people obviously drinking and obviously with ordinance they could only envy. Once they tired of watching a buddy’s house we all made the trip back to the farm where we continued into the night. We weren’t, by any means, the only ones to have fireworks shows in the country under a burn ban nor was that the first or last time it was done under those conditions. No telling what would happen now. We did have two trucks with water tanks and 4WD to access any area we could have possibly started a fire. We never did since we had it by our stock pond which probably amazed the aquatic creatures. This country has gone to shit since everything you remember belongs back in the good old days. SECEDE!!!!

    • Several years ago I worked for a farmer who had ‘served’ a term in the Quartermaster Corps. When he mustered out, a case of parachute flares disappeared. Every year on the 4th he would send one up. The ‘poor’ Sheriff drove all over the county trying to figure out where it came from.
      BTW, the term ‘served’ above is in the sense of ‘serving’ a prison sentence.

  6. What I saw in the video was a couple of guys that have the right idea, but failed in the execution. As soon as the situation started escalating and getting violent, they were almost immediately looking to “authority” for help. They wanted a supervisor. They wanted to talk to the cops. They wanted the cop’s supervisor. Somebody come and help us! As if the thugs’ friends were going to help in any way! So he filed a complaint. With who? One of the thugs’ friends. What a waste of time.

    The only way I could see this coming to a just conclusion is if the area citizens (hate that word) came to his aid at the first act of thug violence and physically forced the thugs into submission. We are not there yet, but seeing that stranger come up and take part is a good sign.

    • Hi Brian,

      That was my thought, too. In re the stranger.

      I also thought the video was useful in that it showed the blatant thuggishness of these …. thugs.

      They are the evil legacy of The Chimp and Rrrrrrronald Rrrrrrreagan – both of whom were high priests of the Cop-Soldier Cult.

      They (the Heroes in the vid) just had to throw their “authority” around; show Who’s Boss. Couldn’t just send one guy out to have a look, realize it’s no big deal – and perfectly within the law – and leave the two men alone. Instead, an entire Goon Squad rushes out, as if there is a Threat to the Safety of Everyone.

  7. One of the reasons there are no repercussions is that the perpetrators generally enjoy anonymity, even from those trying to point out the problem (i.e., us).

    They have to be called out, by name. We have their faces. We have their place of employment. Why don’t we know their names? Why are they not being subjected to the same public ridicule any “private” person would be subjected to for doing the same thing? Why are the supervisors and managers of these people also not being ridiculed? Why don’t we know their names?

    One of the reasons these people continue to do this is because they know they’ll probably get away with it, even if they are recorded in the act. Until there are genuine consequences for these thugs, and the psychopaths that control them, they will not stop doing it. Why should they?


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