Heroes Don’t Feel “Comfortable”

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Here’s another video of Heroes hassling people who haven’t done anything illegal.

It’s sufficient merely to make a Hero “uncomfortable” –

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  1. Dog Bites Policewoman

    Hero Cop Kills Deer to End Suffering

    Solitary Confinement Cells For 1st-7th Graders

    Jared Harrison’s punishments began in the 1st grade, and continued for years. Anything from not following directions, to throwing paper balls, could earn Jared time in the cell.

    Jared’s now a 7th grader at the McCornack school in the Eugene, OR district. He’s been placed in an isolation room hundreds of times — “at least every day” — as a punishment for the smallest things.

    Jared’s confinement sessions were so frequent, and begun at such a young age, that he thought that spending time in the cell was part of everyone’s normal day at school. So normal, that he never even thought to tell his mother about it.

    “You have two adults dragging you into a room and locking the door behind you and you’re just a little kid and you don’t know what’s going on. You’re not going to be calm. And I know no one else in the room was calm. They were all freaking out because their friend’s being locked in a room. It didn’t help the situation at all. It made it worse – much worse than it would’ve been if I had just sat in a timeout chair for five minutes.”

  2. So these

    Heroes Don’t Feel “Comfortable”

    Major misunderstanding!

    And here I thought their job was “To Serve and Protect,” not “To Feel Comfortable.”

    • @Bevin- Look at the blank indoctrinated faces of the agents shown. I don’t see the old LAPD ploice motto there. Or the circular sad excuse for reasoning of one of them saying his taxes pay for his paycheck too, so the videographer should comply. Huh? Those people used to be relegated to graveyard shift guard shacks.

      • Dear Gary,

        “Look at the blank indoctrinated faces of the agents shown.”


        A direct consequence of blank indoctrinated schafenmenschen who demanded “law and order.”

        Be careful what you ask for, as the saying goes.

        • @Bevin – Yup. I am curious to meet the Human Resources folks that qualified, interviewed and give them their jobs “Oh, ya, the guys wit da bombs who live in yurts. Plenty clever those fellows. Can I help protect the USA too? Please.” That would be a YouTube worthy of going viral.

    • Posting job in other official ameriKan languages because diversity:
      ¿Necesita un trabajo? IQ menos de Ciento? Inglés es su segundo idioma? Llame al Uno Ocho Cero Cero Te Ese A.
      Yo need a mutha fucka job, cuz? IQ iz unda’ 100? Cracker Ass English be yo’ second language? Call 1800 TSA fo shizzle.
      Need a job? IQ unner 100? English is yer second language? Call 1800 TSA.
      N33d 4 j0b? IQ und3r 100? 3ng1i5h i5 y0ur 53c0nd l4ngu4g2? C4ll 1800 TS4.
      Politically Correct
      Need a ***? ** under ***? ****** is your second *******? Call 1800 ***.

  3. The end of the video seems to show where “they” are taking us as a culture: be nice, be nice and obedient, just look down at your shoes. Yield to your betters.

    …The next thing will be: it will make them uncomfortable if people don’t shuffle slowly while they walk.
    The loudspeaker overhead will blare out in a monotone voice: “Keep your eyes down at all times.” …

    Is that a major stereotypical scene of a people under totalitarianism, or what?

    • That was predicated in Sci-Fi books about 35 years ago… For different reasons, but – the purpose was to make the populace weak and tractable.
      We took a few shortcuts (essential, necessary ones) – but it’s the same deal: Break the mind, the body will go along.

      Indoctrination + drugs (legal) + total immersion (TV, Mass Media) + destruction of family (2-family incomes; lack of discipline) + “empowerment” of women & demonization of men + demonization of what actually grants people power (reading, knowledge, weapons, meaningful communication, connection at a human level – no electronics) + demolition of history & removal of context of events and trends in history + food and water control/adulteration = weak-minded, no-impulse-control, stupid, organic machines to tend to the “Elites”… including into the box cars for “repurposing” (As fertilizer, ash, soylent green…)

    • Dear DS,

      “Is that a major stereotypical scene of a people under totalitarianism, or what?”

      It is indeed.

      And it proves a key point. Always consider the long term logical implications of any premise, because that’s where it will eventually lead.

      If the premise is that “The Government,” i.e., a bunch of strangers you don’t know from Adam, has some sort of “special authority” above and beyond what any individual human being has, then this is where it will wind up eventually.

      Count on it.

      Ideas have consequences.

      Nobody is more naive than a “realist” who fails to consider logical implications a real threat.

      • Bevin wrote, “If the premise is that “The Government,” i.e., a bunch of strangers you don’t know from Adam, has some sort of “special authority” above and beyond what any individual human being has, then this is where it will wind up eventually.”

        Whew, you can say that again.

        And tack in, “special reverence” too.

        I wasted a bit of this evening reading the comments to this article:


        I didn’t learn a single thing from reading the comments.
        What I did see in the comments (at about the half-way point) was a real heroic attempt by an Old Guy to enlighten some military whoreshippers.

        The military whoreshippers seem to know a lot, are keen to current events, but surprisingly they just cling to the idea that gooberment is of utmost importance, secondary only to the whoreship of the military members. Freedom is third place. And liberty might be a challenging word for some of them.

        I just don’t get them.

        They never do respond with reasoned arguments, it’s as if they’ve been partially infected with a clover-zombie bug?
        They spew hatred (more forcefully than your average clover) towards any who oppose military whoreship while at the same time say they are going to be fighting for freedom,
        “Love Us, or Die” seems to be their motto. Is that what the TSA goons were wanting to say when they said they felt uncomfortable being filmed?

        I really do have a hard time seeing a difference between the military whoreshippers there, and TPTB.

        The military whoreshippers there see the soldier as the life blood of the country. I think that is a Keynesian strain of thought.
        The heroic Old Guy mentioned it was the producers who were the lifeblood and he was attacked by a swarm of killer clover-zombies dressed as preppers.
        The Old Guy seemed to prevail imho. However; in spite of the fact it was great to see his attempt, I’m not sure he cured any of them.
        It was a sad ending for a zombie action scene.

        Oops, I might be ranting. /End.

        • @DS- ‘military whoreshippers” I am going to keep that one.

          Anyway, why not get the prols jacked up and sell them some beer and 2- minutes hate? A big, unlimited budget, baseball bat to bring the rest of the non-compliant countries into line for the NWO is all the usefulness we have left. Just listen to “O” man. I rest my case your honor

        • Dear DS,

          And tack in, “special reverence” too.

          As the King of Siam said, “But is a puzzlement.”

          Statists prattle on about equality and freedom, then in the same breath demand “obedience to authority.”

          They never connect the dots. If we are all equal and free, why must some of us obey others?????


        • I left them a little rant of my own, DS. As you say, no one refuted his main point: “There are productive-makers, and there are parasite-takers.”

          In my mind there are mostly men of the right hand. Men of Plato. Men of force, men who count social systems as more important than individuals. Men who search to determine who is the authority, and then blindly follow that authority.

          Western history is a battle between Plato and Aristotle. With one side accepting and one side denying the existence of a world beyond this one. The men of Plato insist there is an entity called America. That the mere fact of being born and raised here, makes one more noble and of higher worth than those born elsewhere. That America transcends our existence and is higher in purpose than any individual.

          Men of the Right Hand. Men of Plato believe in this realm of ideal timeless perfection. An imperceivable place that lies beyond this tangible world of matter and change, and which we can grasp only through a mystical transcendence of the senses. Plato regards man as torn by warring elements—a body mired in the needs and wants of this world and a soul yearning for the other realm. Men of Plato preach the ethics of renunciation, and self-denial that frees our soul from earthly desires, and calls it to a higher purpose that serves the state.

          These are the sort of men who say a flag is more than mere fabric. That a uniform and a man-made constitutional document are sacred other-worldly mystical totems of American exceptionalism. Anything that comes from force, from Plato, from the right hand, is leprous to a man of reason. It is untouchable, it is the free piece of cheese you find in any mousetrap.

          Aristotle is the quintessential this-worldly philosopher. He denies that there is any world beyond the one we live in, the world of nature, the world of people and animals and things we perceive with our senses and understand by reason.

          A Libertarian must be a man of Aristotle. A man of the left hand. He must reject Plato’s mysticism. He must hold there is no conflict between mind and body, or reason and emotion. Man is an integrated being who should seek his happiness in this life, and has a reasonable chance of achieving it.

          A Libertarian should reject all authority that comes from force. He should only get things by the left hand. By his own efforts, mind, and body. What positive purpose can this ideal of America serve. Since it does not serve us, shouldn’t it be discarded? Why would we continue to enter the trap and eat the free cheese, knowing it eventually means our own death and destruction?

          • Dear Tor,

            Flag symbolism is an especially revealing indicator of mindset.

            Lotta Platonist flag wavers out there.

            Think about how many mainstream pols support legal prohibitions against “burning the flag.”

            Note the wording “burning the flag.” Note the term “the.” That’s a Platonic “the” they’re referring to.

            If they were Aristotelians they would have said “burning a flag,” not “the flag.”

            If they were Aristotelians they would realize that an individual has the right to burn “his flag,” because it is his property, and that there is no such thing as “the flag.”

            Especially ironic when the Platonists who trample over others’ freedom to burn a piece of cloth that others bought and paid for, do so in the name of “the flag’s” value as a “symbol of freedom.”

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