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I am considering attempting to do a “live” show – so to speak – using Rumble or YouTube. The idea would be to respond to questions and so on in real time rather than slow-time (in print, or rather via written response).

What do you guys think?

Also: I try to rarely bring up the subject of money because that is not what this is about, at least for me. It is why I do not try to sell anything – except ideas – in my articles and also why the site isn’t choked with ads and doesn’t make you disable your ad blocker to read or respond to articles. Nor do I (nor will I ever) demand that people “register” – in order to sell their emails to some marketing outfit.

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I know it’s been tight of late – for you as well as me. But I’m bringing the subject up because every now and then I guess I have to, in order to be able to keep the wheels turning.

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  1. While being hearing impaired, and so don’t generally watch videos, unless they have adequate captioning, with any regularity, I think it’s a good idea for you to pursue more exposure. The more you reach the better. You are one of the bright lights in the darkness.

  2. Yeah, I think Rumble and/or Locals and/or Substack would be great avenues to increase your reach. I would definitely be following on any of those.

  3. Eric, that’s a great idea. You might want to look at OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) if you haven’t already. It’s a free open-source video production program. I use it with three cameras at our church to live stream and record services, but it can be used for podcasts and such too. There are lots of videos out there (like this guy) showing how to set it up, install helpful plugins, tweak your audio, host online guests via Zoom, and so on. You can install it and start experimenting with just a webcam. A little overwhelming at first, but there are gazillions of users, so when you have a problem, chances are somebody else has already dealt with it. Give me a shout if I can help.

      • To follow up, I just discovered that Rumble now offers free live-streaming. They previously charged a monthly fee. Only catch appears to be that you have to have at least 100 subscribers, which shouldn’t be a problem for you.
        At our church, I started streaming on UStream in 2010, then a few years ago switched to YouTube. Then I switched to Facebook because it was a little easier to manage, plus everybody just loooooves Facebook (cringe).
        Considering the nature of your work and the tone of comments here, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time on YT or FB. I know you don’t want to water down your content, so they surely would cancel you within seconds. You might set a new world record!

    • Good advice on OBS. I’ve used it for three years, ongoing. But I don’t have live-streaming experience. I record the show, which results in a large file. And then I use the free VSDC video editor to do edits and to output the video as an mp4 and a smaller file size.

      Also, I support your advice for Eric on platforms as to getting banned or deleted for saying too much too close to the top truth. Youtube is jewtube and thousands of us have been shadow-banned, blocked, and deleted. For example, I still have one account on jewtube, which is connected to my old gmail (jewmail), with which they allow me to do email (because they spy on all email) and to sign-in to jewtube BUT don’t allow any of my comments to post.

      Two platforms I know that are free and currently full free speech are and . However, the audiences are relatively small on both, but building.

  4. There really is no one focusing on the war on cars aspect of the unfolding NWO, besides you. I’d say there is definitely a niche for a show that unapologetically romanticizes cars with IC engines as physical manifestations of freedom and savagely mocks electric cars as the best transportation on the road to serfdom. Pick a news story or two each week, and do running commentary on it pointing out lies, bad assumptions, omitted info, etc. Supplement that with people’s car-related questions. Car Talk proved this is a successfuly format. It would be difficult to have live callers ask questions, but I think hearing people describe their car problem is why Car Talk was so successful. So in addition to emailed questions, you could prioritize anyone who sends a voice mail asking the question.

    Live stream your test drives of new cars. Or drive old cars that are particularly good or bad and explain why. Answer listener questions while driving a nice country road with a dashcam.

    “Rich Rebuilds” on youtube would be a good example to learn from, just in terms of how to do a car-related show.

    • Hi BG,

      I think I’ll give it a try, if can figure out how! It’s not like adjusting a Quadrajet, after all. Meanwhile, I’m having to deal with watching for an deleting this relentless Russian spambot that wants to “share” how you too can earn $80 per hour at home… probably by flooding web sites like this one with spam about how to earn $80 per hour from home.


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