EPAutos Partei Pins

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Everyone –

I have just sent out a batch of EPautos pins to recent contributors but am concerned these may not make it through the mails (based on what I have been told by a guy I know at the Post Office). So, if you don’t get yours, please let me know and I will send out a sticker/coaster/magnet as a replacement. These pass through the mails easily. I just though the pins would be neat!

Thanks – again – to all of you who’ve supported the site, both in the past and recently as well as going forward. Our donate button isĀ here. Your support helps not only keep the site going in the world of De-Platforming and De-monetizing it also helps keep the site free of annoying pop ups and “content” that is just click-bait crap in (bad) disguise.

Much appreciated – and let me know whether you get those pins!



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