A Talk About Clover (And Some Thanks To EPautos Supporters)

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Here’s a little chat about Clovers – and Cloverism:

I hope I covered most of the bases.

Next, some thanks – especially to the following members of the EPautos Army:

WP, CC, JT, BA and – most of all – BA. (Mail’s coming your way.)

These folks are like a winch in the woods when you’re bogged down to the doors. They pulled EPautos out of the muck this month and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge – and profusely thank – them all. Same goes for everyone else who backed the site this month and in prior months and going forward.

Some of you may have read about another site that got “Googled” – antiwar.com (see here). As they did to us, they (Google) did unto them. This is what we’re up against. Antiwar.com may not be Libertarian, exactly, but like EPautos, it touches often on the untouchable topics. In their case, the savagery of the elites (corporate and government) who kill for profit and power. EPautos digs even deeper, asking the most untouchable questions of all – such as why any person should be able to impose his will on another person using violence or its threat. This idea is heretical in a country where aggressive violence has become so routinized that it’s regarded as normal by most people. If that can be undermined, if a critical mass of people can be awakened to the loathsomeness of dealing with their fellow human beings at fist, bayonet and gunpoint .. the whole edifice of coercive collectivism and authoritarianism will crumble.

That’s the end goal, the thing I work for every day. And which your support helps me to keep on working for.

I’ve yet to meet most of you in person but hope someday to shake your hands.

Thank you.



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  1. Googhouls double down and demand review of all antiwar.com content before reinstating AdSense ad delivery.

    Googhouls demand removal of this page from antiwar site.

    First you get a monopoly by a government aligned crony. Then you chip away at the edges. And narrow the acceptable content bit by bit. Boiling the frog’s water ever hotter. And suddenly one spring 2015 day, the internet is not much different than Showtime On Demand.

    Is the internet to be a fake space where Instapundit is a libertarian site. This libertarian blog being one to frequently use popehat content. Popehat being part of the Psyop du jour.

    What about Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Are they libertarians now? Is saying their not slander and bullying. Do they have a right to sue you, if you make a claim you can’t back up in court. Is the internet accountable to the real world. I certainly don’t believe so.

    In my mind, online and real life have nothing to do with one another. The fact that this blog is on a server somewhere must not mean it is subject to the laws of the real world locale of the server. Nor must each user be accountable to his real world authorities for anything he does on the internet. The two must remain separate. This is crucial to our remaining free.

    None of us like spammers. And blog hijackers. But if start saying there oughta be a law. There oughta be an authority. Well what are we even doing then. Libertarian principle has to be that there is no decider. There is no one qualified to designate a user as a spammer. And then put the spammer in jail for some amount of time. None of that is consistent with NAP. You have to find another way, not continue the statist authoritarian methods that leave us all with one foot in a jail cell.

    The laatest Stalinist False Flag I’ve learned about is that Hunter Moore is the most hated man on the internet. So hated, that I just learned of him a few minutes ago via popehat. And all he did, was provide a portal where people could post inside baseball about bands. And it was his users who used the space to do what they wanted to do. Post gossip and lurid photos and such. And from there it escalated quickly.

    Hunter Moore is the Internet’s Most Hated Man? I doubt anyone’s even heard of him, personally.

    A Stalinist Show Cyberspace where from whole cloth, a plucked chicken reality where Hunter Moore is a revenge porn kingpin. Because the heroes and deciders have decreed it so.

    It’s utter madness.

    You have to clear your mind and hone your principles ASAP. Or else you’ll have nothing but controlled narratives and narrow avenues of pre-approved lanes of content and faux freedom. That’s what is coming for blogs and the internet harder and faster. That’s what for the most part is already here.

    In a digital age, the bar is raised considerably for anyone who doesn’t want compromising pictures to appear on the internet. Isn’t that each individual’s responsibility to stop it from happening. Libertarians have to stick to principles. Any time you grant a right to something, you reduce and destroy freedom.

    You don’t have the right to not have your pictures appear on the internet. Certainly not the right to charge everyone else to mitigate your failure. If your privacy is violated, it’s on you to deal with. Or to form like-minded associations to deal with such things.

    No one has a right to not have their secrets divulged on the internet. At least not the current tragedy of the commons version of the internet. This doesn’t have to mean chaos and rampant victimization of the vulnerable by the unprincipled. But even if it does, it is no excuse for continued expansion of the police state and its intrusion onto the internet. A space it has no right to exist in at all.

    • Yeah, I was expecting it to be a far left site, and its not.

      But the history of “pacifist” and “isolationism” is an interesting one in itself. The use of the term “anti-war” is a much more recent wording that is in some ways confusing. The Libertarian position, if I understand it correctly, is far more then just opposing wars because they are wars. But the foreign policies and political grandstanding that result in wars, that draw in those that really have nothing to do with it (like a drafted rank and file soldier).

      Most pacifists of the first century of the US were religious (like Quakers) and opposed war for mainly religious reasons. At times they faced abuses from the US federal government, mainly during wartime. Today, some groups have exceptions from the draft for example. But those things were hard fought and should have been unnecessary to begin with in a “free” nation. A free nation NEVER should have things “mandatory” for all. We should never be a nation that makes life difficult for those that are of different mind.

      Around the beginning of the 20th century, most people today would be surprised that most isolationists were Republicans, not Democrats. Both World Wars were opposed by people that were mainly of the “right wing” of politics, and all twentieth century wars until Vietnam were begun and lead by Democrat presidents (both Korea and Vietnam ended under Republicans).

      But it wasn’t until Vietnam that large amounts of people on the left begun to oppose wars. Its changed to the point that most people think that anti war protestors are left wingers. But thats not true. People on all sides of the political spectrum oppose wars. Both major parties are pro-war for the most part.

      Most people don’t like wars. The few that like wars, are mainly the ones that would never actually fight in one.

      • richb,

        It has been referenced several times, but I think it is worth repeating:

        “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

        –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials


        • You’re so right, Mith: Goering’s words are worth repeating over and over. Maybe some sheeple with a glimmer of independent thought left will realize that the formula expressed is exactly the one used by the USG for at least 60 years.

          One way I have tried to get through to people is by noting that in the 1930s, there were no Russian peasants sitting around the dinner table talking about how they wanted to kill Germans. Likewise German Bauern were wondering about their crops and families, not crushing Russia. So why did they end up fighting each other to the death? Their governments stirred things up, not to help those poor farmers in any way, but to empower themselves.

          • Hi Mike,


            I admit to a grudging respect for the Reichsmarschall. A murderer and a thug, certainly. But alone among the Nazis at Nuremburg, he made no excuses, did not piss his pants – and boldly pointed out the hypocrisy of the other side.

            People forget that one of the three judges was Vyshinksy – he of the “show trails” that consigned so many to death for thoughtcrime and for no crime at all.

      • I think the term ‘Anti-War’ is much less cumbersome than “Anti-Unjust-War.” And when was the last JUST war that you know of? Last one I know of that MAY have been partially just was 1812. I have friends that say even the 1st War of Secession (aka the Revolution) was not justified.


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