Clover . . . Should He Stay? Or Go?

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What do you think?Clover's mug shot

I’v been filtering Clover’s serial non sequiturs, allowing perhaps one out of four to get through. We have our limits, after all.

But I’m trying to gauge whether even that is too much Clover. Or perhaps, not enough?

What do you say?

What else?

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  1. Dom – I too think Clover serves a useful purpose here. He/she/it often gives us fodder for thought and discussion. As I’ve stated before, there are curious and undecided people watching that may benefit from our countering Clover’s statist absurdities, non sequiturs and unreasonable assumptions with contrarian rationale, logic and facts. So, keep Clover on a leash, but I too vote to at least nominally keep Clover.

  2. I say keep some of clover’s posts. We can all see the nazi in his type. No wonder hitler had such power, with a nation full of clover zombies. It’s posts can make for a good laugh, and remind us of how our politicians are soo much like him(it).

  3. Clover types unwittingly serve a purpose.

    Remember how the MSM used to sponsor gun control debates? They would invite an eloquent, well-dressed gun grabber to debate a tongue-tied, redneck peckerwood gun rights defender. Basically they set things up to discredit gun rights defenders as embarrassments to civilized society.

    The reality was nothing like this, but that was the impression the MSM conveyed with their rigged “gun control debates.”

    What does this have to do with clover?

    Everything. Clover is basically the dumb ignoramus, only this time he is speaking on behalf of the statist thugs. Every time he attempts to defend the authoritarian status quo, he discredits it, both morally and practically.

    In short, we couldn’t ask for a better fall guy/shill if we had hired him!

    So, no, do not ban him altogether. Limit his exposure perhaps. But do not ban him altogether. I for one, enjoy a turkey shoot now and then.

  4. Does Clover financially contribute?
    In the interest of the Fairness Doctrine, Net Neutrality, Superman, Al Sharpton, Donald Duck, Nanci Pelosi and the American Way have Dom give him his own little box under Austin Rare Coins and direct all of his postings there. Then I can drive around him easily and he won’t clutter the main roadway.

      • I vote for this. Clover has value, even if only as brilliant example of poor comprehension, emotio-tard utterance and fallacious reasoning.

        A separate ‘Clover Page’ would be brilliant. All Clover, all the time. If bantering with a pablum brained moron is your cup-o-tea, a specific spot for it. It would likely keep the other threads more on point if Clover was relegated to just one page.

  5. Well, the “Clover Show” does get to be a bit annoying at times, but overall I think it’s good to have contrary opinions in the mix. Logically dismantling Cloverism point-by-point is much more educational for those lurkers who are on the fence than simply preaching to the choir.

  6. “clover” is a continuum, isn’t it? instead of cutting a line, french revo guillotine-style, why not draw it at “respond/don’t respond”?

    if a patch of clover has the time/inclination to wander into a den of napancap ruminants, what of it? biodiversified live & let live, but also consume & be consumed, right? the great circle of chomp….

    i sparred for a time at a gymsite whose patriarch had been a libertarian firebrand of sorts, in his younger days. but he got old, “became” a “libertarian-centered” republican. plenty of ungrazed clover space there. but not much room for contrarianism. out came the guillotine. now it’s all amens & hosannas. a church with a choir. a nuthin’ a’tall atoll. hypocrisy &/or befuddlement confirmed…as well as, or maybe just, deeper truth: always been about the coin (he’s a pitchman with products for sale; a gray wolf in white, loyal opposition, fleece. nothing against eating, per se, but as tally ho taleb says, “regular men are a certain varying number of meals away from lying, stealing, killing or even working as forecasters for the federal reserve in washington….” ).

    without contraries is no progression. ~ william blake

    amber-bound con-trary-lessness, nimby-ism, is the preference of con-servatives (no matter what they call, believe of, themselves) everywhere.

    internet. beale’s tv, but with more herdmarket segmenting channels.

    howard beale: congrats on that belch in the wind. oops, there go the ratings.

    after this, the highlander is driven away (connor, not toyota). “There’ll be no burning here today! We’ll banish him!”

  7. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for this discussion board. I have gained greatly from lurking here.

    As to your question:
    I pretty much just skim any of clover’s posting for the gist of the matter he/she/it is discussing.

    But I read every word that each poster who replies to clover writes.
    Because that way I have the advantage of discovering the moral reason why clover is way off base.
    I am still learning about first principles, so these discussions with clover help me see how first principles are used in everyday settings.

    I greatly appreciate your editing clover’s comments. Because, as a very patient person, even I can’t stand to wade through each and every word of clover’s nonsensical statements.
    His/her/its thought are mostly incoherent, but you are able to parse them well. So, then a discussion can be brought up that is informative to those of us who are still learning about the ways of the NAP.

    Glad to see your donations are up. I donate at the first of every month, because I have gained so much, but cannot contribute to the knowledge base, so I do the next best thing and help out by donating cash.

      • 1 You could call one article “the slow lane” or “drivers ed” or
        “caution slow children”
        2 Delete all clover posts unless they are to this article. If its one of us that often get thru, just say “post rejected: rathbonez tor anpog from wichita, please resubmit to “the slow lane” article” and i’ll approve it for you there.”
        3 Even there, keep things tolerable for your core niche paying audience. Its just bidness, not a fifteen year olds’ facebook snark page, and some of us aren’t fully housebroken. Let marginal things through here, and keep the tragedy of the commons in check.
        4 Infuse it with extra ads and sponsored content, maybe some of it is humorous and tongue in cheek pseudo content, maybe post a few autos for sale, and CVs, whatever sells.

        • Huffington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters, SPLC, the list of potential advertisers is nearly endless. And they pay with stolen gov. sponsored money. Too good to be true.


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