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American Trucks – one of this site’s non-googed advertisers – just hipped me to some specials they have going and I wanted to hip you to them!

The first item is a Duratek bull bar/skid plate combo with built in LED lights for 2004-2019 Ford F-trucks; it normally goes for $360 but is now on sale for $209.99.

The next item is a 3.5 inch oval/tubular bull bar by Barricade for 2007-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500s. Previously $180.99  but now on sale for $119.99.

The third item is for Dodge/Ram trucks. It’s a Barricade 3-inch stainless steel tubular bull bar; fits 2009-201Rams (except Rebel). Normally $269.00 but on sale now for $158.99.

If you’ve been thinking about an accessory for your truck, now’s a good time to buy one – and by doing so, you’ll help support an advertiser who supports the site, a win for everyone!

Addendum: There’s also a $5,000 sweepstakes under way for Ford F-truck owners. Click here to find out more!

Addendum the second: If you’re interested in slot games, have a look here.



  1. Bull bars. Well, they catch part of one. Now if you want to really protect the front of a truck buy a RanchHand full front cowcatcher. That bad boy will stop a bull at 70 mph and not flinch…..nor set off your boogeyman baker’s dozen air bags. I’ve seen it so this is not hyperbole. And yes, it did knock the shit out of that bull, less to drag off.

    A friend pulled up one morning and I noticed he had a deer head lodged between the pushbar and the center protection. I mentioned it and he was surprised. He said he thought he heard/felt something but never saw anything. Be advised though, they aren’t inexpensive but damned if they don’t work. Probably keeping the airbags from deploying was worth well more than the RanchHand.

    For anyone wanting to have something that does the job and is not just looks, give them my email and I’ll build them something that they can be thankful for in a situation, even another vehicle situation.

    I had a friend who tried to out RanchHand RanchHand by building his own. It was formidable and when he attached it to the F 150 it just about hit the floor. He rethought the entire idea….since it was already made, and put it on a 4WD 250 Powerstroke. He probably, at some point, had to add a spring or two anyway. But damned if that thing wasn’t indestructible. And that’s where Ranch Hand comes in handy. It’s fairly much indestructible but doesn’t weigh 500 lbs. The best ones replace the bumper. Then you have a bumper for sale.


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