Nine-Year-Old Clover

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Here’s the next generation of Clover rising. He reminds me of Parson’s brat from 1984. The one who shrieked, “thought criminal!” at Winston while he was trying to unclog the sink drain… and who probably was responsible for his father’s subsequent arrest by the Thought Police:

“A 9-year-old Connecticut boy who saw cars whizzing down his neighborhood street as he waited for the school bus each day did what a lot of adults might not have done. He took action.

Isaiah McLoughlin, of Waterford, Conn., sent a handwritten letter to his local police department asking officers to, in part, call his grandmother “so we can talk about the situation.”

Isaiah’s grandmother, the third-grader’s primary guardian, said she encouraged him to write the letter.

“He’s been talking about it to me for months,” Millie Mell said of the speeders that “fly” down their residential road at speeds as high as 60 m.p.h. “I said, ‘Alright Isaiah, maybe you should write a letter to the police yourself and tell them about the speeders.'”

Isaiah, who signed his note with a congenial, “Your friend, Isaiah,” put the letter in the mail on Monday and the very next evening, the department’s youth officer, Nicole VanOverloop, came to Isaiah’s house to discuss his concerns.

“She talked to him about the speeding and that she was proud of him that he wrote the letter and would pass the information on to the traffic officer and they would come out and ticket the speeders,” Mell said.

Sure enough, according to Mell, as she and Isaiah waited for the school bus this morning, an officer was stationed on their street with a radar gun.

“He was a very busy man,” Mell said. “He just kept going back and forth with his lights on, pulling people over.”clover king

Mell described Isaiah as “very pleased” with the results of his letter but she says there is a bigger lesson for everyone in the actions of her 9-year-old grandson.

“I think it’s a great lesson for everybody that if you see something you don’t like – that’s either illegal or unjust – you can speak up and get results,” Mell said. “We all get a little jaded, but maybe three or four people will go slower or they won’t go down our road and it’ll make a difference.”


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  1. Tampa woman who filmed the crash of the black truck speaks to news reporters.

    “He just started tailgating me, and I’m like dude really, I’m going the speed limit [in the fast lane]”

    After he crashes…

    “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s what you get, all on video buddy:” [seven cackles, I counted them]

    “the report goes on – she doesn’t want her name used, she’s been receiving death threats. Some people think she’s at fault for driving in the left lane.” Her video revealed the truck driver was not wearing a seat belt, so they charged him with that based on her video.

    – I don’t see how any sense could be made of this. The dude is a straight-up prison bitch, trying to vehicle-rape a weaker inmate. Might as well open an investigation into why two chimpanzees in a zoo threw feces at each other.

    – I’d rather no primates be caged in the first place. And that I don’t ever end up getting caged myself.

  2. No worries DR, Eric. I think we agree on all the facts of the matter. The truck driver was “in the wrong.” The lady filming it “gets a pass,” she is the victim here.

    I just want to put out there an alternate scenario. I’ll pretend I was on the very same road in my humble Honda Accord, not trying to get caught up in any of this. I would have slowed down, sped up, done what I could to get clear of any potential problems, because I will not get involved.

    These drivers, and those of you who think this type of thing is a shared social event are Undead Zombies in my eyes. I’ll let the dead bury their own dead, and not have anything to do with you or this madness.

    Just because there is a huge welfare and warfare apparatus, doesn’t mean I have to participate in it. Turning our minds towards finding the truck driver guilty post hoc, after a crash, is in my eyes, just another Free Shit Army maneuver in my book. I for one, am a FSA draft dodger for life.

    It is only an assertion, but philosophically, to postpone one’s life, in order to pick a winner from this tragedy is to march with the FSA.

    I would not want to be called as a witness to the upcoming trial. That means I can’t have anything to do with this. That means I can’t render aid. That means I can’t dial 911. If that man is screaming in pain from his wrecked truck, I will not hear those screams.

    If somehow this happened around me, I would do all I could to blank it out. To deny it having any kind of reality.

    I’ll even try to triplethink, rather than get swept up in the doublethink. Even now, I have no recollection of the video. I get that you think that life has an instant replay mode, but I deny that it does.

    There is only the Karma of nature. I deny your shared illusion of a second kind of artificial societal Karma.

    The Karma where men with guns and men in robes have jurisdiction over the “public goods” of the highways makes it impossible for me to deal with my fellow men.

    It makes you Walkers, and makes it impossible for me to have any dealings with you because of your consent to this treachery and unspoken demands that I participate in your forced welfare state.

    I enjoy talking with everyone here immensely. But we are still complete strangers. I will not force any of you to acquit yourself before other complete strangers. I do not consent to any of you seeking to force me to acquit myself before other complete strangers either.

    • Hi Tor,

      My approach is to give Clovers a wide berth, not give them any reason to suspect I am “in a hurry” – and just get around them at the first opportunity.

      So, I roll in behind them, maintaining a courteous, non-crowding following distance. I await my moment – and when I get a clear shot, I make my move and pass them quickly but not with any aggression. I don’t, for instance, begin my turn back into the lane just inches from their front bumper. I ease back into the lane ahead of them as gradually as possible given oncoming traffic and then pull ahead. Some of them still get irate – simply because I’ve passed them at a speed higher than they’re traveling – but my conscience is clear. I’ve done nothing to endanger them – or myself.

      And that, for me, is the only relevant criteria.

      • Good advice, I don’t think I’m anywhere near as skilled of a driver as you, I just try to find a solitary place away from all others.

        One place where we act in a like manner, is at stoplights, I think. If in the front, I get up to speed with all due haste, just to keep clear of the clover pile. MPG and passenger comfort receive no consideration whatsoever.

        If I have a passenger in my car, I’m probably a below average driver. I have little to no ability to multi-task, which includes talking to someone and driving at the same time.

        I imagine I sound like a psychopath as far as my road scholarship goes. What I’ll do in the moment, is of course unknown until the time comes, but I proceed from a baseline of not owing people who deal with each other through force anything.
        – – –

        What it’s like being a technical expert in an irrational world ruled by force and mysticism

        Add a Sphere to your pond

        Older Grand Am has a timetravel device I think

        Li-sa-X – Japanese 8 year old girl – rocks out

        Italian Nun Cristina Scuccia – rocks out

        Connect Four is Mathematically Solved

      • Especially on a bike.
        How often have you seen riders crowding the rear bumper of the vehicle in front of them, limiting their view of the road ahead,then pulling a sketchy pass?
        I try and hang back a few lengths, much better field of vision and wind it on to pass, smooth,neat and generally leaves the driver ahead unperturbed.
        Bikes accelerate completely differently to cars.

  3. Sorry, Tor, we’ll have to agree to disagree here. Regardless of who SHE was, it’s obvious the asshole truck driver was in the wrong here, and paid the price for his asininity.

    Now, it’s possible that the time before she began recording might have been part of this: she might have been baiting him for miles, even. But, given ONLY the video evidence, she was safely passing some trucks, running 55-60, on a wet road, and I can’t fault her for THAT.

    The guy was a flaming asshole, and it’s nice to see just desserts.

    • I see them as two independent actors. Not a package deal. I don’t think anyone is going to defend the guy, and I don’t either.

      But regarding the lady: She needlessly stays in the left hand lane the whole way. It would be no inconvenience for her to let him pass.

      But she wants to savor her moment of dominance. She loves telling the guy in the truck “it puts its lotion on the skin, or else it stays in its lane again.”

      Commuting next to the guy in the truck being dangerously impatient and violently confrontational, is something we’ve all experienced. He deserves what’s happened so far and has more to come. Perhaps in a rage we’ve also been aggressive, though hopefully not so extreme.

      But the inhuman banshee holding the phone. That is unforgivable, IMHO. And the two minutes of hate news readership cheering her onward, that’s the new phenomena. That’s the dystopian prison-mentality world we’ve all acclimated ourselves to inhabiting.

      We’ve been told we’re in control. That we sit in the throne of judgment over these two. What complete bullshit. We’re wrong if we think letting slaves make minor decisions means they’re not trapped in a menagerie.

      We are helpless caged playthings, of dark villains unseen. Even with high technology vehicles, and digital video recording, and world spanning communication networks.
      Helpless beasts.

      Their slithering tentacles reach out to us and our fellow freedom minority brothers, and there is no refuge. These animated rotting corpses reach out to on the back all the willing consentor human puppets we see all around us. Even some of Eric’s readership, who don’t realize they’re not really human.

      Emperor Palpatine: “Good”

      • Get ready to have your biometrics tracked 24/7

        26 March 14 by Liat Clark

        It’s already too late to stop the ubiquitous tracking and monitoring of the public through biometrics, says Peter Waggett, Programme Leader at IBM’s Emerging Technology Group. We need to stop worrying about prevention, and start working out how to make the most of data garnered from that kind of surveillance.

        “We’re fighting the wrong battle when we ask should we stop people being observed. That is not going to be feasible. We need to understand how to use that data better,” urged Waggett, who was speaking as part of a Nesta panel debate on what biometrics mean for the future of privacy.

        “I’ve been working in biometrics for 20 years, and it’s reaching a tipping point where it’s going to be impossible not to understand where people are and what they are doing. Everything will be monitored. It’s part of the reason why when we put together the definition of biometrics it included biological and behavioural characteristics — it can be anything.”

        To back up his point, Waggett identified a few of the futures once portrayed in science fiction movies, now a reality. Minority Report is generally the go to film for these kinds of comparisons. But it’s the commercial aspects of the film Waggett flagged up, rather than the gesture technology. In the film, the protagonist walks into a shop where an advert immediately pops up and draws on his past preferences to offer up some suggestions. “The one thing they got wrong is you won’t recognise you’re being scanned — the flashing red light in the film is for effect, but all that’s now feasible.”

        It is a perfect example of how we need to be aware, now more than ever, of what data we are giving up, and, for companies, how best that data can be used without infringing on customer privacy and potentially threatening that relationship.

        • @Garysco

          I welcome the technological advances, I’ll merely continue in the workaround I already use to deal with them.

          The first time someone uses data mining on me, is the last time I consider them a human being I can interact with, in most cases. Even low tech data collection, like asking to see someone’s driver’s license, or checking their credit history without their consent.

          Nesta and GCHQ are some of the smartest minds on the planet. Alien to my way of thinking, but great minds nonetheless

          But I do not consent to them trying to make me a finite being that is connected to a surveillance history. Or to a credit history. Or to a criminal history. Or that I have a linear biography. Or a curriculum vitae.

          I permanently withdraw my consent from all of it. I was nowhere and everywhere on the date in question.

          Whatever things you have in your files about my whereabouts, whatabouts, howabouts, and whyabouts, were amassed without my consent. They mean nothing to me. If you insist they have substance, then you are a nothing to me as well.

          • The problem I have is one David Brin brought up in “The Transparent Society.” WHO HAS ACCESS TO THE DATA?
            “Privacy” is for Congress, not for us little people.
            The cops have surveillance data on all of us, but we can’t SEE any of it.

            An example of MY outrage:
            Someone was accused of rape on one of the PUA (Pick Up Artist) boards. He was cleared because Google Lattitude showed he was NOWHERE NEAR the location the rape occurred.

            If we extend it onwards, here’s what happens:
            – Google Lattitude is discontinued (current)
            – Accusation is made
            – Suspect identified by complainant
            – Ubiquitous surveillance data is excluded from discovery (It wasn’t mined; HOWEVER, you DAMN WELL KNOW it would’ve been mined if it were proof of location or actions!)
            – Citizen has no capacity to FOIA or subpoena records (which ARE exculpatory), either because it’s illegal, or because he then has to pay for the data mining to prove innocence – and who has $1M sitting around to pay soemone to mine the data? Even assuming he recalls exactly where he was…

            Flip it on it’s head, ANYONE can pull the data:
            – Woman is raped
            – Reports event to police
            – pulls data from ubiquitous surveillance
            – assists police in piecing together suspect’s actions before, during, after
            – Sooner or later, they get exact facial shot
            – suspect is located, police arrest, facial recognition used to confirm identity, he is put in a lineup & she gets to check each person for correct face (which she hasn’t yet seen, except for the event)
            – Other evidence has been collected in normal methods, such as DNA
            – ANYONE can review the data – it’s all public. So LOTS of eyes go over it and double-check.
            – If he’s ID’d by her, and the DNA matches, there’s an indictment and court case

            You can apply it to MANY, MANY, MANY other crimes, too. Stock fraud. Murder. Identity Theft.
            Can even be used for crime PREVENTION, since ubiquitous video could be used to help a lone traveller decide whether or not to turn down that dark road or alley, or ente the parking garage. Drug trade? Everything’s recorded. Drinking? All recorded. Playground fight? All recorded.

            I think all this surveillance IS A BAD IDEA!!!! But if we’re going to have it, WHO CONTROLS IT is essential. Because if THEY control ANYTHING exclusively, WE LOSE. And it doesn’t matter who “THEY” is, because once there’s an “Us vs. Them” situation, one side or the other will escalate (or maybe both), and there WILL be conflict.

            And we haven’t looked at who watches the watchers.

    • I’m with DR – on the actions of the truck driver.

      That said, I also believe the person videoing may have been a “won’t move over Clover” – and while the truck driver should have kept himself under control – we all know how exasperating these Clovers can be. Having lived in a Clover-infested/high density area where they are literally everywhere, I know how fed up one can get. The truck driver may have finally been pushed beyond his ability to deal. This isn’t a defense of his actions – which were reckless and assholio – but ubiquitous Clover Conduct is what’s making driving such a stressful, anger-inducing ordeal.

      • Yeah: I saw the video too. She is hogging up the left lane of three lanes. I see that all the time. However, the truck driver dood simply should have passed on the right at an early convenience. (There were plenty of opportunities, as her and him were basically the only cars on the road.) In my younger days, I would have gotten hot too, but nowadays I would simply pass on the right and move on….. One of the nice things about getting old(er).

        • I used to live (and work) in the DC area. The Clovers are a daily grind that drive a sane person to bouts of temporary insanity. It’s like Chinese water torture. One drop too many…

          This is not to excuse the truck driver’s actions. He lost control of himself – and then, his truck.

          But I do understand his fury.

  4. That’s Tracy Lynn Sloan – typical nasty Orwellian road construction taxfeeder you hear cackling with glee while experiencing “the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless”

    “Do not imagine that you will save yourself, Winston, however completely you surrender to us. What happens to you here is for ever. Understand that in advance.

    We shall crush you down to the point from which there is no coming back. Things will happen to you from which you could not recover, if you lived a thousand years.

    Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves.

    There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always — do not forget this, Winston — always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler.

    Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

    • A thought: Perhaps there is some projection in those passages, a prophetic notation fo what THEY truly are?
      “You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves.

      There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always — do not forget this, Winston — always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. ”

      Is this the true definition of psychopathy?
      Can we test for it and abort these abberrations, as Margaret Sanger wished to extinguish the lesser races with her “Planned Parenthood?”

  5. I have no feelings for the little monster or Lt. David Burton or any of them. I hope never to set foot within the entire BosWash clover heimat.

    I have no empathy for any of the 45 million or so Megalopolis LiveStockholm Syndrome upper east coasters.

    Should millions of them be Adam Lanza’d, buried in mudslides, killed by Maidan snipers, used for parts by Obamacare, disappear into the Southern Indian Ocean, be annexed by Putin as part of Russia, or whatever. I could never be made to care about them.

    For any who live in such Clover zones, yet consider themselves persecuted minority refugees, I make exception, and hope you get away safely from any mass casualty event, were one ever to mercifully occur.

  6. I don’t agree that he needs to be beaten, yet. I just think it’s obvious that he’s lacking a strong father figure in his life to teach him what it means to be “his own man”.

    I do my best with my 3 kids. Just yesterday we were on our way back from the tax lady when my wife tells me, “Hey, slow down. There was a cop sitting there the other day. He flashed his lights at me to get me to slow down.”

    I said, “Did you flip him off?”

    She of course dismissed the idea. “I was going a little too fast, by the way.”

    “Too fast according to who? Did you run into someone because of your speed? Did you cause someone to crash?” A look of agreement flashed in her eyes. “Do you think the cop flashed his lights because he was concerned about your safety? Do you think maybe he just wanted to intimidate you into compliance, for you to know he was there, and he could, at his discretion, stop your vehicle and steal some money from you? See, you should have flipped him off.”

    The kids were with us and I’m sure overheard everything. Teaching moments like these are what this child is lacking. Someone to reveal the truth about how the world really works, instead of painting it over with rainbows and butterflies and cop worship.

  7. Hope, Change, 1000 Points of Light

    I hope there is a happy ending to this. I hope he’s punched in the face until he sees a 1000 points of light. I hope he’s found bloodied and battered in a ditch somewhere.

    I hope that at some point, as he grows up, he realizes his family is nothing by nasty parasites, and he vows to make a change. I hope he sees that being raised by a grandmother that encourages you to snitch on your neighbors is a liability. What about the old bag encourages and teaches you to be productive?

    The titans of muriKan news report on “7 year old” Isaiah

    I remember being concerned about something at his age. I began to preach to my father, how worried I was about Russia using nuclear weapons on America. Probably some shit the nuns taught me. He gave me that look of disgust that Hank Hill gives Bobby, whenever Bobby says something pathetic.

    The Best of Hank Hill

    “Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking.”

    “What if someone want theirs well done? We ask them politely yet firmly to leave.”

    • Tor – Thanks for the link over at nydailynews. The photo of the little snitch’s note is a sight to behold. By second grade, we were learning cursive and legible block printing was old news. This kid’s penmanship is a testimony to the effectiveness modern day ed-ju-kay-shun; the “Common Core” in particular. But by golly if HE see’s something, he’ll say something! What more could the regime want from the next crop of slaves?

      • Boothe, Tor, et al:
        Cursive si no longer taught, as I understand. Penmanship is seen as irrelevant (which I concede, mostly – like calligraphy, it’s archaic in the age of typing. and even when I took penmanship, I could barely write legibly. Don’t ask about my printing, either. I have the handwriting of a doctor. And doctors have a handwriting similar to Hannibal Lechter…)

        Anyway – point is, they don’t see a need to teach cursive any more. I’m more concerned with what they’ve decided to insert into the edjumikayshun of these yungins instead: Looks like bobby has Two Daddies and Sally has two Mommies and “Roll the condom on the cucumber” is more important.
        Makes one wonder, if perhaps sex IS original sin… Why must Liberals be so careful to insert degraded sex lessons into KINDERGARTEN? (And I say that as an avowed pervert, mind – to underscore how insulting and ridiculous the whole “let’s teach infants about sex” bit really IS. If WE do it, it’s “corrupting a minor.” When the STATE does it, it’s “Education.” WTF?)

        • Jean – Cursive is no longer taught because we think in cursive. Thoughts flow, they don’ Block printing is more akin to digital output. Calligraphy on the other hand is an art form. And cursive can be an art form as well. A nice and distinct hand speaks about the writer’s unique character. If you want mass man, you make him write (and now, txt) like everyone else. Good penmanship along with critical thinking is a threat to the collective.

          Now, a doctor’s undecipherable penmanship is a means by which the doctor can shield himself with plausible deniability when being sued for malpractice. When the writing on the patient’s chart is essentially illegible, the doctor can argue in court “No. That’s not what that says at all. What it actually says is this…” I’m fairly confident that’s why they do it, since they have to leave a written record behind and there’s no excuse for someone that’s spent that many years in school to write in chicken scratch. I also believe this is why police reports are often poorly written and incomplete. It’s an end run around the admissible evidence of the written record trumping the memory of any witnesses.

    • the kid looks like a shitheel,
      thanks for the link,
      boothe is right, his penmanship is atrocious. he most definitely is a future “mouth breather” and my money is on that he will grow up to be a copfuk.

  8. All of the positive reinforcement that this little bastard is getting is indicative of the society-wide sickness of authority worship.

      • I’m an advocate for curing sociopathy and terminal stupidity, two VERY dangerous mental diseases in our culture.

        With continued practice, I’ll be good at curing at distance with the .45 20″ 600 FPS delivery…

        Good statist. Play dead.

  9. Now that he’s had a taste, that kid is on the way to becoming addicted to the power over others he was just granted. A few words in the right ears and he made life miserable for dozens of faceless strangers.

    Remember the name “Isaiah McLoughlin”. In a decade or two, you’ll be seeing it in reports of either political shenanigans or police brutality.

    Just as the pulling of wings from flies and torture of puppies signals a budding homicidal sociopath, this is a sure sign of a junior statist in the making. Of what stripe remains to be seen, but the outcome is assured.

  10. In general, I do not think most people would choose to use residential roads over larger arterial roads.

    If people are cutting through a residential road, it might indicate a problem with the larger roads in the area.

    Perhaps there is (are) a poorly timed traffic light(s) or other causes that results in traffic tie ups on the major roads. This causes some people to look for ways around the bottle neck.

    • Horrible, isn’t it?

      The world’s turned upside down…

      In my childhood, back in the ’70s, none of us kids would have behaved this way – and any kid who did behave this way would have been laughed off the playground.

      Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety first!

  11. We used to pump an arm in the air when the truckers roared past our bus stop in the mornings in order to get them to blare their horns. Such a delight! To be recognized by the big rigs speeding by not five feet from us.

    When a car raced by, late for work or school, I think most, or all of us envied them. Especially when it was shivering cold outside.

    It really was a whole different world than the one I live in today.


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