Three Year Old Gets $2,500 Ticket From Hero Cop for Peeing on His Own Lawn

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PIEDMONT, Oklahoma –

A 3 year old gets his mom in trouble with the law when he gets a ticket from police. Now the little boy’s mother will have to pay thousands of dollars for what the toddler did in their own front yard.

Dillan is being potty trained. His mother says he wasn’t playing outside and wasn’t near the facilities, so he unzipped.

News 9 was told before he could pee, a Piedmont police officer stopped him. It’s a bathroom break that cost mom $2,500.

“Dillan pulled down his pants to pee outside. I guess and the cop pulled up and asked for my license and told me he was going to give me a ticket for public urination,” the boy’s mother, Ashley Warden, said.

“I said really, he is 3 years old, and he said it doesn’t matter,” said Dillan’s grandmother, Jennifer Warden. “[He said] It is public urination. I said we are on our property and he said it’s in public view.”

The family lives on two-and-a-half acres and says the street is actually quite rural; but they say the officer who cited them parks at the end of their street daily. So they asked why.

“It’s a public street and he wants to, so he can,” Jennifer Warden said.

The Wardens filed a complaint with the police department. The police department didn’t accept the Warden’s complaint. They have a court appearance set for next month.

“I am disappointed that the officer thinks… what he needs to do with my tax dollars is sitting and harassing our family,” Jennifer Warden said.

Warden said as a courtesy, the officer wrote down the cost of ticket: $2,500. Warden plans on fighting the ticket since she says her son didn’t actually finish the act.

News 9 tried to speak with the police department, but our calls went unreturned.

We’re told a judge can throw out the ticket.


  1. Piedmont, Oklahoma.
    Good thing for them it was not Piedmont, California.
    AFAIK, any *MALE* who is convicted of public urination in Commiefornia is considered a SEX CRIMINAL, which has serious ramifications, including where you are allowed to live (almost nowhere).
    Just imagine. A three year old sex criminal, branded for life, for peeing on his own lawn.

  2. All that uproar for such “piddling” little offense by such a “wee” fellow. And the cop was told: “You’re a national disgrace!”

    Tip the waiters on your way out.

  3. Piedmont, OK, 73078 looks to be a typical American small town. According to Mayor Thomerson, enjoys a rich history of authority with a planned system of municipal enrichment.

    The tiny city of 3,600 boasts of 50 big crimes including shootings, robberies, thefts, assaults, and vandalisms according to Last year a $20 million dollar tornado hit the town killing a 3 year old boy and his 15 month brother. The town assisted that family by having cadaver dogs and patrolmen arrive when it was too late to do anything but collect double time for extra hours spent searching.

    Piedmont OK includes wrestling coach Steve Cardenas, arrested on rape charges. Micah Unruh, arrested for using his cellphone to look up women’s skirts at the local Walmart.
    As well as their annual festivals including Perp Walk For the Cure, Genital Gropefest, Tazerdays, and Secret Surveillance Santa.

    Mizz Valerie Thomerson is uniquely suited to her town, she boasts a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in advanced cavity searches. She has an extensive public service record including 5 years as a delinquent propert tax collector, 6 years as a corrections officer, and 7 years as regional assistant to Agent Smith and midwest regional Matrix Administrator.

    The mayor is currently hiring additional flying piglocust policeman and dustbowl deputy designated dollar donor drone pilots. Call her at 405-373-3660 or matrix mail her at

  4. The family should probably consider themselves lucky that officer clover didn’t arrest the child for indecent exposure resulting in a lifetime of entries in a sexual offender data base.


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