When He Didn’t Sit Down, They “Applied Force”

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This just in from Mesa, Arizona. Another scrum of armed government workers. Four of them beat the crap out of one skinny man – apparently because he “didn’t sit down.” In other words, because he didn’t show the necessary deference to their Authority. This encompasses any hesitation to submit immediately to the degrading tactic of being made to sit down like a child being scolded.

Here’s the video from the local NBC News affiliate:

We are often told that armed government workers are “trained.” Indeed. In the art of hyper-escalation and Blitzkrieg response to the slightest (as they perceive it) not-kowtowing to their status as modern Praetorians.

If this video didn’t exist, the armed government workers no doubt would have claimed their victim has “resisted” and that they “feared for their safety.”

Then shot the man to death. And been lauded for their “heroism.”

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