Thug Scrum Descends

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Here’s a video – local news coverage – of the over-reaction and escalation now typical of law enforcement.

A man was locked out of his home. He and a locksmith came to get in the house. An “anonymous caller” called armed government workers, reporting a burglary. This resulted in a dozen or more heavily armed government workers SWATTing the residence. The homeowner – an articulate, clean-cut and slightly built man – attempted to explain to the order-screaming armed government workers that it’s his house but – of course – the ‘fraidy cat armed government workers had to humiliate the man “for their safety” by ordering him to submit and cuffing him in front of all his neighbors.

Mind: The man was not aggressive in any way; it was broad daylight. The government workers only had to check his ID to establish that what he said was in fact true.

But establishing dominance is what government workers are “trained” to do. To show who’s boss.

And it’s not us.

If there are still naive souls out there who believe that armed government workers “work for us” and are there to “protect and serve,” I urge them to think again.

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  1. Time to have everyone of these “Heroes” fired. Victim of harassment should get monetary compensation from the pigs’ own financial accounts for pain and suffering.

    It’s time to force all Public LEO individuals to obtain bonds paid out of their own salary, such that when they commit acts like this the public taxpayer isn’t saddled with the court costs and punitive damages.

  2. The locksmith van wasn’t a clue to anyone?
    Locksmith’s have vans with a little shop inside with everything needed to service locks.
    Violence + ignorance isn’t good for a stable society.

  3. Yeah, he robbed his own house, and replaced everything with exact duplicates, so no one would notice. Wait until they do this stupid shit to one of their own Politburo. What a bunch of mindless trigger-happy morons.
    Time to return the favor and report a meth lab and counterfeit plate press in the neighbor’s home! These buffoons wouldn’t know a real crime if they stood there and watched it happen, they just want to play “hero”!

    • This snitch happy bs is everywhere. Here’s one that’ll make your hearts sink–Just the other week in the yuppie NJ suburbs a woman no bullshit pulled over in front of the pig who got my bf at a veritable speed trap, to tell said pig that he’d been passing people on double lines. Bf being a law grad didn’t sweat it since the cop couldn’t do anything having not seen it with his robot eyes.

      Considering sending Burlington Co Times an editorial appealing to yuppie pieces of shit to mind their own and quit trying to get people shot for nothing. Fuckin clover scum


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