Thug Scrum Review

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This one’s rough going…

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  1. Gee, thanks a lot Eric! If you would just quit presenting this stuff, we could still hope they really are going to put the all the cuckoos back into the clocks.

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ > > ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Another Mayor named Michael goes Nazi:

    This one’s in Paragould Arkansas, population 25,000

    Here his Police Chief’s 12/16/12 “Armed Patrol” Update:

    During hours in which crime seems to be more prevalent (i.e. between the hours of 11pm and 5 am), our process will become more stringent. We will be asking for picture identification. We will be ascertaining where the subject lives and what they are doing in the area. We will be keeping a record of those we contact. The record keeping is two-fold: First, we want to try to keep from over-lapping making contact with the same people multiple times.

    Once we know where people live, or that they always walk in that particular neighborhood, then we’ll not need to repeat that contact. We will not be harassing citizens. Secondly, by documenting those of the criminal element, we have a record of that contact and where/when it occurred. An example of where this will be helpful is if a crime (i.e. burglary, breaking or entering) is reported the next morning. We then have a list of “go-to” suspects to question regarding that incident or incidents.

    Another issue that seems to be of concern is the mention of Street Crimes Unit officers carrying AR-15 rifles with them during these patrols. To give a little background information, several of our patrol officers already carry AR-15 rifles in their patrol vehicles. The AR-15 and police work is nothing new.

    Mayor: Michael Gaskill

    mike dot gaskill at paragouldcity dot org
    Phone: (870) 239-7510

    Police Chief: Todd Stovall

  2. That was disturbing.

    “None of them were breaking the law.”

    Part 2
    “You got to tell me first”

    about 52:00
    reminds me of Gandhi when the British military attacks the crowd in the stadium.

    What are they defending?

    Great question.

    It is a good thing I do not live a police state dictatorship. 😉

    • Have you noticed that – almost invariably – the pigs doing these deeds are the type who probably would fare very badly in a fight if you took away their badge and gun?


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