Reader Question: Diapering as the “In” Thing?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Z asks: Normally I never notice this, I food shop at my local Wegman’s half hour to closing, in and out within 5 minutes and if I need alcohol for when friends come over, two liquor stores “Require you to mask,” but obviously don’t care. Today though, it’s snowing and I and went food shopping early, first mistake. Tons of people around, maybe 5 people the entire store told me to mask; it wasn’t until middle-aged best-I-can-do-in-life Employee Karen stalks me and refuses to accept my arguments and dismissals that I finally struck me that these people who aren’t in any real positions of power are also not gonna relinquish the damn Kabuki Theater. I’m certain you alluded to this before, but again, its not just the corrupt pols who want us muzzled; it’s these otherwise fine, hard working people, who are finally given a taste of authoritah and are going HAAM with it!

My reply: No question, millions of Americans love Diapering. It appeals to their own sick need to posture as virtuous and it appeals to the sadistic urge that attends the masochistic “practice” of wearing the thing. They have to wear it – or think they have to wear it – ands thus you must also. “Health” has little if anything to do with it. The Kabuki is a ritual of conformity and authoritarianism.

My remedy? Get big – in body and mind – and get ready to face them down. “Practice” your fuck off, asshole. And your Get therapy, freak.

I guarantee it’ll make you feel better!

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  1. “A person pushed to the breaking point by the endless mass hysteria, paranoia and sanctimonious demands of his fellow naked apes, might just snap and become insanely and irrationally violent when pushed beyond that point by some do-gooder. I would worry more about that than a nasty cold.”

    ….should be the response to these fools.

  2. Despite MSM and junk scientist protestations to the contrary, from the very beginning diapering was very much a political symbol akin to wearing a red “Chavista” shirt, a Mao cap, or a black armband. Over the course of 11 months, the petty assertions of authority dynamic was at first restrained, then ignored, then encouraged, and finally, governmentally empowered and weaponized.

  3. Besides that, also compiling with friends places to shop at, where the Employee’s aren’t miserable NPC’s high on their own bullshit

    Small list so far, just said liquor stores and a post office where they’d wouldn’t even to Red Dawn happening, but it’s a start.

    So yeah, so far, just “Fuck off Karen, I’ll be gone before you can kick me out” and if I really wanna stick it to them, I’ll print and laminate policies and articles saying they can’t for certain stores


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