The Barbarism of the American AGW

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Here’s a video – another video – showing (again) the soul-less barbarism of “law enforcement” in the United States, where submission to authority trumps every other consideration – even when the target is a handcuffed nine-year-old girl already in the back seat of an AGW-mobile.

The girl’s “crime”?

She failed to respect the authoritah of the AGWs – all six of them.

The AGWs had been summoned, according to news reports, because she was “suicidal” and had “threatened” her mother. Whether she had or hadn’t – or might have acted on the threat – she was in cuffs and in the car when a heroic AGW began to threaten her with mace in the face.

And then carried out the threat – to show the nine-year-old Who is Boss.

These are the AGWs who enforce “mandatory” – i.e., lawless – Face Diaper decrees and who will be the ones kicking in your door when it becomes illegal to question Face Diaper decrees, as is probable now that the man who was selected president is in a position to issue “mandates” of his own.


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  1. One of the failures of the Orange Man and his followers was the seemingly unconditional acceptance of anything done by these “AGWs”. That seemed to change a bit, Jan 6th, when one of them blasted a veteran. That trigger-happy cop has become a hero of the sadistic Left, and the Orange has been shaken in their backing of the Blue.
    Here, we see behavior that would get any of the “Rest of Us” CRUCIFIED.
    To be clear, I respect anyone who would put their lives in danger to save someone else, or keep others FREE.
    If you’re an AGW dedicated to those purposes, that’s wonderful. I do wonder what percentage of AGWs might be of this ilk. Unfortunately, since they ARE “law enforcement”, the nature of the laws they enforce dictates their “morality”. And I also think, again, unfortunately, that these positions attract some of the more disagreeable and power-thirsty.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Yup. I have a concealed carry permit and the standard for using a firearm in self-defense in my state requires that your life was in immediate danger – not that you “feared for your safety,” but that you can prove your life was in imminent peril – and you must have tried to retreat or been unable to do so.

      If I just shot someone – an unarmed someone – crawling through a window, I’d be facing felony murder. But then, I am not an AGW.

    • I think a lot of eyes began opening from the back the blue crowd durring this past 11 months of lockdown. Kind of hard to square back the blue with the total adherence many of these agw’s have shown to tyranical dictates, not laws, that have done nothing to stop the spread of essentially a bad cold virus, but has allowed the almost total destruction of small businesses. Add to that the agw’s ability to sit by and watch business get torched, people assaulted and killed all because the guy who signed the pension checks said so. This is beginning to feel more like armed mercenaries in a feudal system than police officers here to protect and serve. Although as i write this, i know far too many that will still blindly back the blue,even as they are kicking in their doors for having committed the crime of once saying something nice about DJT.

      • That seems like an apt description. “Armed mercenaries in a feudal system.”
        What’s more, I smelled a campaign of division being brewed for some time, which would prevent people from all political realms from uniting against the rampant abuses of the AGWs. And it worked, all-too-well!

        See here:

        Stories like this one prompt a small solidarity between people who have suffered losses from these overzealous maniacs, but they often get little attention, as the racial dynamics aren’t appropriate for spawning division.

        And Eric, I believe you are right that if you shot a woman in the neck with a rifle for crawling in your window, that would be the last we heard from you. The Capitol cop? No charges. Quite alright. Rookie cop blasts a guy coming out of his own apartment to see who’s there? Understandable. No charges. Tax payers need to shell out $3 million, though.

        • Yes, I do see a lot of back-and-forth there. To their credit, if everything is as it appears, I commend those particular AGWs for going after child pornographers. That’s the kind of thing they SHOULD be doing, rather than pepper spraying little girls.

          • The particulars of this case are still blurry. Another take:


            A lot of assumptions are being made. For the sake of argument, the unproven assertion in this case could be used against anyone, including you, for any reason, perhaps for simply making rational arguments “against the state.” We need to be careful not to fall into the trap of convicting people on appearances or allegations.

            • Mr. H,

              Small world indeed! The video incident occurred about 1 mile from my condo. Lots of sirens and Helicopter action! Boy am I looking forward to bugging out to a place called the DR…I can’t handle all this 1st world violence..:)

              Semper Fi , Mac

  2. There is no evil one can imagine that government will refrain from if it determines its in its interest to engage in it. In this case, to protect and defend their “authority” to hold a gun to people’s heads. Since they are quite willing to threaten an adult with death, why should one be shocked they would abuse a child in such manner?

  3. Any adult who chooses to mace my child will receive a death sentence. Period.

    There was a time in America when the ones who did something like this would have been “taken care of” by the community.

    Now, all we hear (even here!) are calls for lawsuits (taxpayer funded). Basically begging government thugs to please punish the other government thugs. Good luck with that.

    Sometimes it is prudent to do your own dirty work.

  4. Why did it not shock my when i saw Rochester ny. Smdh, congratulations you have created another child that will never trust any authority figure ever again.

    • Oh they will trust authority. Trust it to abuse and bully them, if not kill them. Which is exactly what we should all trust it to do. Government exists on the premise they have “authority” to hold a gun to our heads and force us to abide by the opinions of psychopaths put forth as “law”. Even if the psychopath is just one of the enforcers. A thing no sane person would dream of doing.

  5. Why wasn’t a social worker called in? Why do the parents have a mentally imbalanced, suicidal nine year old? Why did the mother call the cops? This family has much bigger problems than they are letting on. Personally, the cops need to stop responding to these calls. Emotions get on edge, overreaction takes place, and then everybody ends up on the 7’o clock news.

    What would have happened 30-50 years ago if this happened? The father would have beaten the child’s butt after they threatened to kill the mother. Some would say this is the more appropriate action, others would deem it abuse. There is no winning in situations like these. It should not be the cops job to to step into family issues.

    Every time the cops are called to deal with these issues we are allowing government an even bigger foothold into our front door. Parents need to parent. Stop allowing the government access to your personal life and these situations will disappear.

    • I agree, RG –

      However: No excuse for adults – adult men, especially – Macing a nine-year-old girl. In handcuffs. Pure sadism under color of law. This is why I have come to loathe AGWs. It is not an uncommon thing, either. I could post similar practically every day. It almost happened to me and three of my friends. The AGW situation is out-of-hand and a big part of the reason why is because of this “law enforcement” business. It encourages mindless brutality; “the law” must be “enforced” – because it is the law. And we – the AGWs – are the law.

        • Hi John,

          Yes; it’s also a real-life performance of the Milgram Experiment. Probably at least one of the 6-7 AGWs “on scene” wasn’t an evil person but stood by while evil was performed. Because of the sickening tendency of humans to defer to Authority.

  6. Shouldn’t it bother their consciences to be so cruel and mean to a young person? It traumatizes them, will want revenge one way or another, just human nature. Tough to forgive and forget when you are a victim.

    Why do they train people to be gestapo-like? Just plain criminal to behave like that.

    Doesn’t make any sense.

    Find a lawyer and demand justice. Money talks, the police department and the city should be worried.

    • That’s the point. They are psychopaths, and have no conscience. Nor remorse, sympathy, empathy, guilt, nor any other sane human traits. Or if they do, it’s suppressed in their so called minds.

  7. Disturbing. But this is from New York, home of that sadistic wild eyed governor they admire so much. This just goes to show the self-important tough guy attitude on New Yorkers; but that facade just masks the awful evil, cowardly pussies they are. I’ve said it before: people of New York are the worst people in the world.

  8. The child was already cuffed (can’t believe I’m typing that). She was in obvious distress and only wanted her dad, but the “authoritahs” couldn’t be bothered to honor a simple request from a crying child. No…”you’re going to get pepper spray in your eyes next” was their compassionate response.

  9. Almost nothing shocks me anymore, but this video did. It is incomprehensible how these pigs treated this poor 9-year old girl. In a better time street justice would be meted out against these rotten fucking thugs.


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