AGW Gangland Style

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Here’s an almost summary execution of a motorist by an itching-to-kill AGW, who points his loaded semi-automatic pistol sideways at a man in his car, while ordering the man to turn off the car’s engine. The man – sensibly, keeps his hands up and refuses to touch anything, given the AGW’s gun pointed at his head from just a couple feet away.

The AGW begins to eruct “Gun”! but shuts up when he realizes he is being filmed – and the man hasn’t got a weapon (and has both hands in the air) which would not look good later if he shot the man for “resisting” and “threatening” the “safety” of the AGW.

See for yourself:

It is unclear what – if anything – the motorist did to trigger the AGW. But it is very clear he wasn’t doing anything during this encounter that justified having an AGW’s pistol pointed at his head while being ordered to move by an AGW.


    • Hi Mark,

      Ever read Man in the High Castle? It depicts an alternate reality, in which the Axis powers won World War II. A Japanese occupation official in San Francisco senses something is not right, and hallucinates visions of what the Germans call the nebenwelt – the next/other world.

      I feel like this, often.

      This world is not right. It is not the way the world is supposed to be. There was a world – I can see it! – in which the image of a cop drawing a gun happened only in the most extreme circumstances. Most cops – as they were known in this world – never even drew their revolver during the course of decades of being a cop.

      I think about this nebenwelt often.

      • It used to be considered a badge of honor when a cop went a whole career WITHOUT drawing his revolver. It was considered an aberrant event if a cop had to draw his gun, let alone USE it…


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