AGW and Open Carry

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What’s the point of obeying the law when you’re still liable to being treated as if you’d broken one?

Here’s yet another video of a man abiding by the law who finds himself threatened with manacles by an armed government worker. The man is legally open-carrying. He has not violated any actual law. But the AGW confronts him and demands ID – because “people” have called about him openly carrying, which is legal in the state.

There is no law in Texas or anywhere else where it is legal to open carry that empowers AGWs to threaten someone with arrest for not providing ID because “people” (or “someone”) called about them openly carrying.

It is legal to open carry.

Yet this AGW – like so many AGWs – uses the pretext about “people” having called as the excuse to abuse the man’s right to be left in peace (since he has not broken any law and the AGW cannot gin up any reason to suspect he may have).

It is exactly as if an AGW pulled a car over for no particular reason and then claimed “someone” called.

The AGW says he does not “know” the man. Presumably, the AGW does not “know” 99 percent of the people in the state, either. Does that obviate the rights of those 99 percent to be left in peace and empower the AGW to threaten people with arrest for not providing ID and submitting to his orders?

Apparently, it does.

These AGWs are never fired – much less prosecuted – for making up law (and enforcing it). And these are the same AGWs who will come knocking on your door someday – probably soon – to demand you surrender your guns.

The Second Amendment is as defunct as the Fourth and Fifth and 10th Amendments. The entire Bill of Rights is a dead letter, a museum piece.

The law – per Judge Dredd – is whatever they say it is.

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  1. I have two nephews that were on their way hunting with another friend when an off duty AGW saw a handgun through the glass of the pickup they were in, then called in an assault force because he said he was “In fear for my life”. They were pulled over by three squad cars, held at gunpoint while orders were barked to them by the costumed heroes and one of my nephews was arrested, thrown in jail and charged with some sort of serious misdemeanor.

    Hut Hut Hut.

    Now he must pay for a lawyer, go to court to receive his invoice from the rubber stamp Judge payable to the Thin Blue Mob, and more than likely be indentured to the legal system by way of probation for a time.

    Hut Hut Hut.

    • Look behind laws that make people hire lawyers and guess what? It’s the lawyers’ organizations that are the ones lobbying for them.


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