AGW Won’t Say Whether Man is Free to Go

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Here’s video of another AGW who seethesĀ  with contempt for the law he’s supposed to enforce – and respect.

A man is confronted on his lawn by the AGW, who demands ID. The man refuses to provide it, then tells the AGW he isn’t interested in playing verbal patty cake; he asks whether he is being detained – or is free to go.

This is a basic legal question which the AGW is obliged – as a matter of law – to answer. If the AGW has no legal basis for detaining a person, then that person is free to go. What this AGW did was to use his badge and gun and the murderous violence implied by them to force the man to stay put without any lawful basis for doing so – a criminal act if done by anyone else.

A felony, if done under similar circumstances by one of us.

Imagine walking up to someone on the street while carrying a gun – and preventing them from walking away by dint of having that gun. They ask you to leave them alone; you refuse – they “comply” out of terror, you being armed and clearly a psychopath.

This is what the AGW did… under color of law. Under protection of the law – which applies a double standard to AGWs who abuse it, break it and otherwise flout it, often without the slightest repercussions.

In this case, the AGW should have been charged with unlawfully detaining the man as well as bullying him by refusing to answer legitimate/lawful questions regarding the man’s legal obligations – and refusing to leave the man’s property, despite being repeatedly asked.

At least the man wasn’t Hut! Hut! Hutted! by this low-IQ tatoo’d goon.



  1. Let them keep it up, enough people are being exposed to this and it will change due to cops that aren’t going home that night due to myriad reasons. I know I am guarded when I talk to police, even socially. I was an MP in the Army and wanted to be a cop after I got out. Armed Forces Patrol with civilian cops such as corrupt San Francisco Police (Other departments were no different) cured me of that. I became a nurse and that is a whole different story involving females.

    • Hi Cederg!

      Ironically, their actions have further isolated them, which enhances their sense of being a caste apart… which makes them even more dangerous.

      Cops (they’re gone now) used to be much more respectful of citizens who hadn’t done anything unlawful. A citizen could assert this fact and the cop would generally concede the point and back off. This business of Respect My Authoritah was the exception – a caricature – not the rule. Cracker redneck sheriffs, etc.

      Today it is routine – almost official policy.

      Use of force has also run amok. It was rare once upon a time for cops to beat and shoot people who weren’t clearly trying to hurt them ( as opposed to “stop resisting”). Resort to violence absent clear justification in terms of my life was literally on the line was frowned upon. If it wasn’t justified, such dirty cops were likely to be prosecuted.

      And cops were just cops. Not “heroes.” This latter has had a terrible effect. It has created an insane sense of self-importance/self-pity and entitlement.


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