AGW Busted Selling What He Busts Others for Selling

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A Florida armed government worker with the “rank” of “lieutenant” (civilian law-enforcers aren’t in the military, though they like play-pretending they are, including awarding themselves “commissioned” ranks) named Isaac Lopez has been caught attempting to buy mass quantities of methamphetamine – one of several arbitrarily illegal “drugs” that AGWs such as Lopez routinely “bust” people for buying/selling/possessing.

According to local news reports, Lopez though he was dealing with a dealer in the arbitrarily illegal “drugs” but as it turned out, he was being entrapped by fellow AGWs.

Lopez  apparently hoped to resell the “drugs” in Alabama.

“He used his city cell phone to orchestrate it,” said Escambia County Sheriff Heath Jackson.  “We believe he was going to come back to Alabama and distribute the meth on this end.”

Lopez faces multiple felony charges, including charges related to the use of city-provided AGW equipment to obtain the arbitrarily illegal “drugs.”

A question arises that is rarely asked and almost never answered: How many people were convicted/jailed or fined on the obviously dubious say-so of this AGW? Shouldn’t every conviction that was based on the say-so of a criminal AGW be automatically tossed as a matter of course?

Of course, that would be just – and that’s not what AGWs exist to serve or protect.

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  1. They’re law enforcers, not law abiders.

    There oughta be a law saying that law enforcers have to follow the laws. But then who’s going to enforce that law on the law enforcers?

    Security is all wrong in this world — you have small security teams (sheriffs, police, etc) that have absolute power and take orders from the dictators, that’s a recipe for corruption & disaster, that’s what we have now. Instead, you should have lots of security teams (for decentralization) that take orders from the people who vote on criminal investigations of officers, and the people can fire any officer at any time, and all security teams must publish a log of all their activities so all the people know what’s going on. And anyone can join any security team they want at any time without having to be hired, so there’s no “secret club” thing going on, anyone can get right in there and see what’s going on from the inside, and report any corruption to the people & other security teams.

    When it comes to security, everyone has to keep an eye on everyone else. But in this world today, it’s a secret club that operates in secrecy behind closed doors, and we’re just supposed to trust the Sheriff/Chief/etc as being a super moral almighty saint that would never do anything wrong. And the chiefs take orders from dictators, and get their paychecks from those same dictators. And the serfs/people are forbidden from doing any law enforcement activities, there’s no proper practical method for the people to do citizens arrests etc, so we’re all at the mercy of the thug gangs aka police to help us when we need help, and we have no recourse should the thug gangs ever become corrupt — we have NO BACKUP PLAN at all. Gosh, what could possibly go wrong with this system? [sarc]

    Welcome to N.Koreamerica everyone. Welcome to hell. This country is going to become a horrible nightmare hell because evil gremlins are running everything in a system designed to give absolute power to whomever gets elected — plus the gremlins fraud the elections so they got all their gremlin buddies in all positions of power. But you all just LOVE your “representative democracy” so much — you don’t trust the people to make any decisons, you want the “representatives” to make all the decisions for you. Well this is what you’re getting, so stop complaining about all the problems going on, because this is what you get with “representatives”, this is what you get when you don’t trust the common people to consensus with each other and make decisions. You get the worst criminals that will make your lives a nightmare. Someone should start a company making suicide pills — they’ll be a trillionaire soon.

  2. There would have been no motive for him to do so if the abundant also illegal but much safer drugs were not illegal. Meth is by all accounts extremely dangerous. Though in my youth I experimented with several, this one I did not. There would be no Meth market if Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana, even Heroin were legal, and therefore more affordable, and safer. Meth can be made, apparently by any imbecile, in their kitchen. Its a fact that Heroin is no more dangerous than alcohol. There are many addicts who control their usage and lead functional lives, just like some alcoholics do. That’s beside the fact it’s no one else’s business what I put in my body. I essentially quit illegal drugs, not because of any direct effect, but because of the ever increasing professional criminal involvement. It became dangerous to participate. Because its illegal. Just like the COVID edicts, it caused more problems than it solved.


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