Monday, June 27, 2022
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AGW Gets Treated Like We Aren’t

Vide has been released of a traffic stop involving an off-duty armed government worker who turned out to be a n extremely liquored-up armed government worker. What's interesting about the video is...

Lesson 5,371 Regarding Why it is Always a Bad Idea to Dial 911

Government is very good at breaking things - including people - and leaving other people to clean up its mess. Armed government workers are especially good at this. Witness the ruin visited...

AGW Says: I’ll Kill You!

Video taken by a man in Houston, Texas captures the moment when he almost got shot to death by an enraged government worker, armed and badged. George Dickerson says he hit the...

Idaho AGW Rapes Cancer Patient

An armed government worker named Scott McMikle has just been arrested for the serial rape of a woman bedridden with breast cancer. The attacks took place over a decade ago. According to prosecutor...

Triple Digit Road-Raging AGW

Here's video just released of a Texas armed government worker driving 100 MPH in his personal car and driving in a manner that would get anyone else thrown in jail. A...

The Barbarism of the American AGW

Here's a video - another video - showing (again) the soul-less barbarism of "law enforcement" in the United States, where submission to authority trumps every other consideration - even when the...

AGW Threatens to Taze Man for Failure to Diaper

This is what America has been reduced to. A man walks into a gas station to buy a snack or pay for his gas - it's not clear which - and is...

PA AGW Follows Man Home for Failure to Diaper

A Pennsylvania man was followed home by an armed government worker - a PA state AGW - for the "crime" of not wearing a Holy Rag. The AGW exclaims that the...

Diapered AGW Attacks Man for “Walking off Trail”

Video has surfaced of an armed and Diapered government worker attacking a man for walking his dog "off trail" in New Mexico. According to news reports, Darrell House - a former Marine...

A Post Mortem Harass & Collect

An elderly California man was found dead in his home by armed government workers who performed a "wellness check" after the 70-year-old hadn't been heard from in awhile and concerned family...
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