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Why Tickets Cost What They Do

If you've been forced to pay the state money for not having caused any harm lately - i.e., been issued what is styled a "ticket" because you drove faster than an...

She-Beast AGW Accosts Motorist

If ever there was proof that it is possible for a person to "transition" from female to male - and perhaps be stuck in between - it is evident in the...

The Crime of “Aimlessly Walking Around”

Here is a video of an Armed Government Worker physically assaulting a couple of guys for the "crime" of "aimlessly walking around." The real crime, apparently, was that oneĀ  of these...

LAPD Hut! Hut! Huts! Kid for Failure to Defer

Here's a charming video of LAPD armed government workers Hut! Hut! Hutting! a kid for the "crime" of Failure to Defer (to AGWs). Of course, there is no such crime . ....

The Night Pelosi Swayed

Video of Paul Pelosi's arrest for DWI has been released and what's interesting about it is the deference and respect accorded the husband of Nancy Pelosi - who is (unfortunately) speaker...

Bad Cases Make Hard Law

Here is a case in point of the old saying about hard cases making (for) bad law. In this case, the hard case being a thug who was roughly handled by...

Another Horned Up “Hero”

A Stockton, CA armed government worker (AGW) is n trouble over revelations that he was engaged in serial sexual harassment of sex workers, often while "on duty." "Sergeant" Nicholas Bloed - the...

The Gangs of San Mateo

In the old Batman TV series, Commissioner Gordon would light up the Bat-Signal to summon Batman. In San Mateo County, CA, a rich guy summoned Armed Government Workers to signal the...


Video - her own bodycam video - has surfaced of a female armed government worker angrily ranting about the people she "serves and protects" in general and "niggers" in particular. Cincinnati AGW...

Hero Hassled by “Heroes”

You may recall the mass shooting at a government school in Uvalde, Texas - where armed government workers, concerned for their "safety," did nothing to prevent the shooter from killing a...
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