AGWs Caught Selling the Drugs they “Bust” Others for Selling

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A pair of armed government workers in Miami has been “busted” for doing the very thing they are paid to “bust” others for doing.

Roderick Flowers and Keith Edwards, Jr. were also apparently on the payroll of the Sinaloa Cartel at the same time they were on the payroll of the Miami-Dade County Cartel. They provided protection for drug-selling at the time they provided muscle for enforcing laws prohibiting drug selling – the “drugs” being arbitrarily illegal in both cases. You can be “busted” for selling or ingesting this “drug” but other state-approved “drugs” are just fine, provided of course you pay the state its cut.

At any rate, these double-dippers got caught doing what is arbitrarily illegal for us, themselves. While being paid to do what is illegal for us – twice. By the cartel – and the cartel.

According to local media, Flowers and Edwards:

” . . . traveled with an undercover DEA source  and picked up what they thought was a massive amount of cocaine, 10 kilos, and moved it 50 miles to a hotel.  . . .the DEA source hugged both cops and said, ‘welcome to the Sinaloa Cartel. ‘ ”

Will every conviction for possessing/selling/using arbitrarily illegal “drugs” that was based on evidence adduced by these two be thrown out as “fruit of the poisoned tree”?

Of course not.

And they wonder why they’re hated.

. . .

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  1. There’s got to be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cops on the various payrolls of cartels (which cartel doesn’t really matter). The DEA went after these two probably because they went off the reservation and become a problem.

    The job of dirty cops is usually to provide services. There’s whole agencies that have been caught laundering or acting as an army for the drug cartels.

  2. Never mind that those in charge of the “legal” drugs, the FDA and the Medical Industrial Complex, are killing people faster and more efficiently than any drug cartel is remotely capable of doing. The fact they were selling “illegal” drugs isn’t their crime, the fact they were arresting people for doing so is.

  3. Bu they’re “heroes,” Eric.

    Heroes. “Keeping us safe.”

    Don’t you have your black-and blue cop flag flying in front of your house… next to your “God Bless Our Police” sign???

  4. If they do time (highly unlikely) it will be in the federal system under an assumed name. It is highly likely that they will just “disappear”, given new identities and protection.


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