Reader Question: HPM and Old Cars?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Chris asks: I just read your latest article about the effect of a Biden presidency on the new car market but I am wondering what you think the effect will be on old cars? Specifically, do you think the HPM will target older cars in some way? How? Your thoughts always appreciated!

My reply: We have the example of HPM’s Chinese handlers to look to for insight. In China, you’re allowed to drive a car that isn’t electric – provided you pay through the nose for the required plates/registration, the cost equivalent to the price here of a new Toyota Corolla.

We can also look to Europe, where non-electric cars are outright banned from certain areas and, of course, the cost to fuel them is enormous, via taxes.

I also think the HPM and his followers will make an attempt, at least, to force older cars – especially really old cars, without computer controls and without “safety” equipment – off the road altogether, for “environmental” as well as ssssssssssssssssaaaaaafety reasons. But for the actual reason, of course, of getting rid of the last vestiges of affordable mobility.

I anticipate cars like my Orange Barchetta to become just what Rush sang about 40 years ago. An outlawed relic from a better, vanished time.

Tally ho. It’s about to get real.

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  1. I’m actually surprised they haven’t gone after gas stations more. AKA, make it harder to even get gas and diesel. Of course in some cities where the real estate is valuable there are already very few gas stations. I bet some “progressive” cities will turn up the heat on developing new (or renovations) of gas stations. Maybe they will require each gas pump also include a charger for electric cars (AKA, make everybody wait because electric car drivers won’t care).

    • Yeah, like in Californey, where RUG is twice the rest of the civilized world per gallon. That will be their first attack, raise the fed gas tax, double it or more.

      • That’ll require an act of Congress; so long as the GOP holds the Senate, that won’t happen. If the Dems flip those two Senate seats at stake in GA though, all bets are off…


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