Reader Question: Will They Illegalize IC Cars?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Troy asks: I’v listened to you talk on the radio about the possibility of non-electric cars being outlawed. Do you see this as a real possibility and if so, how soon could this happen?

My reply: I see this as inevitable. As necessary – from the standpoint of the Agenda. Which is very obviously to get everyone, or almost, into an electric car. The difficulty, though, is that most people cannot afford one – even if they wanted to buy one. Therefore, absent external pressure – or externally provided “incentives” – most people will continue to not drive electric cars.

Unless non-electric cars are made as expensive to drive as electric cars, via exorbitant registration fees or special taxes applied to them (a kind of reverse rebate). Or by limitations fatwa’d on where they can be used (as is already being done in Europe).

I doubt they will be outlawed outright, however – as that might actually provoke pushback. The elites who control the country via the government and big corporations have learned.  They understand that it is far more effective to simply regulate something out of existence than to outright ban it. You can still have your IC car… provided  it complies with X, Y and Z and you have paid the necessary fees.

A good example of this tactic is the regulation of firearms capable of selective/automatic fire or above a certain caliber. It’s not illegal in many states to own them. Just cripplingly expensive and tightly regulated. Most people can’t afford it and the rest don’t want to deal with the hassle.

The same technique will be applied to IC cars.

It is already being applied.

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  1. Eric, you are right – it IS already being applied, and its more and more obvious here in Europe/ the UK.

    Some places, it actually makes “economic” (in the most twisted and crooked sense of the word) sense to have an electric or plug in hybrid car. Subsidised financing. Discounts to make quotas. No road tax. Free parking. Free charging. No toll/congestion charge. For quite a few commutes into London – its actually now cheaper than public transport (which itself is overpriced given crooked management, politicians, and unions!) I suspect as they push for electrics more, tax and regulate ICEs more, it will become more the case elewhere that electric cars seem cheaper to own and operate than ICEs….


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