Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 02/28/2024

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Here’s the audio of my weekly talk with Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about our “representatives,” among other things:

. . .

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  1. Representatives….Re: the Trump judgement….

    “Who Could Be Next”: Top Canadian Pension Fund Sells Manhattan Office Tower For $1, Sparking Firesale Panic

    A humorous twist on this CRE price crash……from ZH comments….

    Zoom made the downtown business center and rush hour obsolete, office towers are dinosaurs.

    That’s why I tell people that Trump bribed the prosecutor and the judge to convict him in such an egregious manner as to be impossible not to get overturned on appeal, and to fine him for an amount equal to what he originally paid out on the property, before Zoom made the value drop from $355 million down to $18 million.

    Now he needs NY City to confiscate and sell his property BEFORE he can launch his appeal. He can take that $355 million fine and that $18 million sale price to the tax man and say, I overpaid on my taxes for years, and I have a court judgement to back up my claim.

    Then after the tax man gives him a huge deduction he can launch his appeal to a higher court that will not only overturn the lower courts decision, it will claim any future prosecutions of Donald Trump will be looked upon as election interference and political persecution.

    The higher court will say that since Donald Trumps property can’t be returned to him, somebody else has bought it from NY city since the original judgement, NY City must pay Donald Trump $355 million.

    So instead of Donald Trump being stuck with property that went from $355 million back in the day that can’t be sold for more than $1 in 2024, he gets the original pre Zoom era price back, plus a nice huge tax deduction to boot. The Art of The Deal by the guy who wrote the book.

    If it plays out that way, he truly is the 6d chess master indeed!

  2. Apple announced it has abandons their electric car project. See ZH. IMO Cut and run in progress. The memo must be circulating in company board rooms – EVs have become a financial albatross. Forget saving the planet, now it’s save the company.

    Why is Nimrata staying in the race? Well, read this:

    Mark Glenn of Cocollala Idaho is a school teacher of Lebanese descent who is an outspoken critic of the Zionist regime. He is famous for his many appearances on PressTV and his interview of LtCol Alan Sabrosky which is now called “Sabrosky interview”

    use these words to find and read it:

    Full transcript of Sabrosky interview Saker Mark Glenn


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