Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 01/09/2024

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Here’s the audio of this week’s talk with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Brian Hyde Show in Utah! We talked about the effectiveness of pushback, among other things:

. . .

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  1. Democracy as a term has been hijacked by the ruling Jewish elite to mean Jewish control of a nation, or Zionist Occupied Government, ZOG – a common term to describe the Jewish hijacked states of Amerika, UK, France, Germany, Australia, etc. Note how the ZOG nations all follow Israel around like puppies, not one leader in any ZOG state will call it genocide.

    When the Jew media says “Our Democracy is under attack” what they mean is Jewish control of the state is under attack. They do this with the First Amendment also, when a Jew says our free speech is under attack understand what they are saying, the Jewish (fake) narrative is under attack.

    Jews do believe in free speech – free speech for them and everyone else can shut the hell up. Jews are the fascists that undermine your republic. Amerika is not a Democracy, it is a subverted republic, the subverters are Jews – which the host and Eric both fail to mention.

    The Left Eric talks about is the left wing of Jews controlled by Jews. Antifa is controlled by left/commie Jews. The Communists themselves were all Jews. The Bolshevik officers were 90% Jews killing white Christians in Russia. According to Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, they killed 50 to 100 million white Christian peasants. (nationalists like to use 66 million killed, for obvious reasons)

    Even Putin himself said in a speech that the first Bolshevik government was all Jews.

    JTA — Russian President Vladimir Putin said that at least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish.

    “I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13 during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.


    ISIS is an Israeli proxy army. During the bombing of ISIS in Syria, the dead officers were identified as Mossad Generals. ISIS fighters were treated in Israeli hospitals, ISIS (Muslim fundamentalists) never threatened Israel. Not once. When ISIS smashed archeological sites it was for Jews and Israel, they destroyed irreplacable Sumerian sites/digs for the simple reason the Bible is bullshit and they wish to preserve the fake Bible narrative. The Holy Bible is the greatest literary hoax of all time, Abraham and all the rest, including King David are 100% fictional characters stolen from Hindu mythology.

    The Brahman priests became Abraham, the Hindu God Brahma was replaced by the father Abraham, Brahma’s wife Saraswati became Sara, etc all the way through, David is derived from the Dravidian speaking peoples of south India. Sarah’s maid servant Hagar is derived from the Indian river Ghaggar.

    When Antifa destroys Southern leader statues it is for Jewry. You have to figure that out or you are lost in this battle. Jews could give a rat’s ass about your history, it is going to be the way the Jews say it was, regardless of any fact. Jews are the ones bringing in all the illegal immigrants to overthrow the white Christian majority. This immigration crisis is really Jewish warfare against Whites. If you do not see that you are lost and do not understand the real politik.

    Jews want to replace all real history with fake Jewish history. They did this in post WW2, they replaced the crimes of the allies with the fake Holocaust narrative, we call it the Holohoax, totally created out of thin air after the war was over. There were no gas chambers, the 6 million number is just a sacred number they use all the time to fool the Goyim. The Jews used the 6,000,000 number 135 times before anyone ever heard of Hitler. And no Virginia, Germans never made lampshades from Jew skins. It is all a total lie the Jews use to guilt trip and control you. The real Gaza holocaust has now destroyed their leverage with that trick.

    The modern Jews returning to Israel are not Semites, in fact the modern Jews are killing the real Semites, and they have no blood claim, as if some fictional bullcrap myth of Jews running around the desert to please their demon god Yahweh is some sort of title to some land they want to steal. How many people still believe god choose them? If you can’t figure it out by now, well, maybe you are really dumb.

    And don’t forget why Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East – because Jews only control Israel in the M.E. You will all learn that everything that comes out of every Jew mouth is a bald faced lie. So good luck trying to save your republic when you won’t even mention the god damned Jews as causal. A Jew could care less about any Democratic value, in fact they are against any state not subjected by them. Figure it out.

  2. Very apt to compare our situation to the old Soviet system. We are, in some ways, worse because we live in a digital panopticon that the Soviets could only have dreamt of. Right now they are mainly using ‘soft power’ but if/when they decide to go full Checka / Stasi we are screwed because its MUCH easier to track and detain people than it was in the mid 20th century.

  3. “Resistance is futile” gets the press, but I’m more partial to the line “Incorrect strategy, Number One” if I’m going to quote Locutus of Borg.


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