We Probably Have About a Year

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In pro wrestling, it’s called a Kayfabe. Meaning, a staged portrayal of events. A heel – or bad guy – will pull a dirty trick on the face – the good guy. Such as hitting him over the head with a folding chair when his back is turned. Then the face will slowly recover, shake off the blow and put the heel in his place. Think Iron Sheik vs. Hulk Hogan.

That’s a Kayfabe.

We may be seeing a match like that unfolding on the political stage right now. The heel is an unpleasant old grifter, as obviously senile as he is obviously corrupt. The crowd is enraged by his effrontery. By the way he clearly stole the title from the face, the Golden Golem of Greatness – as he is hilariously styled by James Howard Kunstler.

And now it’s the face’s turn.

Revenge is at hand!

Of course, it might all be for show – the choreography mutually agreed-upon behind the scenes. The chair over the head made to collapse; the falls and blows all practiced until they looked real when they happened.

What if?

The Great Golem seems remarkably inevitable, doesn’t he? As if he were set up to be. The senile old grifter is extremely, even deliberately unpopular – even with the Left. He is also obviously senile and becoming more so all the time. At headed-toward-82, he does not have much time. He is not going to win the title again. He may not even make it to the match. Everyone knows this. He can’t even walk up the main stairs of Air Force One without stumbling down. They make him use the short stairs under the plane instead – fingers crossed. 

Anyone could have foreseen this. As if the consequences of selecting a man already pushing 80 when selected could not have been anticipated.

Well, now what?

The Left is in a quandary – or so it appears. The senile old grifter’s time is nearly up but if he is wheelchaired off to the Memory Care home, who will be selected in his stead? Kamela Harris isn’t senile but she is unpopular. A brown-and-serve iteration of Hillary Clinton. But she can’t be hit over the head with a folding chair by her own people because she is brown – and female. For the Left, replacing her with a white man such as Gavin Newsom is politically unthinkable.

Maybe Big Mike?

Just maybe.

But even if so, the Great Golem’s comeback feels almost scripted at this point, doesn’t it? Every ridiculous court case based on petty or unsubstantiated or trumped-up charges only serves to increase his popular support – for just the same reason the crowd roared with anger when the Hulkster was unjustly hit over the head from behind with a folding chair by the Iron Sheik. No one likes a heel. Everyone cheers a face.

Each time the senile old grifter displays his senility, the hope that someone will arrive to take him off the stage waxes.

Could that be exactly the the plan?

What if the Kayfabe is to have Trump take back the title belt – after thoroughly and satisfyingly suplexing and camel-clutching the senile old grifter – and then hit Trump over the head with a real chair, in the form of a collapsing economy? One that’s being held together for now with duct tape, clothes pins and bailing wire, just long enough to not come apart until after the blame for it can be placed squarely onto the shoulders of the Great Golem – and everyone who voted for him.

Every “racist,” “threat-to-democracy” white person, that is. Look at what they did! The Left will then have the support it needs to do what the senile old grifter wasn’t able to do. Especially when Big Mike comes onstage to suplex and camel clutch the aging and no-longer-great Golem, a few years hence.

Or – another play – the Golem will be the one to impose national ID and Patriot Act II – along with CBD. To keep America “safe” from the hordes of undocumented “refugees” that have been invited to invade the country during the past three-plus years. And the audience will go along with it because it’s their face who’s hitting them over the head with a chair this time. Wrap it in the flag and sing about how glad you are to be an American, where at least you know you’re free . . .

If it is a Kayfabe, things are likely to hold together, then, for just long enough.

The good news is we have that time. It’s almost as if we’ve been warned to use it wisely, too. As in, to get ready. To have on hand the things we need before the things we need are no longer easy to get our hands on. To have alternatives. To do what we can to have a better chance that we’ll make it through what’s almost certainly coming.

The bad news is there’s not much time.

A bit less than a year; perhaps a little longer for the sake of the plausibility of the show.

And then it’ll be us in the ring, getting whacked over the head with a folding chair. And it’ll be for real.

. . .

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  1. One thing about Trump….when he tweets…..X’s?…it can move the market….if you are trading and positioned properly…=$$$$

  2. To prevent slaves co operating and revolting, keep them fighting each other, hating each other….

    Which outcome would cause the most fighting between the slave groups?….Trump winning probably….so that could be a safe bet….

    Plus the financial collapse due in 2025 probably will be blamed on Trump and his conservative slave voters….further dividing the slave groups….

    The communist slave owners like the leftist slaves better….they follow orders better….submit…consent…

    To prevent slaves co operating and revolting, keep them fighting each other, hating each other….importing a bunch of migrants helps that agenda too….

    • But….electing one of two freemason choices offered by the slave owners doesn’t bring about any change in the reality….

      Big change would be….. no more slave owners…no more tax slavery, debt/usury slavery, etc….freedom and sovereignty returned to the slaves….

  3. Here is my take on the 2024 (s)election…
    If Trump is (s)elected, the Dems will refuse to certify the election…something Pence should have refused to do in the 2020 (s)election. The 2020 (s)election was rife with fraud and should not have been “certified”. Pence is a snake who proved his ineptness and refusal to do the right thing…
    Only this time, there will be no violence from the left as was the case in 2021.

    • I don’t believe any election is above the board since the beginning of television. Possibly even radio. The treatment of elections like a football game, where the various reporters and anchors and pundits light up the “big board” on a set based on Doctor Strangelove’s Pentagon war room, and go live to some “key precinct” of a city to interview and poll voters, then report on unverified results before polls close. A fantastic wrap up to the 6 month circus that makes modern politics entertaining.

      It doesn’t need to be like this, but the election boards love the attention, and get their rocks off on it. There’s plenty of time to count paper votes, there’s no reason for these massive precincts. They really want fair elections? Produce a state issued ID (like you do for just about anything else, can be issued to anyone for a nominal fee… and there are charities that can pay on your behalf), set up a polling station within walking distance of 70% or more of the population, and hand count paper ballots with a roll up. Of course that takes time, and the TV networks don’t want to wait. So we get the ridiculous system we have now… and demands for nationalization.

  4. I still doubt Trump will be elected. The Ds will replace Biden, and Trump loses to nearly any D. The Rs had their chance to nominate someone who can beat any D, and instead are stuck with Trump.

    If Trump is elected, then he will be blamed for the collapsing economy, and maybe WW3 if the neocons have their way. After all, Trump is the one who shut down the economy for a cold virus and printed up trillions of dollars to pay people to stay home and order takeout delivered by the few working stiffs whose jobs had to continue. Will Trump stop the Ukraine/Russia war via negotiations with the evil Putin? Will he continue to supply Israel with all the bombs it needs to eliminate Gaza and Lebanon, and maybe plunge the ME into a gigantic war? What’s he going to do about the $1T in annual deficits, the out of control Medicare and Medicaid spending? The US troops in hundreds of countries? The millions of invaders? Inflation? He couldn’t even build a wall when he had an R Congress. It was Trump who complained about the 2% interest rates and now we have 5%. Finally I can earn a return (still negative after inflation).

    I don’t look for anything to get better. The chickens have come home to roost. Prepping won’t help the elite or the average Joe. When the economy collapses, everyone suffers, including the elite who won’t have their slave labor, and the slaves might break into their bunkers and food stores. Who will service their jets and yachts?

    • Hi Howard,

      It’s said by some that DeSantis might have stood a better chance vs. Biden in that he is less polarizing than Orange Man. But DeSantis has no real popular backing and he’s not charismatic. Sigh. I know. A free country ought not to be led by a charismatic demagogue. It ought to be self-led. But it is what it is, as the saying goes – and our choice, such as it is, is between the Orange Clown and the Ideological Terror.

      • Well DeSantis had a lot of help not having real popular backing. In particular it came from two fronts. One the MSM continuing the lies about his great success in FL against the pharma tyranny — which should have been most people’s favorite thing about it IMO. Second, all the fucken idiot “forever Trumpers” that worship the ground that he slimes on. They have never STFU about how DeSantis is this or that, blah, blah, blah, talking about Israel support and you name it. If those people don’t believe that Trump is all of that, they’re high on glue. High on something. But I blame them the most not giving up the stupid pipe dream about Trump.

        If Trump is elected, and he might be, what fucken catastrophe will be next? How will he outdo the operation warp genocide?

        But, it still remains very likely that the deepstate will just fake up the votes however they want it just like last time. Who’s gonna stop ’em?

        • “If Trump is elected, and he might be, what fucken catastrophe will be next?”

          WW III. Almost inevitable at this point. And Trump, partially responsible, will get all the blame. Pretty easy to predict the scenario by which he will let it happen, too.

    • The Democrats are in a difficult position. They really elevated that idiot, Kamala Harris, into a position of respect, and Kamala is liked quite a bit by black voters, and female voters. This is inconceivable to me, how someone could like Kamala, but that’s what the Democrat polls show.

      If Biden is removed from the ticket, I think Kamala must stay. If she stays, as the candidate or the VP, that helps Trump.

  5. Hi Eric,

    Good points about the Kayfabe, which is actually more widespread than people realize. Here’s a good article on that.

    Yes, Biden’s senility is obviously part of a script. The parallels with Brezhnev and the Soviet Union are very obvious.

    As to how much time you/we all have, remember they told us the reset is coming by 2030.
    (Look for “You will own nothing but be happy” video on YT).

    Meanwhile, US FedGov’s interest payments are going through the roof, hitting $1 trillion. One has to be braindead not to see what’s coming.

    I wonder how they are gonna do the dollar collapse though. Will they release a computer virus blaming Russia for this? Whitney Webb had an article on this.

    Another possibility is the powers-that-shouldn’t be know something that we don’t, and simply don’t care how it all ends up, and are simply binding their time. In this respect, it’s interesting that NOAA predicts there will be no solar cycle 26 (the current one is 25).

  6. We should get beyond the silly notion that we have a say in who rules over us. The only say we have is in who/what we serve, be it good or bad. Our so called choice is a filthy lumpen shekel. One side is flat, and one slightly rounded, but still the same filthy lumpen shekel.

    It amazes me that in 2024, after all we’ve seen, I have family and friends who get furious at me for insisting that elections are just for show. How anyone can argue otherwise is beyond me. The kayfabe spectacle should have a label, ‘for entertainment purposes only.’ Until we get to same day, in person, results in less than 24 hours, American idol is more legit. I’d prefer they just cancelled the whole show because of Russia, Rona, Aliens, or whatever. At least then the drama would move more peoples Overton window.

    It’d be nice to see Trump again for pure entertainment. Then I hear that he’s entertaining Tulchi Gabbard, and remember how many swampers he filled his government with. He gives me the feeling he’s going to take a fall in the ninth. If thats the case, I’d rather just have four more years of the current piss stained train wreck.

    Its comical that in a country of 350-500 (Not sure, as I’m not a mathematician) million people, our only choice is between two doddering old fools. It proves once again how much the Garbage Elite like to rub our faces in our own shit.

    Always thought wrestling was pretty fake and gay, then I discovered all professional sports are fake and gay, that includes politics. Thats the good thing about being in the middle of an awakening, we all learn new truths as we go along, giving us some hope that others will learn as well. It is encouraging that 20+ years ago we were a fraction of a fraction. Now we comprise maybe 3-5%. Still, if we are being honest, there probably wont ever be enough of us to affect the kind of change that would bring back the world we all grew up in.

    The only thing that might draw me in is Tucker Carlson, or Ramaswampy as VP. And yes, they are both controlled opposition, but imagine the howling from the lunatic left. A VP who they hated more than Trump. Hilarity would ensue providing endless opportunities to deplete my lifetime supply of popcorn

    • You said it well, Mr. Franklin!

      It’s nothing but a charade to make the people believe that they have a say, and to insure that no outsiders can ever get in to a position in which they might be able to cause a little bit of trouble for those behind the curtain who really control the power.

      Everyone is so concerned about “not wasting their vote”, and opposing the “other party” (which in reality is no different than their own party) that they’ll only vote for those who are set before them. No one seems to notice that despite many decades of this dance between the two sides of the same coin that nothing ever changes for the better; that the promises are never ever kept, and that the overall agendas of those who really wield the power just keep moving forward and that they are never even talked about by the contenders, much less challenged.

    • ‘Its comical that in a country of 350-500 million people, our only choice is between two doddering old fools.’ — Norman

      When two doddering old fools are the best they can find for the top slot, just imagine what their middle management looks like:

      ‘Fani Willis is the avatar of DMV America—the combination of racial caste system and kakistocracy that the American regime is determined to erect in what was once the world’s proudest meritocratic society.

      ‘We have extensively chronicled the decay rotting out America as it pays for bad decisions made decades ago. We’ve covered the degradation of America’s power grid, its airports, and even its amusement parks.

      ‘But just as glaring as any physical decay will be the decay in human capital—the disappearance of talented and morally upright people who are replaced by farcical parasites who bask in how useless and entitled they are.’


    • Are elections “faked”? Well, in many cases, they’re not, but who wins makes little, if any, difference. The fakery only becomes more obvious, the more desperate is the rhetoric against a particular side. I’ve seen this go on over the some 45 years that I’ve been eligible to vote.

      What I note in particular is that it was DUMMYCRATS that made the shrill cries of election fraud in 2000, 2004, and 2016. Never mind the credibility of their claims. It was ALSO obvious the amount of downright fakery to get Gore, Kerry, and Clinton even nominated, given what many deluded outright “Commie Rats” like the so-called “Bernie Bros” thought (what a SCAM that JOO-faker has pulled off on his supporters!), and still they LOST. Ask yourself this? Do you really want a Chief Executive that can’t even win a staged election convincingly?

  7. The system is failing. Its going down. They might lash out at Russia but the Ruuskies will easily swat it like sick flies.

    The Bad news, shit it is going to be bonkers for a short – mid range period.

    The Good news – Opportunities aplenty when the dust settles assuming you make it to the other side of the collapse.

  8. 5 Reasons The Left will Run Michelle Obama for President

    Trump is going to win unless something big happens to remove him. If some Communist black tranny is made POTUS, while Trump is dead or rotting in prison, I wonder if that could be the trigger for an internal revolution.

    IMO it would be better to make plans to survive the upcoming catastrophe – like out of the country property.

  9. If Big Mike becomes the nominee or even the VP on the ticket, the Left will stop at nothing to get him elected.

    The last decade will just be a warmup act for what’s to come this Fall.

    • Ramaswamy expressed his belief that the former first lady is likely to be the Democratic nominee, even if she is not eager to enter the race. (Related: Report: Michelle Obama preparing to replace Biden for White House run against Trump.)

      According to him, politicians often act as puppets, influenced directly or indirectly by the donor class. He drew parallels with other figures, like Nikki Haley, who, in his opinion, are driven by the interests of influential donors.

      Ramaswamy concluded that, given the current circumstances, Obama could be the chosen candidate.


      The joke is that Michelle Obama has no qualifications to be president. No government experience at any level. No executive experience. She has no written a philosophical treatise. She doesn’t care about affairs of state. What he cares about are workout videos. Watch this video to find out Michelle Obama’s real interest (hint: gay tranny sex)


      And that is exactly what (((they))) want IMO. A dumb butt pumper. The perfect puppet is a smiling face that rubber stamps the agenda, without intellect or reason to oppose radical agenda. And Michelle Obama, a great non-patriot Amerika hater, would welcome the radical overthrow of the United States.

      Thus I am betting on a Newsom-Obama ticket. Gavin Newsom is a young Joe Biden and has successfully turned California into Commiefornia. No more gas lawnmowers for you Goyim.

      • Big Mike at the top of the ticket would have serious coattails, and control of the House and Senate would be gone for at least two years … assuming the 2026 midterms happen at all.

        Rick Scott in Florida and Ted Cruz here in Texas would be history.

        Newsom or Mayor Pete would run as VP. Newsom has the edge in that he’s studied how to win in Texas with his money people funding Beto O’Rourke’s and MJ Hegar’s statewide runs for Senate.

        • I’m pretty certain that Big Mike doesn’t want to be exposed as Big Mike. Taking a high-profile candidacy would pretty much guarantee it.
          They’ve kept the lid on this officially so far. In the big chair all bets are off

      • If nothing else, fourth and fifth terms of Barrack Obama. Who’s under the delusion that Biden is running anything at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

  10. Trump the golden golem of greatness – that is funny – and true, he says he is the King of Israel and loved by the Jewish people.


    Mike Sledge, a guest host on RBN, predicts both Trump and Biden will be replaced this summer during the conventions. It is hard to believe they would ever let Trump rule again.

    If so, my top picks:

    Demoncraps: Jabbin’ Newscum and Michael Lavaughn Robinson

    Repuglicons – Nimrata Kali Haley and Swami Ramalamadingdong

    Since I don’t vote, and would never vote between the false choice of Ziowhore A vs. Ziowhore B, I will watch in horror as the latest clown show unfolds.

    It should be obvious that Amerika is circling the drain. This idea that some ZIONIST WHORE is going to save us is a bad joke. If you want to save Amerika start by nuking Israel out of existence.

    Today it is snowing heavily in SW Oregon and NorCal, I came in from work this morning soaked from heavy snowflakes. While on the road, NPR News was talking about “climate justice warriors”. LOL Yeah, the MSM pumps this global warming bullshit while we trudge through the ice age.

    • Here is a true believer in Trump perspective:

      WAYNE ROOT: “Do You Believe in Miracles?” Something Supernatural is Happening with President Trump. We are All Witnessing “The Trump Miracle.”


      “And then real life story #2. My childhood best friend is a strong believer in God. But he is non-political. Yesterday he reached out to me via text to say, “I’m going to say something very odd now. I don’t believe Trump can be stopped. He’s touched by God. He’s super-human. He’s got something supernatural supporting him. I don’t think anyone can stop him. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a human being on the earth surrounded by this supernatural force. Trump doesn’t even age like all the other presidents in history. He looks the same as 8 years ago – even after all he’s been through. He doesn’t ever get down, even though he’s taking deadly shots left and right. He’s superhuman, unstoppable, unflappable. We are witnessing a miracle.””


      All the Trump doubters and naysayers need to repent! The God Force is with Trump!

      • This is what the media is telling us. The error of omission is intentional. The old media is giving him more free advertising that he could ever pay for.

        What they aren’t telling us is that the GOP has become such a putrid mess that there’s no one on the bench that will adopt the party platform. There hasn’t been anyone in the Republican Party willing to stick to the platform since 9/11/2001.

      • Just a thought:
        I’ve wondered if he might not be the antichrist from time to time. He suffered a deadly wound (the last “election”), if he’s re-elected, then that wound might be considered healed.
        Even I don’t take that thought very seriously, but it keeps coming back to me.

        • Hi DFA,

          That’s a wild thought! Whether he’s more – or less – dangerous than the alternative seems to be the question. Emphasis on seems. Maybe he’s worse. Though how that could be is hard to imagine. Even if he were to go Authoritarian – and he may have to – it would (I hope) be directed at the Left, for the most part. And – just maybe – he will try to restore a portion of what we used to call “America.”

          Regardless, we’re in for a ride.

    • OM still kisses the JOOs arses, as many times as they’ve plunged daggers in his back. Any further evidence as to who REALLY runs AmeriKKKa, or at least PRESUMES to?

  11. I’m afraid I have to agree with Ken’s comments (along with many others) below that the situation is completely hopeless. To believe otherwise is irrational & you’re only fooling yourself. Now, does this mean we should just throw our cards against the wall, leave the damn game, and take the next flight to Oregon to exercise their assisted suicide option? It’s your choice of course, but I think there might be a tiny ray of hope out there that the runaway train we’re trapped on can be slowed down just a bit before it crashes into the side of a mountain.

    Assuming the upcoming elections won’t be a repeat of an even worse sham election than 2020 – a very low probability imo – it’s possible that many of the donkeycrat voters might just choose to stay home on election day. Notice I didn’t suggest they would flip their votes to Cheeto-Man. No way, no how that’ll happen. But if enough of them are discouraged or dismayed with their party’s insane actions over the last 4 years, they may eschew their (holy) voting rights this time, giving the elephants & the Donald a chance to pull off a congressional & presidential upset (an upset you say, when all the polls show trump up by several points?). Yeah sure, just like the polls showed a congressional blow-out sweep in 2022).

    I’ve contended for some time that the only way the public’s attitude will change is to threaten them with the loss of the free govt goodies & bennies. The one big issue those on the govt gravy train fear most is someone else taking away their rice bowls. And this is going to be an inevitability with the influx of these illegally invading welfare seekers pouring over the border and demanding their right to free sh*t. And even now we’re hearing groans emanating from many gettos & barrios about our newly found invading friends. And if those low-IQ types can realize the threat they pose, then the rest of the 23+ million govt worker parasites for sure know it too.

    Could my little hoped-for scenario play out? Unlikely . . . but it’s possible.

    “The statement about government that was attributed to Voltaire in the eighteenth century — ‘The art of government is to make two-thirds of a nation pay all it possibly can pay for the benefit of the other third’ — is a perfect description of the U.S. government in the twenty-first century.” Laurence Vance

  12. well put – I agree it’s all a script, and I already have plenty of Q-tips stored (it’s the little things)

    however, I keep seeing “conspirasphere” rumblings about all the occult references to the April 8 eclipse

    I’m not an occult believer, but I think a lot of those in power are

    point being, if we make it to May fairly intact, I’ll be surprised

    • I left last Friday. I’ve been working on it for years and finally made it a reality. It is my sincere wish that all Europeans return home to Europa. They want to turn this place back into a land of little brown goblins? Good luck. The self-hating whites can stay here and be savaged by their pets while watching any resemblance of civilization fade into 3rd world dysfunction.

      I have experienced 0 diversity, 0 LGBTQ, etc. in the past week. It literally does not exist here unless you really go out of your way to look for it. It is -very- problematic to be surrounded by White Europeans who are proud of their history & culture. How dare they! 😂

      • Hi User,

        I’m envious – but in a good-hearted way. Glad you did what I haven’t had the fortitude to do. I may come to regret this, deeply. I hope the worst does not come to pass but my logical brain tells me it will.

        • You are a survivor man, you got this. If shit starts getting real frosty I feel confident you have the skillset to get good plan B going rapidly. 👍

        • Italia. I have familial roots here, but it is not my last stop. I need to get my Italian citizenship and passport then I am free to hit anywhere in Europe. Very likely I will end up in the based & red-pilled eastern European countries.

          But even here, diversity, LGBTQ, all that other jew poison the US pushes through their media. They are buying what we are selling.

          • Thumbs up! Spent 4 days in Frinco in 2019 April, fam vacation with German stationed daughter. National auto museum and Egyptian museum in Turin, then the Alfa Romeo museum outside Milan. She’s a sommelier so we were there for the Piedmont area wine stuff. The guy we rented from was a motorcycle nut like me and then set us up at his old girlfriend’s resort place for a fabulous dinner. Her dad didn’t speak English and my Italian was near zero but we got along famously, he was proud of their new pool. He smiled as I spouted “magnifico”

            We exited the Mt Blanc tunnel near dark on the way in to Italy. Old castles back lit at night were spectacular.

            I could have just stayed in Frinco, it was fun, friendly, totally relaxing.

            • PS: there are areas of Europe that actually embrace civilization. The kids place in Germany, walk the town after dark not looking over your shoulder every 10 seconds. Backwater areas in Italy totally civilized and very laid back. Daughter’s fav is Croatia, their German friends vacation there every summer. Grandson at 14 joined them on his own last year, no issues.

        • Italia- crash course in Italian learning quickly can do VERY basic conversation but have a long way to go. It is my daily task though. Do have employment, I am a remote worker so can work from anywhere on earth. Covid was a nightmare and scam but it did bring ONE positive thing. It changed the entire paradigm of working remotely worldwide. That was the key ingredient that let me play my escape.

      • I bailed too, partially. I still keep a home in Florida but basically live in Mykonos Greece. I bought a seafront home for $65k. I have my own beach. I bought 2 more I rent out which is good income.
        Life is good here. Local everything, great neighbors, awesome diving.
        People here are real. Neighbors are close and near family.
        American all the way, but not natural born. Came to the US in 1954 a baby in arms but my spirit is American.
        I will fight for America. If the SHTF I’ll be on the next plane.

        • I feel ya brother. That description of Mykonos is very much like the town I’m staying in too. And I also would be back for “spicy time” too in the US as the amount of fury & rage I have built up over the past few years is beyond measure.

          I cannot fully decouple from the States right now unfortunately. This will be a long term goal and will require lots of back & forth travel but at least I feel like I’m doing -something-. The “direct approach” right now is still entirely too dangerous. Look at those poor J6 bastards rotting in 3rd world like dungeons for basically taking an “unscheduled tour & some selfies.” 🤨

      • I’d aslso like to get out of here, but I don’t know where to go. Pretty much all of the European countries were dammed draconian during the scamdemic. I had been interested in possibly Hungary or Slovenia, but ruled them out.

        I’ve done some long-term traveling in Central and South America (Before the scamdemic), and well talk about uncivilized and corrupt…

  13. “Or – another play – the Golem will be the one to impose national ID”
    Didn’t you notice? A National ID was estabished decades ago by forcing one to use his Social Security Number for nearly everything required in daily life.
    My original Social Security Card said, ‘not to be used for identification’. The new ones don’t.

  14. I always rooted for the Sheik.

    Thanks, Eric! I think you make an excellent (if depressing) case. And this:

    “A brown-and-serve iteration of Hillary Clinton.”


  15. I think you’re close to the mark here, Eric.

    Especially in regards to: “…the Golem will be the one to impose national ID and Patriot Act II – along with CBD. To keep America ‘safe’ from the hordes of undocumented ‘refugees’ that have been invited…”.

    The conditions have been set for both sides of a false dichotomy to clamor for their ideas of “Law and Order”, and boy are they gonna get it!

    Of course, protecting and advocating for the preservation of your rights or private property won’t be much a part of “Law and Order”. Only your restraint and subjugation in the midst of their rampant vampirism.

    • If this does happen under a Trump administration, there are going to be a lot of followers who are shocked that their “savior” could act in such a way. By taking rights away for being “safe” from the illegals. And then again, this would not surprise me. After all, Trump is on record saying “take the guns, due process later”. It is not a far stretch to imagine that he would not “take” other rights away from us, and “…due process later”. And, serving his last, four-year term as President, he would have nothing to lose in doing so.

    • I agree – unfortunately i think it will be trump who will mandate tracking and ID cards, or whatever else they have planned…. remember operation warp speed? !

  16. You’re starting to “get it”, Eric! It doesn’t matter one iota who is elected. All of the shenanigans, the intrigue, the blustery carefully scripted speeches, it’s all just a show for the people. A distraction. It’s not real any more so than the pro wrestling matches. No one who cares about a real contest of strength and skill would be fooled by the “pro wrestlers”. Only those who want to be entertained, or children who are not bright enough to realize that it’s all scripted and fake would attend pro wrestling shows. But at least most adults know that the wrestling matches are scripted and fake. Unfortunately, the American public seem to be under the illusion that the political act is real. They seem to take no notice that the Golden Golem [I like that!] sipped drinks with the Clintons on the Lolita Express, or the fact that he did nothing to secure our border other than transferring a nice chunk of our money to favored contributors [Oops, I meant “contractors”] to build a silly fence, or that he (Again, with our money) set up the military so that his successor would be ready for the Ukraine boondoggle, etc.

    At this point even if it weren’t scripted, the promoters of this political show could just sit back or take a long vacation and it wouldn’t in any way thwart the purposes of those who really call the shots because our people have been programmed to demand the very things which are destroying our liberties, country and culture, thanks to their life-long exposure to the other shows of state-directed “education”, and Hollywood.

    Even on the lowest local levels people seem unaware of the agendas and corruption of local level politicians. If those politicians aren’t knowingly serving the agendas of their superiors, they are either cajoled into doing so by greed, or neutralized by being a lone voice, as those around them profit handsomely by doing what they are told.

    At the state and national levels, no one even gets their foot in the door of any position of power unless they have been proven to be faithful players already. Notice (Just for one example) how the media completely ignores any candidate who is not a willing tool and faithful servant of the actual rulers. Also notice how those who do faithfully serve the real rulers never get any real punishment for their crimes. Of course sometimes there has to be a show made for the audience when the miscreants get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or because of some infighting between the crime families. But the only time any real punishment is handed down is when the actors become a liability or when it looks like they may expose the actual power structure. Then they are Epsteined [Makes throat-cutting sound].

    To tell you the truth, I was just about to give up on this site, as I was becoming disgusted by all of the recent talk of statist politics, as if it really matters. I had been elated to discover this site about six months ago, but that elation was turning to sadness as I witnessed Libertarians turning into flag-waving dupes advocating participation in “the democratic process”. I’m glad that I came here today out of force of habit, and saw this article.

    As for the short time remaining: The clock has been ticking for a long long time. With each new election cycle we witness new atrocities, no matter which candidate or party is in office. Every day a plethora of new laws are passed at every level of government, and all are detrimental in multiple ways (e.g. societally, economically, etc.). Technology is being used to destroy the old order of things, and that very technology is not only enslaving but also is not a viable replacement for the things it is destroying, so when it fails and the the old things are gone, we are going to be reduced to stark feudalism. [Just for one example: ICE cars being replaced by EVs. Not only are EVs impractical and financially not viable, but the whole point of their existence [along with absurd EPA, NHTSA, etc. mandates, and “carbon credits et al] seems to be the destruction of the automotive industry and the rendering of viable used cars obsolete. We are witnessing this now. As EVs fail and newer used cars become useless (as they are so needlessly complicated that they are not practical to repair) and older practical used cars are becoming absurdly expensive, we will be left with nothing but walking or 15-minute cities and buses!

    They think their Golden Golem will save them from things like this. Yes, like he “saved” us from the phony “pandemic” which he was instituted under his watch…by “fast tracking” the deterioration of the health of tens of millions, and the outright killing of millions, and the destruction of privacy of liberties of us all.

    My apologies for the length of this post. I didn’t intend it to be this long (and wouldn’t be surprised if nobody reads it).

    • My faith is in Mr. Murphy. What can go wrong will, coupled with the best laid plans and no plan survives contact with the enemy. We are the enemy clearly, they have the plans. What can go wrong?

    • I read your comment like everything else. Ditto.

      I was in that place back in ’07. Heres your possible inquisitional future. . .

      You would like one concrete example of any macrosocial decision process currently being invented and implemented by human beings. I didnt say “imposed upon”.

      How in any world could such genocide continue if human beings had anything to do with it ?

      Think! Please! Think again.

      Erics space was fun. Im done.

  17. The only way it can be fixed in my opinion is scorched Earth. I’m unconvinced that the GGofG has the fortitude to tear it all down.

    I mean not marginal cuts here and there but the chain saw. The FBI- minimum 90% cut, ideally shut it down. CIA, same thing. But what does Orange Man promise? A “big beautiful” new FBI building. I’m good with that if it’s located 1500 nautical miles due east of DC.

    The Pentagon/MIC will be showered with cash. Instead of asking how Russia can develop advanced weapons the west cannot beat and what seems to be an invincible army on less than 10% of US spending. Instead they will drown the military with newly printed bills. They’ll be gold plating the M1 tank so the Russian drones can more easily find them.

    Entire agencies need to go, FDA serves no purpose other than acting as Pharms’s marketing department and legal shield.
    EPA, DOT, Agricultural, Education even Homeland Security. All useless money sinks.
    Can Trump do that? Not a chance.

    Argentina is showing us the way but the question is, has DJT learned anything from his first term? There are hints but I’m seeing no hard evidence of that.

    The danger is that we probably could not survive another 4 years of the communist retards?

    Its a mess that will take decades to clean up.
    In my opinion the actions against the Orange guy go way beyond the chair to the back or a balsa wood baseball bat. These are extreme like we have never seen against a political candidate. That means fear. They at least think Trump can turn over the rock and expose the whole thing.

    It would take remarkably little to upset the funding chain for the think tanks and NGOs who do most of the dirty work.

    The system is extremely fragile, a Jenga tower, pull one block and it all tumbles down. That’s the good news.

    You say they want Trump to be in charge to take the blame when the system goes down. Blame. I say instead CREDIT.

    Collapsing Mordor will be the single greatest achievement in history. Trump can either be buried in the debris or ride the wave like a surfer.

    The Soviet Union collapsed completely practically overnight. It was almost completely bloodless. Russia had hard times for a few years but that was mainly due to Yeltsin accepting western “help” to rebuild. Once Bad Vlad ran them off Russia experienced a Renaissance. We can too and we can avoid the mistakes they initially made.

    Basically. It’s going down and no one can stop it at this point. As long as we are careful, what comes next could very well be SciFi world. Its up to us.

    There is a lot of wealth in this country. Land, farms, resources of all type and if the last 40-50 years teaches us anything is that there is nothing we need that comes from Washington DC. It’s literally a giant leech attached to the national ass. Their specialty is identifying problems and promptly spend $billions to make it worse. It excels at only one thing and that is to be in the way.

    We do have one huge advantage others nations lack. We have 50 functioning state governments much closer to the people that can take up any vital federal function ( if you identify any). As Kuntsler says, the future is local and decentralized. We just have to burn that leech off.

    The left is going to go batshit when he wins. It’s looking like a cheat-proof margin at this point hence the extreme measures against him. Its quite possible the commie-leftie problem and the migrant problem could very well resolve each other. We are living through history. Ride it for all its worth!

    • “I’m unconvinced that the GGofG has the fortitude to tear it all down. ”

      Of course he wouldn’t tear it down. Why would he, when he has been a willing player in that mess from his earliest days and has used it to multiply his wealth?

      Could any man even do anything to tear it down? The only people who have the power to do that at this point are those who could expose the entire cabal, like Jeffery Epstein. And they are no better, because in order to be in a position to expose them, you have to have been with them. And scumbags and crooks can not save a nation. They may be able to destroy their oposition, but then we are left with THEM and them allies, who are just as bad or even worse. Only the people can save a nation, and most of our people have lost their character and love of liberty.

      • The thing I cannot escape from and finding difficult it reconcile is that the two wings of the vulture seem to be joined at the hip in it’s attacks on the GGG. This is way way beyond what is normal. I have just never seen anything quite like this. If DJT was truly harmless and an insider then why this extreme level of attack?
        It’s not one guy hitting the4 other with chair, it would be like Hogan throwing a live grenade into the ring. If the Trumper were just another player, they would go about their usual BS, accept the loss, then stick the snouts back into the trough. But this is way beyond looks something like like genuine fear.
        For me I will pull for the GGG if for no only reason that the continued infighting might just cut a few segments off the tapeworm.
        The left will go off the rails which I for one am looking forward to

    • I don’t know about a cheat proof margin. The mainstream media still has a tremendous amount of influence. They haven’t fully turned on the gaslighting machine. It’s nto at full power.

      By the summer, we will see the Great Orange begin to fall in the polls as Orange fatigue supposedly sets in. Then, there will be some protests about something random like student loans, healthcare or some other non issue that the media forces on teh public. Orange Fail will be at 47 percent, the Democrat 52 in a two candidate race the day before the election. His real support will be what it was, but the polls will be outright lies.

      This will all be designed to show that Orange Great is losing support “even among his base” and that Americans are concerned about student loans. In the meantime, gas prices will be headed down right before the election. When did this happen before? 2022.

      This will be done to ensure that whatever his real support is, they will be able to make another cheat seem plausible.

      I’m on to the charade.

      I disagree that Orange would try CBDC. A sizable number in his base is directly opposed. Just like he never tried vax mandates. He left that to the senile grifter

      We will never know, though. Their ability to cheat is boundless.

      In a country this size, you can NEVER have an honest election at the federal level.

  18. More Kayfabe – Tulsi Gabbard at CPAC with a fresh blue streak dyed into her hair. Perfect for a Golden Golem tag team partner … or is she? Drama!

    @Eric – Find a way to watch “The Iron Claw”.

  19. Eric: typo alert.
    To keep America “safe” from the hordes of undocumented “refugees” that have pored into the country during the past three-plus years.

    I think you meant “poured.”

    • It’s not just the past 3 years nor even the past 3 terms that invaders have been pouring in. This has been going on for a long time, it is that just lately it has gotten to the point of being obvious as this country is being so overrun with them. But make no mistake, this has been going on for more than 40 years. Yes, 40.

      I used to live in northen NJ. It was obvious there 40 ago already. My brother works at one of the ports in NJ, and has a coworker whose boyfriend is a truck driver in NYC. He is an illegal invader from the Dominican Republic who had no driver’s locense, much less a CDL, but had no problem ever, driving a truck in NY (Probably has a DL now though, as they now give them out to illegals). This was because it has long been the law in places like NY and LA that cops can’t inquire about a person’s citizenship. And since these people have no papers or documents or licenses, AND because of the liberal practices of such places, even when they are stopped, they never seem to have a problem and continue to do what they do in perpetuity.

      Of course if you or I were to try that (Driving with no license and not having “papers”, we would be CRUCIFIED.

      It is only recently though that these illegals are making it to other states, and smaller cities and small towns in the heartland, so that now the citizens who had not been aware of this long-term invasion are starting to notice tro the point where the issue can no longer be hidden.

      • Oops. Forgot to mention, above, that my brother’s coworker’s BF, the truck driver who had no license, was doing this back in the EARLY 90’s, and so were thousands of others.

    • Maybe. But THEY hate him. And he’s a savvy businessman. He’s no Millei, but until we get one, Trump can slow the train’s descent into hell.

      • I’m not sure Philo. If Eric is right with this article, the descent to hell is about to hit ludicrous speed. THEY hate us. He’s just a patsy.

    • I have to agree, BAC,
      Orange Man had four years to set things right but he filled his administration with swamp critters and did his best to enrich himself, while stiffing the middle class.

  20. ‘A brown-and-serve iteration of Hillary Clinton.’ — eric

    Muh wah ha ha … hilarious! That’s exactly what ol’ Willie Brown used to say: come hither, my little Pop-Tart. You look a little toasted around the edges. But let me get my hairy paws on that juicy filling …

    Meanwhile, another squalid episode of D-party ratfuckery has emerged:

    ‘A state judge in Illinois ruled Wednesday that former President Donald J. Trump had engaged in insurrection and was ineligible to appear on the state’s primary ballot. The decision by Judge Tracie R. Porter, a Democrat, of the State Circuit Court in Cook County was stayed until Friday.

    ‘Early voting in the Illinois primary is already underway.’


    Even Stalin would have had the good sense not to interrupt a staged election when it’s already underway. These are Third World antics. Welcome to Haiti, mes amis.

    Ain’t it amazin’, Traciiiiiiiiieeee
    How much I loathe you
    I’ve been all the world
    And no other girl
    Has ever gagged me the way that you do

    — Buck Owens, Ain’t It Amazing, Gracie

  21. The Democrat Party establishment is rehashing the narrative of “Trump-Russia collusion” & Trump being some “Tool of Putin” despite it being PROVEN to be complete bull crap concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign and bureaucrats in the FBI. Why, Putin even said recently that he PREFERS Biden over Trump. The only reason I can think of that they’d be pushing that narrative AGAIN is because there are people who STILL believe it.

    And then of course, we have the Blob (James Howard Kuntsler’s name for the DC establishment) pushing Nikki Haley. The Republican Party establishment doesn’t like Trump much either, but could the RNC establishment resort to rigging something to make Haley the “R” nominee instead of Trump like what the Democrat Party establishment did in 2016 to make Hillary Clinton the “D” nominee? The Democrat Party establishment rigged their primaries in favor of the establishment’s choice for President at that time, Hillary Clinton, while Democrat voters preferred Bernie Sanders. And with Hillary Clinton seemingly STILL having a huge sense of entitlement to be the “First Woman President”, she may try running a THIRD time despite people from across the political spectrum having an intense dislike of her.

    • Not a chance. I don’t think that they could do that without triggering something else. If the Trump campaign was the least bit smart, they would try and get his name on third party ballots in different states. They have the people to do it.

  22. A few thoughts:
    If our national debt of $34 trillion was stacked into $1 bills, the stack would be 2.3 million miles high, nearly 10 times the distance to the moon.
    There’s no paying that back. Trump surely didn’t hold back the reins on spending and started all of the COVID largesse that got us in a worse pickle than we already are. Not to mention the inflation that is making our greenbacks worthless.
    I think the Global American Empire, as presently constituted, is headed for a Soviet Union-style crackup.
    It’s going to take 20 years, maybe longer for the country to get back on its feet. Hard times are ahead.

    • The US fedgov is now borrowing $1 trillion a year to pay the interest on its $34 trillion credit card balance. You can see the potential to ‘go exponential.’ That’s what the math says.

      Put it this way: if Dirty Old Turtle and his partner in crime, Chuckie Schuuuuumer, succeed in passing $60 billion for the Ukies, the interest on that borrowed $60 billion will be paid by every succeeding generation, forevermore.

      That’s how usury works, in case you were wondering: a debt hamster wheel that you can’t get off. Orange Man could make usury a capital offense again: one lamppost, one bankster.

      • Isn’t it amazing how, in the context of the debt situation you mention, the Fed raised rates as much as they did to “fight inflation.” To maintain your “full faith and credit” I’m gonna raise the vig on myself, thus ensuring more debt, faster. Hahahaha!

    • There’s still options to refinance that debt. 100 year or even trying out infinite treasury notes. Never pay it off, never roll it over, just accumulate more and more and just pay out interest in perpetuity.

      All kinds of stupid ideas out there.

      Of course the most obvious thing would be to exchange greenbacks for some new issuance, such as a CBDC, that is pegged to the dollar for a time then allowed to drift off, hiding the hyperinflation by denominating the debt in the new currency.

  23. Trump supporters think that he will be the one to save this country from all her problems. When really, Trump is not going to save anyone or anything. All he can do is slow down the progression. Spending did not stop under Trump. We got a deadly vaccine under Trump. He enacted a bump-stock ban. Ironic, given that everyone was terrified that Obama was going to enact gun control during his 8-year Presidency, and it ended up being a “Republican” who enacted a form of it. I agree, in that if Trump wins the election, TPTB will crash everything, and then blame Trump for it, even though it was not his fault. He was just a patsy: In the wrong place at the wrong time.

  24. Anyone that thinks another fake election will take care of Americas ills had better make an appointment with Nurse Ratchet.

    America as it was founded no longer exists. Hasn’t since the War of Northern aggression. Everything about it screams scam! Governments Fed, State, Local full of despots, grifters,,, just one big shakedown. Glorious fascism with a sprinkle of communism at its best. A government overrun with dual citizens and the depraved. Any loyalty they have goes to one little trouble making country in the ME. Borders open,,, large cities overrun and filthy,,,, police ordered not to arrest,,, the just-US system totally corrupt,,, the military now openly woke,,, enormous tax burdens,,, gov spending completely out of control destroying the money,,, billions to Nazis in Ukraine with zero (ZERO) for border control and on and on.

    Worse I am criticized for being unAmerican refusing to vote in a scammed election for a bunch of grifters that are milking any wealth left (87,000 IRS new hires) they overlooked.
    It’s over folks,,, we are just in denial at this point…..

  25. I like this quote because what is says how I feel and is not about Trump:

    “This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. I have studied history for years and I cannot recall it ever happening. It may be that our task is impossible. Yet, if we do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if we do not try, it most certainly won’t be done. The Founders’ Republic, and the larger war for western civilization, will be lost.”

    “But I tell you this: We will not go gently into that bloody collectivist good night. Indeed, we will make with our defiance such a sound as ALL history from that day forward will be forced to note, even if they despise us in the writing of it.”

    ~ Mike Vanderboegh

    • “You can’t win Darth. If you strike me down I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” -Obiwan Kenobi.

      Can you imagine the reaction from the Trump loyalists? They’d make him into the new Jesus, dying for their sins. Crucified by the New Rome.

    • Another day of post-traumatic stress disorder, it’s a big club and you’re in it.

      The whole world is Stockholm-ed syndromed.

      How does it feel to be robbed blind every day?

      Can’t drive a car without being harassed day and night, don’t you dare eat a steak, you’ll be keelhauled.

      “Who can take sugar from a sack
      Pour in LSD and put it back…

      F*ckin’a man…

      CIA man, f*ckin’a man” – The Fugs, CIA Man

      Your morale should improve.

    • That makes one think that he is in on the whole thing.

      I never trusted him from the beginning, though since he makes the right noise, I will vote for him.

  26. “If this or that doesn’t happen, by 2030 we’ll be screwed.”

    2030 is only 6 years away. The prognosticators across all sides are fixated on that year as something big happening. The climate priests proclaim 2030 as the point of no return. The financial demographers who base their predictions on populations look at 2030 as a tipping point for the US economy, when more people will be retired than working. The globalist elites see 2030 as the rise of The Singularity, when Moore’s Law makes silicon intelligence surpass human… or a chimera-cyborg hybrid intelligence, depending on who’s prognostication they buy into -and they’re putting all their investments into biological enhancement to be ready to keep the beast in chains.

    It also happens to be the year I turn 62 and become eligible for Social Security and can access my 401(k) without penalty.

    So it really doesn’t matter who you vote for now, the wheels are in motion, cannot be stopped by a man. Perhaps this “Fourth Turning” has been bottled up too long, and the underlying causes have not been properly addressed (and exacerbated the fundamental problems), and some issue that may have already occurred will unleash the new Pandora’s box of evil.

    Funny thing about predictions, if you believe in them, you’ll probably do what you can to bring them about.

    • Well if they hadn’t run off the production looking for slave made products and the easy life here,,, if they hadn’t run up the total debt to almost 100 trillion,,, if they were loyal to America then you would have been fine. By the time your generation can pull their 401k they’ll likely be worthless (if the dollar still exists) as inflation is eating the dollars value due to inept government funding wars everywhere and a over budget woke military.

      No one person can correct this. Too many pieces. Humpty Dumpty,,, my version

      Humpty Dumpty (USA) sat on a wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
      Fourscore horses and fourscore more
      Could not make Humpty what he was before.

    • RK: To think you were in diapers (not the president) maybe you were even still in utero, when I started my uphill battle against tyranny. I guess my first defiant act was buying a case lot of None Dare Call It Treason and distributing them during the Goldwater campaign. In all that time, most of us of a like mind have barely been able slow the descent into madness. There is no sign of a stop, let alone a reversal toward sanity. The path down is vertical. The splat is inevitable. The hope is that the liberty-minded will prevail and the resultant spatter will reform in that direction.

        • Jim H: We went to the 1964 Worlds Fair with various Goldwater stickers on our car. Parked on the street at a friend’s home in the Bedford/Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. It was definitely enemy territory with rioting just before our visit. Scared for the car all the while. No problem. Went home to Trenton and someone scraped them off at a shopping center. Almost a Moscow/DC analogy, isn’t it?

          I actually had kept a couple cans of Goldwater. When we moved on a boat in 1994 I found both had evaporated from the unopened cans and foolishly got rid of them. I suspect they would bring a nice price as a collectable today. I probably still have a few lapel pins around someplace.

      • 1968 was one of those turning point years. It was when the Kennedy clan finally got the message from the CIA. And when the powers in charge got King out of the way so more amenable types like “reverend” Jesse Jackson and “reverend” Al Sharpton could take over the leadership of poor black people, creating a permanent subclass.

  27. A economic collapse is inevitable. All the things Ron Paul warned about years ago, the debasement of the currency, destruction of the middle class, malignancy of the bureaucracy, corruption of the legal system, the interventionist foreign policy. The bill has come due.

    The only question is what will emerge from the ashes. If the communists retain power and implement their totalitarian utopia, there will be generations of hardship, poverty and oppression. If Trump or RFK Jr. can be elected and can form an effective executive leadership team and implement effective reforms, perhaps the fall won’t be as far or last as long.

  28. Just yesterday an activist Chicago judge blocked Trump from the Illinois ballot. Out of curiosity I found a 2020 election map. As typical with all other states it’s a rural vs urban split.

    The wall wasn’t built. The swamp wasn’t drained. The leftist wet dream came in the form of the “pandemic” complete with all kinds of authoritarian horseshit. What exactly do they fear of Trump?

      • Agreed. The real owners have erected this system of law and politics so the masses have a game to play, to make them feel like honest, loyal, civicminded
        good Americans, when the owners dont play the same game at all.

        The only thing that can upset their plans, is if the slaves….us….realize just how badly they have been getting screwed.
        Keeping the lid on is important to the real owners, so they encourage us to play the game, to get involved, vote and all that jazz…none of it matters. The owners are not playing the game. They own it.

        If the truth worked in waking people up to their dilemma….but it never has. Bread and circuses trumps facts. Always has. Always will.

        Until the wheels come off….here’s to the next year.

      • Someone said…it would take 30% of the slaves to revolt to bring about change….

        dislodge the slave owners/control group?….

        The last time the slave owners got their ass kicked is when the German tribes marched on and sacked Rome……

        and when the freemason/templar/elites control group were pushed out of France in 1307 by King Philip IV

        • Even if 30, or even 50% of the slaves revolted, in this case, Anonymous, the country is so deeply divided, that the other half of the slaves would fight against the revolt, because they love their enslavement, and want the rest of us down in the dirt with them.

          • In the old world order…king at the top slaves on the bottom….feudal system….they didn’t mix up the different slaves

            In the new world order…with rotating presidents….all freemasons from the same slave owner control group…they mix up all different types of slaves…. different..cultures, beliefs, languages and racial backgrounds….then the slaves won’t co operate together and have a slave revolt….

            @ 3:14:00 in video…

            homogeneous… a society of people that share the same culture, beliefs, language and racial backgrounds

            heterogeneous…. a society of people that have a variety of cultures, beliefs, language and racial backgrounds

            the slave owners like heterogeneous societies…if the slaves are fighting each other…there won’t be a slave revolt….


  29. I suspect that I won’t be the first to say that’s not a very optimistic outlook. But if you look around you can see the rot all around you from homeless Vets, .gov allowing in millions of illegals, empty shelves, militarized police, an obviously senile President, etc. I’m not sure what we can do to stop it but I hope everyone here has some sort of plans already in place to try to mitigate some of this because I’m sure they won’t let us stop it..

    Sh*t, I read the book “The Mandibles” but I sure didn’t want to live it.


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