Why Are There No New Cars (Almost)?

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If you want a new car, your choices are few – because there aren’t very many left to choose from. Ford doesn’t sell a single new car – other than the Mustang, which is a specialty coupe/convertible that’s not a very practical car. No more Ford family sedans. No more Ford economy cars, either. Lincoln – Ford’s luxury marque – sells only crossovers and SUVs.

And that’s generally true across the line.

Most major automakers – the preferred term now that they mostly don’t sell cars – sell crossovers and SUVs and pick-ups, primarily.

But why have cars – sedans especially – become so scarce?

There’s one word for it.


Not the market. The latter hasn’t been the driving force behind what used to be the car business for at least the past 20 years but the interposition of the government between car buyers and car makers (as they once were) goes back almost 60 years, to the ’60s – which was when the government began telling car manufacturers how to design cars and what equipment they had to come standard with – such as seat belts – whether car buyers wanted such equipment or not.

From small things, big things.

One of the big things happened when the government created an “energy crisis” – and gas lines (as well as high gas prices).

Having created the problem, government imposed its solution. Italics to emphasis the force behind it, a characteristic of everything the government does.

Even when it “asks.”

The imposition was something called Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards. Which is to say, enforceable requirements. These CAFE standards were – and still are – government posited miles-per-gallon minimums that every car company’s fleet of new vehicles had to comply with. If not, the government imposed costs in the form of fines that made the noncompliant cars more expensive and thus harder to sell, the idea being to make them harder for people to buy.

People were forced, in other words, to “save gas.” By denying them choice.

The large sedans and station wagons (the latter often having three rows of seats and room for 7-9 people) that were once the most popular cars were shoved off the market in favor of smaller cars, which – for a time – was almost all you could buy.

Assuming you didn’t want a truck. Which – at the time – most people didn’t because (at the time) trucks were basic and crude rigs bought be people who need to carry and pull things – rather than comfortably transport people.  But then someone – at Ford, interestingly enough – found a “loophole” in the CAFE regs.

The air fingers quotes are there to make a derisive point about the gaslighting way words are used to make us feel shameful about figuring out ways to avoid what government imposes, using force.

Anyhow, the “loophole” in the CAFE standards was that trucks were held to a lower standard than cars and it was Ford’s bright idea to turn a truck into a high-riding car with 4WD called the “SUV.” Thus was born the Ford Ranger pick-up based Bronco II and (later) the first generation and hugely popular Explorer.

Everyone else followed suit.

The artificially created SUV boom was underway. It was the result not so much of people wanting to drive around in high-riding, truck-based 4WD vehicles but because such vehicles served as the de facto replacement for the family-sized sedans and wagons that were – on account of CAFE – no longer being made.

The CAFE-compliant smaller cars that were still being made were too small – especially in the trunk – for other than commuter car duty. They lacked the room that family cars and wagons used to offer. No automaker has made a car that can carry more than five people in decades. And even the biggest new sedans – which are now all high-priced, low-production luxury-brand sedans such as those sold by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus and Audi, etc. – are not much larger than the mid-sized cars of the pre-CAFE era of the early-mid 1970s.

By the late ’90s and into the early 2000s, SUVs began to evolve into “crossovers” – which is a vehicle that looks like an SUV but isn’t based on truck-type underthings. Crossovers don’t qualify for the “loophole,” which was closed during the Obama era (all passenger vehicles are held to the same CAFE standard, which is now about 35 MPG on average and headed to nearly 50 within just a couple of years from now).

But they have become the final nail in the car’s coffin because they ride and handle much like cars and so don’t handle like truck-based SUVs. They also offer even more room because of the layout. Crossovers – unlike SUVs – are typically front-drive (rather than rear-drive) based, with smaller and transverse (sideways) mounted engine/transaxle assemblies that take up less space than a truck-SUV’s front-to-back-mounted engine, transmission and rear axle.

Even a small crossover – let’s use the current VW Taos as an example – has a lot of room inside its very small (relative to the standards of the pre-CAFE past) footprint. It is only 175.8 inches long. For reference – and comparison – a 1972 Chevy Nova, which was considered a compact-sized car back then, is 189.4 inches long. But the little Taos has lots of room.

More room than a 1972 Cadillac, in fact.

It has 27.9 cubic feet of “trunk” behind its second row – which is more than a ’72 Caddy had in its (actual) trunk. And with its second row down, the little VW’s capacity for stuff swells to 65.9 cubic feet. And if you need to carry seven, the Taos’ slightly larger brother – the Tiguan – can do that, too.

And that’s great, if you don’t object to driving a four cylinder-powered crossover to get what you used to be able to find in a V8-powered family car.

Which you can’t find new anymore.

Now you know why that is.

And soon, you won’t be able to buy a crossover or an SUV that isn’t a device – on account of the fact that the CAFE standards are about to go up to nearly 50 MPG, which is a standard vehicles can’t comply with.

That will leave devices that look like crossovers and SUVs – and the government will, at last, have achieved the goal it set for itself 60 years ago.

. . .

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  1. The control group cuts off your ice fuel supply?….convert your ice engine to run on burning wood……Wood gasification

    Wood powered cars have advantages over gas, diesel or electric vehicles.

    An ice engine converted to run on wood connected to a generator would be a great off grid power source.

    The worst choice is electric vehicles. When the grid goes down they are useless.

    There is lots of free wood someplaces, you can drive around the world with a saw and an axe.

    In a very remote location this would be good, if there is lots of trees.
    When/if they cut off our gas or diesel we can use these.

    There might be a business opportunity building and selling these.


    • Become independent…..

      Don’t be dependent on gas stations, the power grid, lithium batteries, be energy independent power your ice engine vehicle with a gassifier…..power your vehicle with….coal, wood, grass clippings, manure, waste oil, car tires, etc…

      It’s a gasifier, it burns “fuels” at high temperatures and low oxygen, turning them into unburnt fuel vapors, a form of natural gas, then they pull it into the engine through the carb.

      a neater gasifier, they run off anything basically, coal, wood, grass clippings, manure, waste oil, car tires… The more energy dense your fuel is, the smaller the gasifier can be.

      Busses used to have gasifiers on trailers behind them, the technology was developed to help with the war fuel shortage, and then was released freely, most commonly used in England I believe.

      Nowadays its even better and more compact, this is a downdraft gasifier, can be made with a 200 lt…50 gallon drum a 60 lt….15 gallon drum, a stainless steel colander and some pipe and fixings.

      Coal powered car….


  2. $7,500 tax credits for EeeVees that meet US content requirements aren’t enough. ‘Biden’ acts to stop affordable EeeVees from entering the US at all:

    ‘At Mr. Biden’s direction, the Commerce Department has begun an investigation into the threat from technology embedded in Chinese electric vehicles. That includes Chinese-made versions of common automotive software, which administration officials said could track where Americans drove and charged their vehicles, or even what music or podcasts they listened to on the road.’ — NYT


    The horror! But of course, spyware that tracks where Americans drive, and the music and podcasts they listen to, is ALREADY built into every US-made vehicle.

    ‘Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.’ — H L Mencken

  3. A Hyundai Sonata Hybrid has a lithium polymer battery, the replacement cost is in the 2300 dollar range up to 3500, can be a do-it-yourself project.

    2024 is a leap year, as we all know. The earth has to catch up on the distance, have to add an extra day every four years.

    If you were born on February 29th, you gain one year in age every four years, that means in 100 years, you’ll be 25 years old, still a kid at heart.

    100 more years, you’ll be 50, at 300 years, you’ll be 75 years old. At 100, you’ll have lived for 400 years. You’ll collect social security for 335 years, you’ll be rich.

    Methuselah must have been born on February 29th. Noah too. Probably even a February 30th so you get a two-fer and can live to be 900 or something.

    Now you know how it happens.

  4. So the Amish were right all along: technology doesn’t magically make everyone lives better but give people toys to play with and in time the toys break down and it’s back to the family farm all over again.

  5. Go back to steam power…..

    There is a modern steam engine to power vehicles that can burn various fuels, it is up to 60% efficient, that is better then any ice or EV vehicle, with today’s technology it could be near zero emissions….


    During the first three months of ownership, EVs were 2.3 times as expensive to service as gasoline-powered cars. At the 12-month mark, repair costs were about 1.6 times what owners of gas-powered cars paid.
    It’s Not Parts. It’s Labor

    Electric cars depreciate over two times faster than their internal combustion engine counterparts, a serious black mark when it comes to tallying up your actual yearly cost to run your vehicle!

    A 1913 Bugatti type 22 is 108 years old and daily driven. A Tesla is scrap after 10 years.

    But mechanical systems, like Jay Leno’s 1832 steam engine can last for centuries, get a steam powered car, they run on wood.
    Steam powered cars have the same advantage as electric cars, instant torque.
    A new steam engine is over 50% efficient, an EV is 25% efficient, if it is very cold out it is 12% efficient.

    Howard Hughes’ 1925 Doble E20 went 0 to 75 mph in just 5 seconds, with its engine turning over at less than 1,000 rpm, a steam engine is a very low rpm engine.

    The tesla plaid motors runs at up to 19,000 rpm, that sounds dangerous, will wear out quickly, car electric motors are too high rpm. The steam engine goes 600,000 miles without an overhaul. After 100,000 miles the tesla battery is dead so it is worthless, scrapped, at 19,000 rpm the motors are probably gone too..

    Howard Hughes’ 1925 Doble E20 top speed was 133 mph in 1925, with today’s technology the steam powered car might be quicker then anything.

    The steam engine goes 600,000 miles without an overhaul, this better then most gas ice engines. In a tesla the battery goes in 100,000 miles so in 600,000 miles you go through 6 teslas, a huge waste of resources….

    NOTE RANGE: Steam powered vehicle 1500 mile range on 17 gallons of water, they are the king of range better then ice. BEV has a very short range, Mercedes BEV at top speed on highway = 100 miles.

    A steam engine burning hydrogen is zero % emission, an EV is remote high emissions at a coal burning power plant.

    • Anon1,

      A hydrogen-fueled steam engine generator is an interesting idea for off-grid energy storage and recovery. Not sure it would be superior to a standard ICE generator, however. I was thinking about a fireplace-heated steam engine for such a purpose on extended periods of cold and darkness, but I’m thinking I might go with a Peltier module array instead.

      As far as the steam-powered car, or the bike it’s the shoveling of the wood or coal when you’re driving/riding that’s the primary difficulty. 🙂 Doesn’t seem like the start-up is entirely convenient, either.

      I might have to read more about the airplane, but I’m sure there are similar issues.

      Kudos to the steam-powered bike guy, though. Very “steam-punk”, and quite the accomplishment for someone with no formal engineering training or education. He’s most certainly an engineer, however.

      • Some steam powered cars were burning kerosene.

        These steam engines can use various types of fuels, so it is harder to shut them down/ban them by cutting off their fuel source….EV’s are easy to immobilize, gas powered cars next worst…but… you can build a still for fuel….

      • The plane is interesting…..steam engines can run in reverse….for landing the propeller is run backwards….this brakes the plane….so it can land on a very short field….

        The plane steam engine could run on kerosene….jet fuel

    • Jay Leno driving his 1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car ….1000 lb ft torque…very cool…

      Full torque at 1 rpm like an electric motor…

      This steam power makes more sense then carrying around a 1000 lb battery in an EV, that takes forever to charge and has no range….

      Steam powered car just carry 17 gallons of water and 26 gallons of kerosene to boil the water….refuel in 5 minutes….

      Steam has advantages over gas/ice engines….no clutch or transmission needed…


  6. Saw this the other day, can’t remember where.

    “Imagine we lived in a world where all cars were EVs, and then along comes a new invention, the “Internal Combustion Engine”! Think how well they would sell: A vehicle half the weight, half the price that will almost quarter the damage done to the road. A vehicle that can be refuelled in 1/10th of the time and has a range of up to 4 times the distance in all weather conditions. It does not rely on the environmentally damaging use of non-renewable rare earth elements to power it, and use far less steel and other materials.

    Just think how excited people would be for such technology, it would sell like hot cakes!”

  7. Analysts: Apple Dropping EV Plans ‘Black Eye’ For Industry,

    Billions of dollars wasted…..trying to revive a long ago dead/failed product…EV’s….

    16 years after Apple first planned to build an electric car, it’s over. Bloomberg reported, according to people with knowledge of the matter, the mega-cap tech company is abandoning one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the company – its effort to build an electric car.

    Apple made the disclosure internally Tuesday, surprising the nearly 2,000 employees working on the project, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the announcement wasn’t public.

    The decision was shared by Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch, a vice president in charge of the effort, according to the people.

    As Bloomberg highlighted yesterday, the decision to ultimately wind down the project is a bombshell for the company, ending a multibillion-dollar effort that would have vaulted Apple into a whole new industry. The tech giant started working on a car around 2014, setting its sights on a fully autonomous electric vehicle with a limousine-like interior and voice-guided navigation.


  8. And the sad/funny/sinister part is my half-ton pickups got 12-16mpg 30 yrs ago, and they still do. I will give a pass that just Hwy mileage is better now (a little), but normal engineering advancement would have done this without CAFE BS, and adding all this complexity to our engines, etc….
    I miss the large sedans, but have done what everyone else is doing and using 4-door pickups as the replacement.

  9. And that’s the thing, as much as the used markets choke full of options, if I wanted an affordable new sedan with a stick that wasn’t fwd, what really are my choices?

    We used to be a fine and proper country, gotta be a way to remove all these pols, agencies and red tape without waiting for november

    • Hi Carmelo,

      Yup. It wasn’t that long ago that you could an Altima with a manual – or a Maxima. The Accord also offered a stick. Now the Accord and Altima are automatic-only and the Maxima’s history.

      • CVT* Only

        I mean, nothing wrong with used sedans with sticks, save some $$$ vs a new car, but again, not the point. Not even sedans, remember back in the day the hot hatches , Lexus offered manuals on the IS’, BMW had sticks in their M’s, Xterra and a few other SUV’s were manual, it was a great time to be alive, and we had no idea.

        Now it’s all placid looking crossovers that as you show look the same with the same 6/8/10spds like everyone else along with a 2.0t with similar outputs. Debadge one completely, cover things up a bit and ask a normie or clover what crossover they’re driving and they’d give you a fluorinated stare while asking about saaaaaaaaaafety features and fuel economy as they drive slower than granny and take turns like they’ll flip.

        Sometimes it feels like I came of age in the wrong decade

  10. Eric,

    One thing I haven’t seen your opinion on was something that was, if I remember correctly, killed by the CAFE standards: The automotive turbine engine.

    You see, I truly believe that diversity is strength, but those who usually use that phrase seem to not, as evidenced here, by the vehicular homogeneity.

    I’m really curious how far the automotive turbine engine could’ve gone, as I remember from a read years back that it could run on nearly ANY combustible fuel (diversity!), which makes it a great Mad-Max/Post-Apocalyse option.

    And it sounds really cool.

    • Hi BaDnOn!

      I’ve been meaning to write about the turbine cars of the ’60s. They were truly radical and had the potential to be viable. The engines were very simple, with a relative handful of parts and could burn almost any hydrocarbon fuel. The mileage wasn’t great, but – so what? Imagine a vehicle that could be run on leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel, kerosene and a variety of other fuels.

      • That’s it, Eric! Gas mileage wasn’t all that great anyway until the Japanese got involved, correct? Perhaps innovations could’ve been made if the idea wasn’t scrapped and the market demanded?

        I, and I’m sure everyone else, would appreciate your wordsmithing on the subject, if you’d treat us. 🙂

      • RE: “Imagine a vehicle that could be run on leaded or unleaded gasoline, diesel, kerosene and a variety of other fuels.”

        Man, don’t tease like that.

        • Positively awesome, Philo. I think that mileage/idling problem could’ve easily been solved in the 60 years since. Has the advantages of EVs (no oil changes, no coolant, few moving parts) without the disadvantages.

    • I saw one of those back when I was in college, 1965 or thereabouts, it was a Chrysler on a tour of the city. The engine sounded like a giant vacuum cleaner is what I remember the most.

    • They ruined all the roads with bike lanes….that are useless and dangerous….

      Bike Lanes Don’t Make Cycling Safe

      It’s time to rethink the concept of bike lanes as a safe space for cyclists. Why? Because it’s impossible to structure bike lanes without vehicles turning into these lanes to get to underground garages, above-ground parking lots, and to make right or left turns at intersections.

      The problem was originally described by industrial engineer John Forester in his 800-page book Effective Cycling, which boasted seven editions ( MIT Press, 2012).

      Forester estimated that accidents on bike lanes are 2.6 times higher than on roadways, because bike paths are more dangerous. He forecast more car-bike collisions, because it is difficult to make intersections between cycle lanes and roads as safe as normal roads. Almost 90 percent of urban accidents were caused by crossing or turning—either by the cyclist failing to obey the rules of the road or the motorist turning into the cyclist, as happened in the case of Langenkamp.

      Forester stated, “Nobody with traffic-engineering training could believe that [bikeway] designs that so contradicted normal traffic-engineering knowledge would produce safe traffic movements…. If these designs had been proposed for some class of motorized traffic—say, trucks or motorcycles—the designers would have been considered crazy.”

      The author concluded that separated bike lanes raise the number of crashes by 117 percent compared with shared roadway. Separated bike tracks, which are separated from cars by a median strip, parking lane, or row of plantings, increased crashes 400 percent more than a bike lane.

      In many urban settings the safest place for a bike is in the middle of a car lane, with bike lights and a helmet lamp for the rider, cycling behind vehicles rather than beside them.

      Another safe and effective agenda that kills people…..


      • I go to the city (NY) occasionally for work, if I had a dollar every time I saw a cyclist ride down the wrong lane, run through reds/nearly hit someone who had a green, etc.., I’d be able to retire (Bonus when I’m the one they nearly hit)

        Get rid of the bike lanes, we don’t need that crap at all

    • “EU Considers Banning Repairs On ICE Vehicles More Than 15 Years Old”

      It is already getting hard to get cars repaired, especially older ones….people can’t afford or don’t like the new cars, so hold on to their old cars.

      For older, lower production number cars, like old Porsche’s it is getting more difficult to find repair shops, you need to live in a big city usually to find a repair shop.

      Eliminating ice cars to push EV’s can be done in various ways…

      for ice vehicles…..ban repairs or buying parts, high insurance rates or no insurance available, can’t register them, banned from all roads, no fuel available or very high fuel prices, illegal to sell them, forced recycling of them,

      cash for clunkers got rid of a lot of good used parts…

      The classic car owners are asleep….they think they are immune to this…lol….

  11. Odd thing about all that cargo space: It’s vertical. Easy to get a big space number for the web brochure when you go tall and measure in cubic feet. But then when you actually load the thing, it’s stacking stuff on top of other stuff. And it gets top heavy so as soon as you go around the corner it all topples onto itself. But no worries! There are plenty of organization gadgets and cubbies that don’t quite fit but can keep your stuff in place.

    The old Caddys’ and Electras’ trunk space was fairly short and wide. That fit in well with the luggage of the day, which was narrow and wide. And hard side, so no problems with it banging around the trunk. Load it in, pop the trunk release (swanky!) and let the skycap unload it into that hole in the main terminal building, not to be seen again until you (hopefully) pick it up at the destination airport’s baggage claim.

    Then came the ’80s with the modified gym bag. Softside leather or nylon, fairly square. Made for the SUV cargo hatch. And horrible for just about anything else. Can’t keep anything organized, can’t stack, and for sure don’t check it! But for the go-go ’80s it was just the thing to top off your business casual ensemble… “I’m not going to work, I’m going off to get paid to do coke and play video games on my spreadsheet!”

    Too bad most of us had to adapt to the new normal.

    I used my parent’s old luggage for years. It was fine. Yea, it was heavy but I didn’t care about checking it for sure. And it stowed under the bed when not in use. Only problem is one bag took up the entire trunk of my Subaru XT, but that’s OK, I only needed that one bag for the whole week.

    • Same here, RK. I still look for hardside Samsonite luggage at flea markets, thrift shops, and auctions. Though it was a lot more useful before commercial air travel degenerated to the socialist state ( national or international, machs nicht!)

    • Hi Ready.

      I’ve traveled with non wheeled hockey bags. The key is to double bag it and have locks on both bags, use smaller bags to secure loose items. Have breakables in the center and cushioned with clothing. My only failure in years of travel was a broken whisky bottle. It was wrapped in a towel and bagged. If I had an excessive drinking problem I could have wrung out the towel, filtered it and drank it. The key to travel with soft bags is assume they will abuse it and pack accordingly. For what it’s worth I’ve had lots of hard shell luggage destroyed over the years.

      That Samsonite commercial where the apes throws the luggage around describes the airline industry perfectly.

  12. With a partial government shutdown looming less than 48 hours from now, what did the House of Representaclowns do? Why, went on vacation for the past week and a half! Effing clowns.

    What’s our top priority in this fraught moment? The Hill tells the tale:

    ‘The other leaders in the room presented a unified front to Speaker Mike Johnson on the need to pass a Senate-approved foreign aid package that includes $60 billion for Ukraine.

    ‘Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was the first person in the meeting to lay out the reasons to Johnson for not waiting longer to pass military aid for Ukraine, which faces losing ground to Russia because of dwindling supplies.’


    When we’ve got ‘America Last’ RINO Republiclowns like Mitch McClownell, who needs foreign enemies? Corrupt, boodling termites like Mitch (who’s already made millions in kickbacks from the shambolic Ukie war) are chomping away America’s foundation from within.

    • Hi Jim,

      This Keeeeeeeeeeev business is either another mania or it is evil. Maybe both. Like Diaper wearing. Similar pathology. At what point do “our representatives” place the interests of Americans above those of whatever interests are pushing for more tens of billions to prop up that loathsome bug-eyed dwarf and his regime? It tells us who and what these “representatives” actually represent.

      • Dirty Old Turtle slithers off to his fetid pond:

        WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitch McConnell, the longest-serving Senate leader in history who maintained his power in the face of dramatic convulsions in the Republican Party for almost two decades, will step down from that position in November.


        Reminds me of muh boyhood, when old Mr Pate caught a snapper messin’ with his fishin’ lines. Pulled out his pocket knife and calmly sliced the old snapper’s head off … yup.

    • If anyone thinks I’m joking about McClownell’s kickbacks, consider this itemized list of how New York attorney general Letitia James — who as a state official is far less powerful than Senate Republican leader McClownell — charged $384,495 in mostly personal expenses to her campaign:


      Little Letitia’s percs and bagatelles are risible pocket change to a hardened grifter like McClownell. Ten percent of the $130 billion dumped into the Ukie rathole is $13 billion, a princely sum even if it has to be divided multiple ways.

      Food for thought: would a MAGA attorney general give McClownell a pass on his skimming … or ‘lock him up’ for the rest of his miserable life?

      • Food for thought: would a MAGA attorney general give McClownell a pass on his skimming … or ‘lock him up’ for the rest of his miserable life?

        Sadly, we’ll never know. It didn’t matter last time that we won the election and re-elected Donald the insurgent, and it won’t matter this time. Though I mostly support him and will vote for him again and encourage others to do so, in the end it comes down to who and what counts the votes.

    • Hi Jim,
      Absolutely agree, the uniparty is willing to flush the country down the toilet just to get money to continue the grift in Ukraine, not to mention sending more billions in cash and weapons to facilitate Israhell’s genocide of the Palestinians. What particularly gripes me is how many of these Clowngress members have dual citizenship; that should be an automatic disqualification for any so-called”representative”, since the citizens they care about aren’t American.
      On a side note, the AG in Maine is trying to keep Trump off the ballot so the only choice will be Joke Biden, Soviet style “elections” for the USSA.

      • The same bolshevik jews that engineered the communist takeover of Russia in 1917 are at it again.
        When the bolshevik jews took over in Russia, the first thing they did was to shutter Christian churches and repurpose the property for secular uses. Not one synagogue was touched.
        Anti-semitism was deemed to be a capital crime with the death penalty attached.
        The same thing is happening in the Ukraine as we speak. Christian churches are being shut down while synagogues remain open. Anti-semitism is also a crime in the Ukraine.
        It is no secret that most American jews are reluctant to emigrate to israel as it’s foreign middle eastern flavor is too extreme for their tastes. Not only pushback from Palestinians to the weather, once again, European jews are amenable to taking over another country for their own criminal, nefarious purposes.
        As most American jews are NOT semites at all, but are sixth-century eastern Ashkenazic converts to judaism, a country with a distinctly European flavor is more to their liking.
        Ukraine is being set up as israel 2.0
        Keep in mind that the many jewish criminal enterprises (organ harvesting from Palestinians, financial fraud schemes and scams, white slavery and international underage prostitution rings, and other criminal enterprises) that are presently run out of israel will be closer to European markets.
        It will be interesting to see what further steps Knesset west (the U S Congress) will take…

  13. ‘There’s one word for it. Government.’ — eric

    And one fix for it:

    ‘The very next day, Robespierre, Saint-Just, and twenty of their associates had their appointment with “the national razor.” This event became known as the Thermidorian Reaction. The insane Jacobin program of terror and social derangement was swiftly abolished.

    ‘Nothing like it was seen again until the Bolsheviks, the Maoists and the Khmer Rouge came along in the 20th century, and now, in our time, The Party of Chaos as led by “Joe Biden” (or whoever and whatever is behind him), with their open border, their lust for another world war, their drive for censorship, their sadistic lawfare, their race and sex hustles, their compulsive lying, and their sick destruction of every norm and boundary in daily life.

    ‘America is headed for its own Thermidorian Reaction.’ — James Howard Kunstler

    Who needs guillotines, when we can clamp the malefactors to Tesla justice mobiles, flip a switch, and watch their grasping claws blacken and curl under the cleansing command of 800 volts DC? EeeVees are good for something, comrades.

    • Sadly Jim this won’t work as well as you hope. While executions may well be needed it is probably not the best method. A better solution might be sentencing them to run inside a treadmill to power an EV charging station. Just look at this as a modernized version of the Roman galley slave. Seeing the people who have destroyed this country laboring away may well send a longer term message to people.

      • Good lord! Imagine Joe Bidet falling forward on his hamster wheel, then flopping around like a cat stuck in a clothes washer. Beautiful image. Even better would be watching Commie Lawhorish trying to suck start a Tesla…

    • Jim,,, those reps and senators don’t get out of bed unless there’s something in it for them. You can blame those power hungry founders that participated in the 1787 coup. Right now they’re focused on stealing the 300 billion dollars in assets they robbed from Russia.
      Ukraine is the biggest money laundering scheme ever with Gaza right behind. If the 500 thousand dead in Ukraine and the 30-50 thousand dead in Gaza mean nothing to them think how much you mean to them. They hate us so much they don’t care about the tax loss eliminating us will mean,,, they’ll just print up what they want.
      Elections are a nothing burger. They’re fixed for the most part, everybody knows it but pretend otherwise. Those new faces have been already vetted by the Party so any you vote for is fine with them. Re-arrange the numbers and voila! Flynn is in!


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