Today’s Clover: Slow – and Slower

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Here’s today’s Clover – the geezer in the white Blazer ahead of the blue minivan. The Blazer never quite gets to the speed limit – 55 MPH – but when he gets close (47 MPH!) he gets nervous – and slows down some more!

The minivan following the Clover wants to pass, but doesn’t dare – out of fear of an AGW possibly appearing. It’s illegal speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeding to exceed the posted speed limit, even if it’s the safe thing to do.

The law says you can’t drive faster than 55 (in this case) to pass the Clover doing 47.  Which would require a half-mile long passing zone.

So few dare make the attempt.

I, however, never leave home without my AGW Detector – and advise the same sound policy for everyone else.

. . .

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  1. And here in Australia as speed limits are lowered, clovers are infecting the roads at record levels. Mostly driving Fords or SUVs. Scameras at record levels are raising the death toll on the roads. As people fall asleep at the wheel or drive so slowly they start playing around on their mobile phones.

  2. Since 75 has become the du jour speed limit on nearly all Texas roads I’ve noticed a decrease in cloverism. Don’t know if a great many have been killed but I do know people now who will go to great lengths not to drive.

    I just wish the Hispanic crowd would adopt the same attitude. I went to Mexico thinking it would be hell driving the roads there. Well, the roads were hell, no stripes of any sort, no delineators or reflective anything and no road signs letting you know where the road will take you. But the drivers there, pay no attention to posted speed limits(the only signs you see except for the “Bumpa” signs….and you damn well better slow down when you see one cause they ain’t kidding. The first one I went by doing 90 or better sent the pickup airborne. That’ll get your attention.

    It seems like as soon as Hispanics are in the US they drive as slow as they can, and that’s damned slow. Even the ones whose kinfolk have been here a couple hundred years longer than mine are as bad as any. Maybe they’re just mystified by those signs that say stuff like 180 or 80, knowing their car will never go that fast and fairly sure 80 is above the speed limit. I guess I shouldn’t complain. They might all decide that I 20 means “I should go 20”. And I have trucker friends who are Hispanic who are good drivers and have no problem going over the PSL.

    • 8,

      Seriously, you don’t think fear is the deciding factor?

      Especially when the darker complexion folk are routinely PREYED upon?

      It’s been my understanding, that for many years now, roadside proctological exams are freely given out in your neck of the woods.

      I set the cruise to whatever the sign says. I don’t even pass if I’m less than 3 or 4 miles from my exit, I’d rather hit the “-“ button than risk an encounter with the AGW.

      Besides, the speed limit in the traffic patterns is still 250 with little to no AGWs in the sky.

      • That isn’t my “neck of the woods”. I live far from the metroplex, even further from Houston and Austin and EP……and Texline.

        I was trying to buy a part from the manufacturer once and the rep asked where I was close to. He said ‘How far are you from Dallas?” 300 miles, Damn, he said, well how far from Amarillo? 300 miles said I. And Houston? 440…hhhmmmm how about El Paso? 560. Damn, he said again, you’re 300 miles from anywhere ain’t you? Yep. He sold me the parts.

        • Maybe near Balinger? We drove through there one night many years ago with a leaking radiator. Damn aux trans cooler mounting pins installed through a cross-flow: what did they think would happen eventually? // roll eyes

          Do you ever listen to Red Steagall’s “Cowboy Corner” on the radio?

          • I might listen to Red if I knew where to find him. Ballinger is a bit over 100 miles SE of me. I used to go to Ballinger to buy steel but the same company now has a store near Sweetwater which is much closer.


              We might have driven right by you in 1990 if you were there back then. It was dark and we didn’t see too much. We were headed from Fredericksburg up to Lubbock and I always like to take the shortest distance and least traveled roads and avoid cities of any size. I had an aunt and two cousins in Lubbock back then. We had been camping out for a month on the beach on Padre Island, etc.

            • People in Billings read our mailing address and say “why do you live in [small town with about 100 people]” ?

              I say, “We don’t. We live about 20 miles out in the country where it’s quieter [LOL] We just get our mail from there.”


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