Today’s Clover: Slow – and Slower for the Curves

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Here’s some video I took the other day of a Clover creeping along at well below the already under-posted speed limit, slowing down even more for the curves:

The speed limit on this road is 55 – and most traffic flows 60-65. This Clover was doing between 42 and 46.

Slowing to 35-40 for curves, no matter how gently curving.

Of course, when I finally was able to pass the Clover, it suddenly decided that 42-46 wasn’t fast enough and accelerated to 55 – in order to make it harder for me to pass.

But that is, after all, what Clovers do!

. . .

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  1. Clovers are proliferating like crazy these days. Used to only see a few on an average trip. Nowadays it seems the roads are packed with them. No common sense, courtesy, or situational awareness at all.

  2. That’s Virginia drivers through and through; Braking for weak curves, stopping completely at yields, stopping at random to let pedestrians cross from outta nowhere. And then throw those Orange Ave on-ramps/exits on 581 into the mix, ohhmygahd. Bad drivers are everywhere.. but there absolutely exists a very special kind of bad driver around those parts.

    How do you like the Elantra GT? I get such a hate-boner for Elantras 5th gen and beyond (The car became a friggin identity crisis, “Am I a sedan? Can’t I be sporty instead? Hey I got an idea, let’s half-ass it, I’ll look a little like both for a dime a dozen, and America will love settling for me!”), but I did like the look of the new GT Sport with the tech package, local dealership had a hot one on display.

    I test drove a new 2018 GT a couple months back, but it didn’t have the turbo or anything, and for only having a couple miles on it, it really sounded like more of a toy than my 2015 Accent GLS does.. I was unenthused. Would be nice to have a ride with more pickup for those times when I really need to gun it, but my road strategy in recent years has me shitting all over clovers left and right despite driving a baby car, so I’m happy with it for now. (Holding out for a 2013 Genesis Coupe if I can ever get my hands on a nice one with low milage. Burn Notice sold me on it and the one I test drove was a fun ride.)

    With that said, your article on playing it cool and relying on clovers slow-wittedness to allow you to strike without arousing their butthurt clover suspicions is exactly on point. People aren’t focused enough behind the wheel to realize that’s how it’s done. Instead of getting pissy behind slowpokes, you have to just fall back, set down your coffee cup, hands off your phone, turn off your radio, eyes ahead, keep checking your mirrors for pigs and when you see that opening just go, go, go! Get far enough ahead of them that they’ll be too lazy to spite-pass you, and don’t look back.

    • Morning, Moose –

      I didn’t realize you were a local – a fellow Edentulite!

      That on-ramp at Orange Ave. is always Clover Central. For those reading this… cars will stop at the top of the ramp, then creep onto the Interstate spur (I-581) directly in front of traffic running 60-70 MPH. The concept of acceleration is apparently unknown to them. More likely, they have been conditioned to regard it as “unsafe” (must be a defensive driver- and anything more than glacial acceleration is “aggressive”!) and so worship the brake pedal instead.

      It makes my teeth hurt.

      Yours too, I see!

      Should have something up about the Elantra shortly…


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